Friction Hinges - They Really Hold Your Style Together

March 09 [Mon], 2015, 12:08

They are small and inconspicuous, but they really hold a room together. No they are not throw pillows or candles. They are door friction hinges and they are in every room of your house. From the refrigerator to the cellar door you use them every day. Sure you don’t really think about them, but can you imagine what life would be like without them? Your front door might be a large rock or chunk of wood. Or if you are not strong enough to move one of those you would climb a ladder and enter your home through the roof.

Thank goodness that the hinge came to be. Some even say it is the second most important invention after the wheel. Today there are a wide variety of door friction hinges available. The best way to browse this large selection is to shop online. Don’t waste time dragging yourself to hardware store after hardware store only to find they don’t have enough or any of the kind you need. You’ll find the best selection and the best prices online.

Among all the different door friction hinges out there one of the most common types is the utt hinge. It is two leaves with screw holes held together by a pin or a rod. Both leaves are recessed, one end into the door and the other into the frame. When the door is closed all you see is the pin. With this type of door hinge it is easy to take the door down because all you have to do is remove the pin.

Another type of door friction hinge that is similar to a butt hinge is the butterfly hinge. It also has two flaps or leaves held together y a pin, but instead of being recessed into the door and frame, they are mounted on the outside and when opened have the appearance of a butterfly in flight. These door friction hinges are highly decorative ranging in style form colonial to art.

Once you choose your type of friction hinge you can choose the finish that will really bring your room together. Select from chrome, brass, bronze or nickel all in polished, brushed, antiqued or oil rubbed forms and match your hinges and cabinet knobs. Never underestimate the strength of door hinges or their ability to finish the look of a room.

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