First time!

November 27 [Sat], 2010, 13:54
This is the first post I do on my new potential blog on yaplog!

yaplog service has been improved since the last time I was in here. Now it can be serious competition to my always favorite FC2Blog! It offers many custom icons just like FC2, if free skin is selected, it allows skin HTML/CSS editing, which is a new feature. It has also this Live WYSISWG editor. The staff added profile page, yapme (I don't know what it is yet), but the main problem is the editing thing.

The bad thing about it, the forced Google ads... they are everywhere... I guess it can't be helped. The entry editor reminds me of the old FC2 blog editor, which is the best blog service out there... according to me. It lacks of some features now.

Anyway, I will register my account and try other services too. I want them mainly for my Lyrics pages. I'm not really interested in blogging anymore. It's not like I don't enjoy writing, but I don't to do big posts like this one.
I prefer smaller layouts with less space to write.

Well, I want to use free J-Blog hosts for a different purpose other than blogging.
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