November 18 [Sun], 2007, 14:42
11/6/07. <33333


November 06 [Tue], 2007, 14:16
Over and done with. .-.

I'm so disappointed.


October 10 [Wed], 2007, 4:05

Love this boy.
Crazy about him, but ohwell.

Times with him are special...

But what can I do?
I just hope he isn't messing
with my head.

Life has been okay.
My Japanese is getting so much better.

School is killing me. So I've been missing it.
Alot of my friends are going through some crap too.

So am I...
But whatever.
:] I'm happy.

わたし は しあわせ です。


September 14 [Fri], 2007, 6:14
new pictureee.

man I'm really sick. :[


September 12 [Wed], 2007, 2:19
I really liked Louver.

We stayed up all night talking....

But we decided not to date, so whatever.
What can I do?
Shit happens.

I can't wait until Halloween.
Even if it is a month away. :]

Life has been nice.

こちら は ルーバー です。
十七 さい です。
wrestling が すき です。

I'm just being silly but you get the idea.
My Japanese is okay.... >_>

wrestling です。
あめりかーじん です。
十五 さい です。
おんがく が すき です。
どぞ よるしく。

Please ingore the bad characters. >_>


September 01 [Sat], 2007, 11:35
Man. My ex boyfriend, Natsuki. (haha girl name)
Sits behind me in math.
I don't hate him anymore.
But its just the fact if he hates me still...
We dated a very long time. We haven't spoken in forever.
Maybe we can never be friends?

Besides that school has been a drag.
But like okay. Hahaha.
I really really like Louver. :]

And I'm happy.
Japanese has been a drag to learn.
But I'm doing okay.
I'm starting to be able to really read well.

So I guess thats good? ^_^
I missed three classes though.
So hopefully I can catch up. D:


August 21 [Tue], 2007, 11:38
はじめて うさぎ わ だつこ した。
どき どき した けれど うさぎ は もつと どき どき して いた。

I hate learning Japanese.
I don't even know what that really means.
I know it means Welcome Rabbit.
And then shita indicates underneath.
So welcome to underneath?
And doki is a sound...

Parit is here.
He's amazing.
He just got back from Japan and Thailand.

I was in New Orleans for a week.
It was horrible.
And school starts next week.

What a drag.

But I really really like that guy.


August 06 [Mon], 2007, 10:35
My name is Casey.
I'm in the tenth grade.
I live in Los Angeles, California.
My birthday is June eighth.
I love music and food.
I like to learn about the world.
I have blonde/brown/purple hair and blue eyes.
I'm very short; 4'10 in feet/inches.
I have A- blood type.

I play guitar, sing and piano.
I have three dogs and one turtle.
And a nice social life.

I am hopefully studying abroad in Japan next year.
I understand Japanese conversational.
And am doing well in reading and writing.
But I can't speak very well at all.

I started learning Japanese when I was dating a Nihonjin.
And after breaking up, decided to continue on learning.

Warning: This blog will contain bad Japanese.
I am not good at speaking it.
Please do not be offended with how bad I am.
I'm learning well though.

Anyone who is learning English is welcome to come and read my blogs or ask me.


July 30 [Mon], 2007, 10:00
At Japanese school we wore kimonos.
It sucked because then suddenly the entire school came and saw.
And we are the only non-Asian people in that school.

Maekawa-sensei had to wrap the towel around me a millions times.
And my body still wasn't straight enough.
She pointed that out when she was using me as a prop to everyone.

Once I finish learning Japanese.
I'm going to learn Mandarin, Spanish and French.

I hope I can study abroad.

p.s. I still haven't figured out how to completely use this.
But I'm learning. :]


July 27 [Fri], 2007, 11:46
Kon ban wa!
Watashi no namae wa Keshi desu.
Watashi no Nihongo wa heta desu.
Gomen nasai. T_T;

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