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Reproduction of one hundred and thirty second chapter sunglasses ... the blood demon shadow Tangsao the tutorial is really a torture for Li Jiayu, I really want to say it, I did not experience the eschatological Li Jiayu does not exclude too much contact with the girls, but helpless Li Jiayu now this looks like, by the stimulus of the last generation too, around female relatives die one by one, the red Xia blew the whistle balls, and the lonely wandering of 2023, and all day long the company of ghosts and goblins, and this has led to the , in particular, do not understand the heart of woman. "Is so ... girl's mind is very delicate and very sensitive, you're going to try to try to figure it their mind to take care of their emotions, and sometimes you casual remark, you can make them generate ideas, for example, you the to see dyed Xia tomorrow boast one her ruddy complexion, she will be very happy ... "" Oh. "Oh, what did you say to you for so long, your child in the end did not listen, ah?" Yes, I understand each other, do not boast the woman what course I will - Oh wow, sister-in-law the color of your skin is so beautiful, water Lingling, like juicy peaches, chest, ... Well, she is yet so good ...... "" seek to play a joke dare open Tangsao Jia Yu, you said earlier too unnatural expressions are also wrong, giving a false feeling ... you try again to get Tangsao to The experiment object the Yan basil Cha Zhaoyao like anger seems anger face to face with Li Jiayu phase, as four eyes, really For a moment, her gas field completely Li Jiayu cover past. "No ... you Tangsao eh ......" Li Jiayu helplessly clutching his forehead. "Also a woman Tangsao, does not see any reason why, within half an hour, you have to take to train well I go with the flow, perfect to compliment a woman, otherwise you do not recognize me Tangsao" "should not be so unfeeling? Nanning and then go to school not it? now our road is very dangerous, yeah, so much time, I might as well go to concise spiritual power ... "Li Jiayu heart hairy, dodge eyes stammered. "Little to enhance the strength of sentiment is closely related to a person's life, you have to deal with not even a woman to is not unsound mind? Then you also experience what the heart and mind, to talk about what promoted the legend?" Uh ...... Indeed insights on life closely related to go wrong, but everyone has their own direction, I go guardian relatives of road other concentric repair, the only offshoot wrong section, did not matter ah ...... "Who says unimportant life three feelings, affection friendship love, do you only intend to want affection it? doomed your Guardian defects listen to sister-in-law if you want to become stronger, you must be open to their own hearts, to make friends, to find with you together have to girl. "Yan basil gracefully raised his right hand, and touched the face of Li Jiayu, softly:" Campanulaceae, and Hongxia, sister-in-law looked pleasing to the eye, oh, you apprentice Sun Weiwei is also good ... school There are other female students you very good impression Anyway, you will how to pick, the sister-in-law is not opposed, just hope you do not hurt people like, understand? " "Uh, what Campanulaceae red Xia, ah, I did not feel they fully ah, I just ..." "Hush Do not say, in short, the sister-in-law is resolutely opposed to harassment Reaching now begin, try to use your language, to coax the sister-in-law happy try ... "..." if others did not may Lijia Yu made such distress, but told Yan Li Jiayu's Tangsao basil? Face Yan basil various demands, Li Jiayu really no way to the cold face refused Yan basil tune had obediently accepted. But funny, Li Jiayu low EQ, both Yan basil how motherhood, Li Jiayu still difficult to say what comes naturally humorous if to coax Yan basil pleased, and made the Yan basil was dissatisfied glared at him, but her mouth clearly wearing a trace of smile smile. Toss half an hour, Li Jiayu finally accept their fate, he realized that their own emotional learning ability are bound to have a great defect, more than ten times slower than normal, in desperation, he had to call out for a long time did not debut of "vanity sunglasses . "Void sunglasses do not know what level of things, but it is a crane-like with dark octopus, he kept instigation Li Jiayu establish harem, Li Jiayu clearly remember. Summon the" Void sunglasses when first, it recommended Li Jiayu Tangsao Yan basil also received the palace, then put Li Jiayu angry