new blog 

July 20 [Sun], 2008, 5:36
so now i started a new blog.
ameba blog

i will miss yaplog.
but i haven't got any motivation to write here.
so please take care, my yapme's.


July 16 [Wed], 2008, 4:02
so now it's tuesday, 8:43pm.
the summer holidays started last week but i still go to work. i want to go 'til the end of this week and then im done YAY! i still have to write my work reports hmpf i want to do this tomorrow.

since about two weeks i like to be on poupeegirl - i enjoy to write with nice people there. (i like more then animexx variety is pretty good.) because of this, i hadn't talked to much of my friends which are on animexx a long time. so sad, but i hope to meet some of them next weekend in hannover.
but nevertheless, i have got much fun on poupee =3

ran ran ran =D

partnerlook xD

the last weekend i was in duesseldorf again. i went there with kei and it was so much fun. i bought so much again and it was so good to make purikura with her. always much much stress to mke some. xD so kei, we still have to send miyavi our love-messages. >xDD i want to go to duesseldorf again soon who wants to go with me? :D :D :D

yesterday i turned off the comments. it's better now. >:3
so now, i want to go watch tv bai

PS: BWAH ich hab mein essen versalzen ;_;

free weekend <3 

June 29 [Sun], 2008, 23:07
so this is my first free weekend since a long long time. i am so glad about this. yesterday i spend hours with lying in bed~ (=//▽//=)
although i love free time, i get bored pretty fast now. life changed so much the last time, so i can't sit at home doing nothing more then one day. it is so much stress to travel though whole germany, sleeping at train stations, missing one train after the other.. but simultaneously it is so exciting and i love this. (^▽^)ノ big big THANK YOU for my friends for doing this with meh!

last weekend was the M I Y A V I-concert. it was good and i met much nice people. (i'm so happy i met kawayurii again. (^▽^) i get to know her last month in duesseldorf and i liked her, but we didn't even exchanged our names etc~ and then she came to me and said "I KNOW YOU!!" ) i also met natto and talked to her some time~ (^▽^) also big thanks to kei, kai, reirei, sanako, oemmoeeeet xD and all others. :3 and
miyavi was pretty good and i had much fun by watching him. but now i know a lot of miyavi-fans are REALLY BRAINLESS!! definetly not all, but sadly a lot. think about what you do, stupid ones. at night i walked through koeln with kei while the other ones were sleeping at mc donald's. it was a warm night and.. huu. (^//▽//^) i love the koelner dom.
M E & N A T T O

today i try to install my favourite pc-game "FABLE" on my pc again. but it DO NOT WORK i am so mad. my pc hates me, i know it. one day, i will throw it out of the window.

so, i still have to do something for school. i will start now. and.. today night, there will be the final of the european football-cup. germans and spains will play. i am SO EXCITED!! (;//A//;) i hope germans will win, but i don't think so. they played so bad the last time, i wonder they get so far. (._.) HMM!!

i like those cute new icons. (^▽^)
but dunno what this shoud be


June 21 [Sat], 2008, 0:04
there happened many many things the last time. many exciting things but also much exhausting ones. last weekend was the japan-day in duesseldorf. STRESS! (x_X) but it was nice. i met kairi-chan there. she was my pen friend about two years ago and i saw her by chance at the toilets. xD it was the first time i met her. further, i spend time with kei-chan and it made me pretty happy. and the fireworks were so nice

tomorrow we will go to the miyavi-concerrt
i will go with kei, kai, ruki and hide. HAPPIEH!!!
but i am afraid of the time in front of the concert hall. (

duesseldorf & purikura 

May 31 [Sat], 2008, 0:02
at the moment, i have got no internet at home. it is so bad. ('A')so, now it's friday, after work. this week was pretty boring. the most interesting thing was, i wrote an english test on monday. i really want to know which mark i will get, because this test was so... weird...

on saturday, i went to duesseldorf with silya. :D we had to go by train for about 5 hours, but it was such a nice day and i had much much fun. at first we made some purikura
me and silya

we've bought a lot of things there. soon i will go to duesseldorf with kei-chan and i'm really looking forward to this. :D on weekends, it's pretty cheap to go by train if you go with another person.
at about 4pm silya and me went to a concert hall because we wanted to visit another concert of eric fish. :D the waiting time was so nice and we met some lovely people. i hope to see them again soon. this one was my third concert of him, but i think it was the most beautiful one. (and i finally was able to sing every song. xD) i want to visit a lot more concerts of him. after the concert, i talked to some members of the band and it was so funny. such nice persons!! =D i got some photos with them and they also signed my concert ticket. in the end, eric also signed my fish-bag i bought at the last concert, ha ha. :D (now i take so much care on that bag. (;_;))

this weekend will be good. today night i will go to a birthday party of my friend tanja's sister. yay!! :3 tomorrow will be my free day and on sunday i will visit my grandparents.

so, have fun and take care!!


May 24 [Sat], 2008, 0:15
good evening~ :3

it's friday now, 5:17pm. work was pretty good today. :D it was the birthday of my boss so we ate some cake and everyone was in a good mood. (*_*) i wish it could always be like this.

on saturday kei was at my house and we went to town to meet my friends silya and marten. it was funny and nice. :3 we ate some ice cream at the "millionaer" and made photos with sun glasses. (= pornobrillen :D)
in the afternoon we went to a piercing-studio where we met my friend niklas by chance~ :D (he was going to get a tattoo.) then i get my first piercing. (labret) i like it much!! kei got her second labret. after this, kei, niklas and me we went to "rios", a bar on the other side of the street. (i had much problems to drink. it must have looked pretty strange to drink a beer with a halm, ha ha~)

i am excited. silya will sleep at my house today and tomorrow in the morning, we will go to duesseldorf.
big big plans. :D have a good day/night, everyone!
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