black eyed peas concert 

2006年07月17日(月) 10時23分
whoa...wat a great concert it was!!!!...terrific..... fm scale 0-10, i wud luv 2 write it 10x10x10x10x10x.... da most fabulous thing was ady accompained me haha...... v had sooooooo damn much fun! viva prud!!!!

big dinner wif joy n fun 

2006年05月21日(日) 16時22分
had a big dinner wif big big family last nite as a celebration on my promotion. mum n dai-yee looked so great n everyone cud feel they were feeling high n enjoying in memories......wines, oysters, cherrystones, goose liver, parma ham, mozzarella, salads, home made chinese soups, lambs, sea bass, steaks, pasta, pasta n pasta, 2gether wif a big surprise of a cheese b'day cake.......ouch....yum yum yum....wat a great nite! will do sometimes soon....


2006年05月14日(日) 2時14分
a week ago, i still blamed y god lemme met up wif dave in was wrong, it was really really wrong..... i blamed y god send ady 2 me then get him away fm me soon....i wonder if i cud pencil me an inn....wats ahamed!!!!!
time after time, aparently, things changed wif da passage of time.... i realised dat god is rite, dave is better.....
good bye ady, v cud be great friends only....


2006年04月18日(火) 22時53分
promotion starting fm 15th may n onwards for 2 weeks.....soooo happy was jassy got promoted 2, congratulations! great job jass!!!!

fm like 2 luv??? 

2006年04月18日(火) 1時02分
besides da luv note of valentine's day fm adi, he never says or text me "luv"...... i feel so excited n happi cuz he gave me a text as "good nite n sweet dreams. luv fm unruly pax." y he called himself unruly pax? haha....its a little dirty secret of him!....anyway, miss u n luv u lots o-bah!!!!! muah....


2006年04月15日(土) 1時32分
got a msg fm jane, she said she wud like 2 pass me a msg after easter holiday.....only 2 options - complaint or pormotion......some of da gals said it shud be promotion cuz 1 of my classmate juz been notified at da same time but wen i was away fm hk....u know it had driven me crazy thinking of wat hv had happened. can anyone tell me? oh god, pls tell me at ur earliest! i dun wanna guess 2 much...shit!

capt fucker 

2006年04月12日(水) 21時51分
ppls always say hes a mother fucker, da capt of my flt 4 dis 2 days....i think he is!!!! no doubt!!!!...since chatted 2 him on da crew bus, he did try 2 call me 2 go 2 his rm 4 drinks...jesus!!!!! wat a mother fucker! soooooo damn hum-sup.....gals pls take extra care! but i didnt tell anyone else cuz i dun wanna make an rumors or get into trouble!


2006年04月11日(火) 0時36分
my 1st time been 2 yoga dis afternoon....its really gd. perhaps, my little dordor wud be my companion if i join da club later....i've been thinking of mum n da rest of u......i can choose my jobs, friends, b'fs, hobbies....but i cant choose my family, i luv u all though....its sad dat i cant stay wif u all da time....not so filial! spank spank spank....


2006年04月09日(日) 12時18分
y u sent me dose sms? i hate it! i devoted into jas.....pls stp bothering me ok? relationship is all over.....dun call me darling anymore okie? adi, things change wif da passage of time, since u r apart n u dun need me. v cant be friends again no matter wat u said b4 though..... its so hurt 2 get any sms fm u....stp pls!

"hi darling, i went darling 2day wif friends. it was fun. u were so sweet n kind 2 me in hk" wat da hell u mean...pissed off.....

"dun bother, i'll be fine, i'll be fine, i'll be fine....." shakira

many plans dis weekend 

2006年04月08日(土) 19時17分
probably shud be very busy wif friends n family dis weekend, got many plans...... clubbing, family day, sz tour wif yungyung, visiting muimui in tm, deliver shirts 2 adi's place, .......
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