What is the Life that without GOD? 

2007年05月28日(月) 23時31分
well~12:32am which i should be doing my assignment~But today i was keep wondering~what would my life be if God is not in my life anymore?
This morning I went to wrok, I got scolded for some reason at that point of time~ i was upset and a bit angry~(my face look quite dark) Suddenly I think How long has it been that i haven't let God enter to my life? One week~may be a bit more~!!(Don't ask me why~I don't know)I could sense my character is changing~my attitude and way of thinking~that is so scary~I can really sense the -ve and all sorts of worldly thinking~

How wonderful is God~?How many good things that he has done in my life?
i always ask~Can i reach you, God? Am i good enough? although mentally I know~there is never sth call "not good enough" to enter to God's presence and God is just in me and even no matter how many times that God told me and remind me that he loves me and I am never not good enough for him~But in my heart~he is still quite far for me.It feel like i can never reach him~In any relationship~!!If you want to deepen your relationship with someone, you always needto make the effort!!
Have I ever take my part and make my effort?am i realyl qualified to become a JG?

and just now I was listening to Pastor David's sermon in the convenant church seminer when i was doing my assignment~that was so encouraging~i never expect that will make such an effect even just to listen to sermon during the assignment time~It reminds me about God's love and our convenant with him~!! God~!! I don't want to break my convenant with you!! I want to keep my promise in you!! coz you never give up on me as well!! and this is my prayer starting from today!!Dear God~help me to see you in more prespective~like a friend,father,shepherd,king........I want to take that step~!!

Lovely Wedding 

2007年05月12日(土) 0時16分
Today is a wonderful day~A lovely wedding of Chai Yen and Kelvin~such a lovely couple~I was surprise that I got invited~Hee~But yea~It was really my honor to share their joy. All the wedding setting are so nice~lovely wedding photo~!!really pretty~when the wedding start,CY walked in with lots of bubble~man~!!that was so beautiful~Hee I want bubble for my wedding too~~(if i have one~hahaah)of coz CY look so pretty~!!~we started with wonderful worship song~It's always so touch when we see the moment that the couple commit themselves to God and one another~awesome~!!then Kelvin sang a song to CY that wrote by himself~so romantic~Haa~Can really sense the joy , love and sweetness in the atmosphere~Congratualtion!!

A poor thing is~I don;t get a chance to take photo with the lovely couple~!!o well~~~~
Here are some photos of the day

A Test:) 

2007年04月30日(月) 20時17分
***Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence***

You shine in your ability to realate to and understand others.
Good at seeing others' points of view, you get how people think and feel.
You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations.
A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict.

You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person.

(Really? sounds like m or not?)

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

Doggie Story~ 

2007年04月14日(土) 22時02分
O well~Peggy and the dog again~ (the dog is not this cute ok?!)

A short briefing before the story started~I used to think that I like dog~they are
cute~as time goes by~~~um~~~i start doubling about this..............especially
after I came to Brisbane~coz i am stay ing with my cousin's "LOVELY" dog "BeeBee"~Obvious it don't like me at all~He know that I am scared of him~so among the whole house~He only baked at me (in a scary way).......I tried to made friends with him~but it fail~so wt I can say is~we are just "housemate" without any contact!!

Anyway~Here we go~my lovely story~!!

This was a normal sunday which i forgot wt happen~wt i remember was~I was very
tired after church~As usual I get the key open the door of my house~I saw the dog running towards the door~they did not locked him inside the laundry~I waited after my aunt claimed down the dog then I open the door~Nothing happen~!! (in the beginning~) Then I chatted with my aunt for a while at the front door~Suddenly the dog just run towards me like crazy!! The first reaction i could do is just scream (for life) and run!! But too bad~the dog bitted me!! My poor bottom~"~Luckily~My aunt was not too far~She immediatly stopped the dog~ so yea~Don't worry~I just hurt a bit~don't need to go to hospital~But my poor lovely pants were gone~!!There was a big hole at the back~"~I was ........so........scared~ + angry +........

O well~it passed~so anyway~Thank GOD that He really protect me!! or else I can't imagine wt will happen~!!But yea~and becoz of that~It really affect my views towards all the doggies (too bad~I know!! sorry) But now i am getting better~don't worry~!!some of them are still very cute~!!

P.S. my cousin is not angry anymore~!! PRAISE GOD!!
Next entry!! Wonderful Melbourne Trip!!


2007年03月29日(木) 16時55分
actually there were lots of "interesting things"
happen these few days.

Unlckily~"~I fall sick~.........um.....will be back after i feel better~

I really have no idea how i get sick~I guess I catch a

My grammar is terrible~Anyway~don't CARE!!

O~last thing~a special thanks to Rhys here (if u see it) haha~ for helping me to
send out the food roster today~ really appreciate it!!

Peggy & the KEY (part 2) 

2007年03月24日(土) 20時59分
Hee~Change the look~it is autumn in Brisbane~

man~Last week~I lost my key again(the 2nd time within a month~N times within a year~) Sometimes I can't stand myself as well~

Anyway~I was so worried for the whole week~since i found the i lost it on monday~then tue i spent the whole day to look for the key (even skiping classes~ man~i skip all the class for that day) eventaully i saw it in my cousin's office~(honestly i guess that was a hint from god)~but then bcoz that was my cousin's office so i really stuggle how to get the key back form her~

So i tried all the silly method~(try to move the key to some obviuos position~ask her to give me back if "she see my key",etc..)but my cosuin did not give it back to me~

I was really worry~it was so obvious that she got it and dun want to gave it back to me~so i was struggling how to get the key back form my cousin how to ask her for the rest of the week till friday~during the whole period~I couldn't do anything at all~my brain was so empty~all my friends just told me to ask my cousin directly~o well~~i was too afraid of being scolded~

Anyway~no choice~asked on friday~of coz get scolded~my cousin was really angry~!! (even until now) o well~after all that was really my fault~too forgetful~!! Have to really remind myself to be careful~!! the hosue was expensive and the lock as well!! Hope my cousin will forgive me soon~

New Blog again!! 

2007年03月19日(月) 23時09分
Hee~Here is my new blog~so cute~I always look for a cute one

o well~but this one~the control planet is in Japanese a bit troublesome hey~

Let's see how long can this blog last~heheh
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