know how big the mountain life experience

August 06 [Tue], 2013, 10:47
() "Big mountain that I had picked up in the street just as a child, I think he bones Qing Qi, that may be made of it is, he brought home, did not think it was a bit stupid, ah, we should say a little honest addition Bajiquan learn good,North Face Waterproof Outlet, other are just so-so. "Zhaotie Zhu said. "That mountain life experience it?" Zhao steel Beng little anxious asked. "I know how big the mountain life experience." Zhaotie Zhu said, "casually picked up, which surveys need it so clear." Zhao steel Beng while silent, as a general fiction urine xìng, this time I should not follow their own pull yourself look big mountain that could very complex background identity, and then pull what is meant by the lost race like it? How's that simple? "But, you can not just pick up the total individual started for home with it." Zhao steel Beng said. "Also is such." Zhaotie Zhu said, "when I was in a deep forests inside hunting, saw filled with mountains in the basket, and then put the mountains brought home." "So hasty, you do not thoroughly investigated the case, are not afraid of what is yīn seek it? "Zhao steel Beng asked. "I Zhaotie Zhu, afraid of what yīn also need to seek?" Zhao Tiezhu random said. Zhao steel Beng Dailiaoyixia, then it is clear understanding. His father, really afraid of what yīn seek any alleged yīn seek the face of absolute power, are the clouds. And his father, no doubt, that is the absolute power. "Dad, you know what a lost race it?" Zhao steel Beng asked. "Lost race ah?" Zhao Tiezhu silent for a moment and said, "I know a lost race, ah,North Face Hoodie, those that disappeared rather strange race chant, such as the year that the nation has a purple pupil pull, as well as that nation rich dwarf , because some of these peoples disappeared in 7788 because of a history of the flood inside, so that they lost the race, such as the pupil has a purple nation, because purple pupil is known as the world's most beautiful of the three color sè , one of the world's top ten works of art, so is a large organization to destroy the family. history lost a lot of races, and then forward point is the Mayan peoples, ethnic Atlantis, these are the lost race, said to be lost, or is to be genocide, or is fractured, basically it is so. "purple pupil ah Zhao steel Beng think purple butterfly inside the prison, and so his body well, you can go CHAN Ho-nam dignitaries. Hung up the phone, Zhao steel Beng strange looking mountain. Own I say he did not know the mountain life experience, Zhao steel Beng is definitely not the letter, although he's not afraid of any of yīn I claim to seek trick, but that is because he knows quite a lot of things, because of clear understanding, so afraid. Therefore, Zhao steel Beng be sure, I absolutely know that their life experience the mountains, but he did not tell himself. Since they do not tell even if the. Zhao smiled steel Beng, the mountains, said, "looks like you are a very powerful race offspring." Mountains touched the head, simple and honest smile, did not speak. Chan Chan Beckham with cocoa fruit bought a good while before I came back to Zhao steel Beng with a lot of kinds of fruits. Both looked to his sister cut fruit, Zhao steel Beng could not help think that just two men risked their behavior, sudden heart, head and endless emotion. "Coco, Beckham, just thank you." Zhao steel Beng said seriously. "We can not look at the bad guys bully steel Beng brother, right?" Chen cocoa side cut fruit, while said. "Is." Chen Beckham accosted in the side road, "the most heinous villains, not to mention he also bullied steel Beng brother." Zhao steel Beng smiled and asked, "You are not afraid to kill the bad guys to you? '" Fear "Chen cocoa said, "but then what tube so much." Zhao steel Beng heart trembled a little, smile touched Chan Chan cocoa with Beckham's head. "I am with you as big." Chen Zhao looked dissatisfied cocoa steel Beng one and said, "touch the head of peers is impolite." "Then I touched somewhere else?" Zhao steel Beng bad smiles. Chen Chao steel Beng cocoa naturally know the meaning of words inside, Qiao blushed, looked at Chen Beckham, Beckham found Chen Zhao steel Beng like do not understand the meaning of words in, and then turned his head to stare Zhao steel Beng one. Beautiful eyes reproachful. Side is very pretty. Time to move on. Soon the evening. Chan Chan cocoa with Beckham have volunteered to be in the hospital to take care of Zhao steel Beng, Beng Chiu did not say the other, let the two here accompanied himself. Suddenly, Zhao steel Beng received a phone call. I saw a Lin Shuya phone, Zhao steel Beng discovered that today he seems as if an offer seems to promise Lin Shuya, talk to her, and that what her friends for dinner. Picked up the phone. "You're busy, no time is it?" Lin Shuya slightly with a little smile came the voice from the other side. Chiu Yi Leng Beng, had he thought Lin Shuya be angry too, did not think not, and seem to feel very good look. "Little things." Zhao steel Beng said, "Where are you?" "Here in AXA Square." Lin Shuya said, "waiting for your call wait ten minutes, did not come, I can only call you . "" I'm sorry. "Zhao steel Beng somewhat apologetically said. "Nothing to really busy, next time." Lin Shuya said. Lin Shuya so atmospheric look, it touches Zhao steel Beng little bit embarrassed. "Beauty appointments how could I not do." Zhao steel Beng said with a smile, "so I while, I will go with a few friends I do not mind, right?" "Do not mind." Hung up the phone, Zhao steel Beng Beckham Chen Chen Coco said, "Come on, take you to a fancy meal." "steel Beng brother, your body" Chen cocoa surprised to see Zhao steel Beng. "Never." Zhao steel Beng smile sat up in bed and said, "has been restored in 7788, although not because of who you can not fight, but still be able to eat a meal, and go. Mountains, you have to come . "" I know, sir. "Dashan nodded. So, it was just twice in planning and then was beaten severely injuries Zhao steel Beng, so lying inside the hospital a few hours after leaving the hospital. Have to say, Zhao steel Beng is a trustworthy person. Of course, these are Zhao steel Beng feel of. As for the deeper reason Well, we can understand,Men's North Face Outerwear Clearance Sale, Zhao steel Beng is a Paoniu even life are not for people. Of course, now he and Lin Shuya relationship has gone to the ordinary, which because of who in the end is what the bubble girl, who wanted to know. (Paul at the end to a three-shift. Has reached 33,000 votes, plus one more.)
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