Hi !! 

2005年11月07日(月) 0時21分
No time long see I'm so sorry that I didn't write diary these days...
Let me excuse In fact, I am really busy now
Today I had a school festival. And I was soooo tired
I caught a cold Because it was very cold today and I had to stay outside all day long.

Oh, no....

I have to go to bed soon
Then good night everyone

I wanna sleep!!!!! 

2005年07月26日(火) 15時22分
I have 8 tests in this weekSo I have to study hard every dayHow terribleToday I took 2 tests. Because of preparations, I couldn't sleep at all last nightSo now I'm sooooooooo sleepyI wanna sleepBut I have another test tomorrowAnd I have to study........

Help me--------!!!!!!!!!

Let me go to bed-------!!!!!!!!

I got it!!!! 

2005年07月16日(土) 22時08分
I love Harry potter so~~~~~muchAnd today "Harry potter and the Half-Blood Prince"came outOf course I bought the England virsion

I'm poor at English very much. So I need a lot of time to read books written in English. I don't know why, but I can read Harry potter EasilyI think this is because Harry potter is very interesting, funny, attractive and excitingI read all story (from 1 to 5) in English and Japanese. Now I'm dying for reading 6!!! But I'm so busy because I have a lot of tests and reports When can I start reading itAlas poor poppy

Harry potter has a lot of secret. I mean it gives many hints which are to be found later. That makes story more interesting and exciting. And I'm looking forward to them coming to light this time(I wanna read the book just now!!!!!!)

Harry potter is not just a fantasy. It became dark and dark gradually. Some people criticize this point because many children read Harry potter. Ms.JKR, the writer of Harry potter as you know, says that it is important for young children to know the dark side of society. I agree with her opinion. However, it's a pity that some characters die easily in the book. The witer said that some people would die in the future. Of course I love Harry potter for good and I think dark side is also needed. But I strongly expect her to describe the importance of human life more.

Hope and Serious problem about HIV 

2005年07月12日(火) 22時19分
Today There was a lecture by a woman woking at Asian Economic Institution. She told us the present situation of HIV problem in Africa. And we watch the video. Until today I was thinking that if we are infected with HIV, we will die. But it was wrong. Medical technology is making progress gradually. Now ARV is used in Africa. This is the medicine which prevents immunity from declining. It doesn't guarantee that people with HIV can live long like normal people. But it prolong their lives. According to the video, the woman with HIV changed obviously after having this medicine. She chouldn't do anything but lying on a bed before. But now she can even work! The effect of this medicine is great. The development of medical technology gave people suffering from HIV the hope. I was very moved.

However, this does not mean that this issue is already solved. There are so many people who can't get this medicine because of poverty. And a lot of people are dying now. One of the cause is the high price of medicine. This problem is related to copyright. The insist by medical company is also understandable. Then, how should we do?

The easiest way I hit upon first is fund. Now there are a lot of campaigns to save people in poverty. Today "White Band" was introduced by a woman. You buy a band and the money is used for people suffering from poverty. This is a very good idea! And I decided to buy it. If you interested in it, please look at


We can do something!! We should do something!! Let's think about this problem together!!!

Star Wars 

2005年07月11日(月) 18時03分
Have you ever watched "Star Wars" It is one of my favorite movies. This story is made of 6 episodes. Yesterday Episode5 was on air. And of course I watched it That was amazing When I watch Star wars, I always admire the greatness of movie. And I felt that human being is the only creature that can have such a great imagination and a big dream Yes, Star Wars are full of big dream

It was when I was in elementary school that I encounter this story for the first time. I found the book in the library by chance. And I started reading it. However, this story was a little bit difficult for young children like me. I couldn't imagine the Star Wars World So I watched the movie! How great it was I was moved and excited And I was attracted by Star Wars Episode4 was made about 30 years ago. How people felt when they watched this movie?? Maybe They are excited so~much like me!! Star wars opened the door toward the new world which is full of great imagination and big dream

I will go to the theatre to watch the Episode3(Last one!) with my friend next week. I'm really excited. Of course I'm really looking forward to watching it, but at the same time I also feel that I don't want to do it. Because this story is the last one

I wish... 

2005年07月10日(日) 16時52分
Hi !! My name is Poppy I'm a university student in Tokyo. I'm studying law. I really enjoy my life, but recently I'm so busy because I have a lot of things to do every day. However, I'd like to smile all the time. Because "La vita e bella!!" This is my favorite phrase which means that the life is beautiful

Since I graduated from high school, I haven't had an oppotunity to write sentences in English. And recently I found that my English skill is becoming bad gradually. So I decided to start keeping diary in English Maybe my English is strange But I believe that the effort is most important. So someday....I wish
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