My Precious Radio 

November 10 [Tue], 2009, 12:29
See? rmt-qa The photo I attached is my precious radio who has been with me for almost 6 years.rmt-news It was distributed by our school for CET-4 test when I was still a freshman. I remember the day when all of us sitting at the classroom and waiting for the gadget that would be applied in our tests. Then two big cartons were carried into the room and be opened revealing box-like radios in two colors, black and blue. At first, our English teacher distributed them to us one by one, then in no time students who hadn’t get their share left seats and swarm around the two cartons to pick radios by their own, I was the one among them. Without much thinking, I choose a blue one. By the way, I hate black, the spissated color always makes me feel depressed news-rmt.
rmt777 I hold it with both of my hands, cherish it like a treasure. As the most would do when they get a new gadget, I read through the product description carefully and was glad to find out that it’s smart to a degree which I wanted it to be. Programs from all over the world could be tuned in. Also I paid extra attention to maintenance instruction: heavy slam or falls prohibited. So it was maintained well with much care. From then on, it has been playing an important role in my life. Hours before CET-4, I checked it meticulously to make sure it would function well during the test. Antenna, tramline, batteries and any accessories needed were also rechecked. With it, I passed the test successfully, even with a a remarkable mark r--m--t .
arcadiasaga-rmt I made the best out of the precious gadget in the years followed at the university. Every night from 21:00 to 22:00, there was a program named: English Evening on China’s Business Radio. The first half of it was about some culture, health, new discoveries in the world and business news, the second half was called “studio classroom” which would present listeners an article(it can be of any topic), then analyze useful phrases and expressions in a practical and interesting way. For three to four years, I was a royal listener of this program, missing one single day would make me feel guilty. Several minutes before 21:00, I would turn on the radio and waiting for “English Evening c9-rmt ”.
dragonball-rmt After one year listening, I began to write emails to the program and hoped that one day mine could be read on the radio as well. Totally out of my expectation, my fourth email was read out and be heard by millions of listeners nationwide. I had never expected to be so lucky and thought my letters would never been broadcasted. I was so excited and even pinched my face to see if it was an surreal dream. But it was true, it was true! I was sort of sleepless that night and couldn’t wait to share the good news to my roommates and friends. They shared my joyance with them and they started listening to the program as well, haha… Later on, I wrote several mails to John, one of the hosts, and got three reply mails, in one of them he asked me to vote for him in a contest held by CCTV9, I did vote for him then. Funny, isn’t it?
Thanks to the radio, I passed CET-6 with a cinch and got to know more and more about foreign culture. Besides “English Evening”, there are lots of other programs on Business Radio worth listening, such as financial and economic news, enlightening stories and so on. When bed time comes, I lie down with airy melodies wafting from my treasured radio, I feel like lying on a seashore and listening to the waves, vast and intangible, in the quiescent shades, see myself eye to eye, talk to myself earnestly….
ffxiv-rmt Placed in a squawky city, there’s an urge to be calm down and listen to the voice from bottom of our heart; equipped with advanced computers and TVs, there’s a need to pick up an understated radio and listen to it attentively… rmt-cc
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