glasses or no glasses :O 

November 20 [Thu], 2008, 0:59

tomorrow i gotta go to the eye doctor

i'm kinda scared

i dont wanna get glasses T_T

i know some people have them and that many people look good in them ..but..NO WAY! i siriously wouldn't wear those then i'd be like..having contacts

but then i want the ones with color


today nothing much happened i just had a conversation in the buss xD

i laughed so hard the poor boyfriend of the girl i was talking too..

wait here's what she said :" well,he only has a 14 cm long noodle..i siriously told him i got tired of him..and i even asked him if he was done yet"...

i mean wtf? xD she didnt even notice him and stuff and then the condom got stuck and she didnt pull it out till the next day !

i was like O____________________________OU

damn that must have been a pathetic sex day xD!

and the poor thing is it was the guys first time he''s all in luv...i was like OMG O_O..because..well yeah >

thehee well that all for now bye bye!

~ Lilly
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