Apply your colors have fun

August 05 [Sat], 2017, 11:32

I buy only three colors a red, a yellow and a blue. I use a small screen to strain the liquid between clean! I set the timer for 1 hour and then walk away. You want your projects damp not soaking wet. You can assure the right ph balance by getting some ph test strips. Fill the sink or tub (depending on number of projects) and add two tsp. A simple resist is to twist and knot the fabric or wrap with string in the tie-dye fashion. Now you are ready to dye. Squeeze gently the excess dyes out or let them drain. Cover each pan with tin foil and right before you seal it put a few Tbs.
Lanaset makes a terrific dye that is easy to use called Sabraset. The beauty of this dye is you can set it" in your oven . of water in the bottom of each as well as other dye suppliers. Place the item on curve of the empty tub away from any pooling at the bottom. So you need 6-quart jars.

An old cookie sheet with deep edges or glass baking pan will work well for the next step. Once you have the colors mixed you can use the three empty jars to create some new color combos and add Moop Velvet more water (fill jars) to each stock color. You want the items damp at this stage, but not drippy. May I suggest here that from my years of experience more is not always best, so keeping that in mind you might want to limit your color palate and leave a few white spots showing. This vinegar/water ratio works for me and I hardly ever test any more. If you are only dying once in awhile don't worry about it. It needs to be in the 3 to 4 ph range.

Wear your gloves and have barbecue tongs as well as different items like old basters, eyedroppers, and medicine syringes available. Mix 2 tsp. powder in a quart jar of each color, add room temp water (make sure all the powder dissolves). Untie your resists then rinse your project in cool water. of white vinegar per five gallons of water (the temperature of this water is not important). I also have some cool little items that help at this stage, like wire baskets to raise each project away from excess dye that tends to pool. Don't worry too much about the mess; a cup of bleach and it cleans up nicely, but try not to drip outside the tub area. Now here is a cool trick I've used that really helps. Finally iron your project or dry in a dryer for half an hour and presto your masterpiece" is ready.

Use whatever resist technique you want on your silk fabric (I recommend pre-washing your silk). (You can save these stock colors in a cool place until your next dying project. Place your items on the pans with your tongs its okay if they touch as long as you don't mind the colors mixing.prochemical