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April 12 [Thu], 2012, 18:50
SwitchEasy Odyssey iPhone 4 mixed case when you select your iPhone 4 a good example, keep in mind that other users of the most popular, most needed: a comprehensive, excellent protection of your device under the super- The thin design, add bulk to your iPhone lightweight convenience features and functionality, not to remove these are some to a lot of, when you talk about an iPhone case, they want to see some of the basic people's things. More performance and functionality of these projects, and the appearance of the phone in your hand feels how comfortable. These are important considerations. Some people like a solid monocoque design, while others tend to be more flexible and convenient grip style. In some cases, very popular, because of a special or unique features, it can provide a versatile, carry a clip or a simple connection / separation equipment to your phone more practical to use a variety of options such as. If there is a unique case, it will attract more attention and visual function has become a popular choice. Suitable for this type of a situation is a mixed case of the SwitchEasy Odyssey. On this case, the only thing is the way it's constructed. New material combinations and a special three-piece construction to provide the absolute best protection for your iPhone 4. The three buildings form a strong polycarbonate shell polymer on the back panel to prevent scratches and internal soft polymer shell made of. Construction in this case, the soft inner sleeve works to provide shock absorption with the tough shell. In this case, the back panel is unique because it has a highly scratch-resistant polymer cover, it also gives you comfort, and provides a very good, and firmly grasp. The rear panel of two different colors, so you can at any time to change. The case itself is black / red or white / gray. Easy to install through the first inner sleeve packaging equipment, and then will pop-up shell. Your equipment will be fully protected, down to each placement, and stay in a safe place. You will continue to, you can easily access your equipment, while inside the case all the controls and features. One of the most serious protection solutions to provide your iPhone 4, in addition to the unique look and feel, is a mixed case of the SwitchEasy Odyssey. Beautiful and excellent protection design.
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