Eyes are very looking forward

January 22 [Tue], 2013, 12:46
The 511st chapter ten thousand Wu Jing -? 511st chapter ten thousand Wu Jing Zitong lights burning all, breaking, looked at the block as mountainous wool, suddenly, as if there seems to be no special implication is present in the purple pupil."That thing?The value of eight hundred thousand Wu Jing?"Feng Hao brow knit.Eight hundred thousand Wu Jing, this is not a small number, you know, the last piece of coke stone out of the crystal, but only three hundred thousand!It's casting psychic treasures must material!This shows that the degree of this woolen material, Feng Fengxuan's hidden treasure precious than crystal!Think, wind Hao's grave up, hand, take out a piece of Wu meaningful, pupil within purple flame more Sheng, vowing to investigate to break all the emptiness."What the hell was that?"In Zitong, the ray of light, seem to come alive, so has the aura, like the spirit of iron, but do not like, than the spirit of iron, a more nimble and resourceful implication, it is strange.However, the wind was still feel the Hao, smart, if no, doesn't seem too good to be true, some too.In the sound of praise, Feng Feng some excitement to the statue of small mountains, stretching out his arms, palm pan show Wu Yuan red and white, with his accurate control, a yuan as swords, cutting the wool of the layer."Shua shua!"The noisy scene, because of his actions and slowly calm down Air Max ACG Mens Running Sale, hundreds of thousands of scenes, not to issue any sound, that slight shaving voice resounded through the audience.Eyes are very looking forward to watching the piece is cut wool, everyone wants to see, whether the value of eight hundred thousand Wu crystal treasure is."Shua shua!"Feng Feng was very slow, with expectations and a tense look on his face.He has just captured the unusual meaning stone within, and not sure is it right? It is a kind of treasure.He is in!If a thing, his value will again turn several turn, even if not open, this is also he would sign the promotion day!Because, he captures the prefecture-level includes not catch the meaning!"Eh?Not ah, what seems to be bad."Although the wool slowly reduced, one day master wonder out loud, in his universal significant yellow awn eyes seems to see ordinary people can not see."The implication seems not to Ning is solid.""Too aery Polo Ocean Challenge Suits Sale, dangerous" a few master shake their heads."Shua shua!"Feng Feng's hands were trembling, forehead, palms, are out of sweat Polo Shoes Outlet, as sweat clothes clung to his body, revealing a watermark.Somewhere, his eyes tightly stare at woolen teeth, to speed up the rock cut speed a little room, a sense of meaning is to flush out within the wool, shining in the sun glow, reflecting the black light glow."It is the treasure!"One of the men said in awe."Well, the best spirit iron do not have such a strong vision!Is a special treasure more than the best spirit of iron!""The master Feng Feng also won!""The title is what?Don't listen to day master say, master Feng Feng up to more than one hundred years can promotion day, a day master!""Wow!In this way, we in the domain to be also many a day at the masters!"Noise everywhere, however, because the wool is reduced, the noise soon quiet down, a pair of eyes with hot, all the attention that block has only basin the size of wool."Ding!"With a crisp sound, a black awn gushing out, instantaneous, let the whole sky became overcast many.But, the nervous Feng Feng's face is a sink, flow with sweat face looked pale, the whole people some weakness, let originally want cheering people are still unknown."Sure enough, also is a gourmet spirit of iron!"One day master sound for all people."The best spirit of iron?"All people are one Leng, to be such a big deal, just a gourmet spirit iron?"It really is just the best spirit of iron!"Purple awn flash, the wind Hao murmured, eyes flash of doubt.He also thinks, there will definitely be a not treasure, just do not know why, has also become the best spirit of iron?
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