it thrown into a space-time crack. Originally, Li Jiayu do not intend to summon it, but now I am helpless, does not rely on its power to improve their emotional intelligence, was referred to when God knows Tangsao but also with their own? Although only half an hour, but for Li Jiayu simply struggled to live ah. Li Jiayu between two fingers, "wind," a shape very pull the wind sunglasses he got immediately put sunglasses to wear Yan basil Lengle Leng, funny shook Li Jiayu, smile Road: "how do you ? in two disease has committed what? big night, you to wear sunglasses idiot eh ...... "ah, put on the sunglasses, allows me to concentrate more, and it can be turned into ordinary eyes. Lijia Yu Yuehua Jian, vanity sunglasses really flashed a layer of light,Air Jordan XIV, and then immediately turned into a trendy style silver-rimmed glasses, seemed Li Jiayu high spirits the whole person, especially his eyes sparkle, it seems that at any time can emit The powerful current electricity to get exciting moment hemp. At the same time, a set of data appear in front of Li Jiayu Rating is vanity sunglasses Yan basil, spiritual power, strength, cell viability, seemingly have increased for a large portion of it seems even bust up a one centimeter, most Li Jiayu silent void sunglasses Yan basil looks, before eight o'clock a few minutes, the score is 9.0, really do ...... Tangsao becomes beautiful not just Li Jiayu feeling . [Postscript: ** lonely, fragile heart, the Raiders easy to index two points star, a little more difficult, but still recommended host as soon as Raiders ......] "......" Li Jiayu see that postscript, really want to put the sunglasses pulled down fiercely tatters, but finally choked back anger, exploring the void sunglasses all the "mode" Fortunately, vanity sunglasses comes with really slick mode ", Li Jiayu apart from anything else, immediately will open piece of information that there was an immediate influx of Li Jiayu minds, he immediately blurted out: "Look into my eyes ... basil, since first saw you, I was completely drunk cousin wedding, also heartbreak really should Wan should not, you should not be my Tangsao, fate always like to joke, why you are older than me-year-old ... Why do not you met my cousin before, why you wait for me to grow up it ...... so many years, my heart has been thinking about you, I'm anxious, I panic, I escape ... I have always been afraid to face up to the wishful thinking of this taboo, now, this little world, and only you and I, I can Taoxintaofei the, to tell you the truth - I love you for life ...... "Li Jiayu's face unparalleled piety and firm, eyes soft and extremely like the lovestruck and lackluster subjugation Prince, facing a noble princess tells her unrequited love, although he did not laugh, but his movements are full of the warm-hee and elegant, with a distinguished atmosphere of the royal family can not say, did not spit out a word, so inspiring, very comfortable. "Thump thump thump Yan basil panic back a few steps, his face from red to white, from white to red, and finally into a ripe apple, she really briefest mind the fall, after all, Li Jiayu just performance too perfect ... and it seems also with a faint spirit attack, matched that sweet, allow more than "hypnotist Guo Ergou" not to mention, can people alive awesomeness Fortunately Yan basil efforts toward enough firm, any connection with Li Jiayu too cooked, this should not be confused, but she felt a surge of heat in the body scurry some burns on his face and was silent for a few seconds, she write too far, did not look at Li Jiayu eyes, astringent channel: "how do you get so much ... almost even Tangsao are You lied to, if you have such eloquence and tricks, you can go directly to usurp the latter, the ... hateful, you really excessive, even to take Tangsao to open brush I do not deal with you ,Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses... "In the final analysis, Yan basil seems to want approached twist Li Jiayu's ears, but before hand, her life and stopped, perhaps because just Li Jiayu right remark, too, and made her have some uneasy, afraid to talk to Li Jiayu intimate contact. Uh, you, I'm not deliberately ...... "Li Jiayu this time to react is then said to myself, heart remorse, red in the face, and wait for them to dig a hole to dig into, I just feel Yan basil want to look to their eyes Weird how weird, but why he is not convenient Yan basil explain the truth .... "In the future, not be allowed to joke like that know it? with that, I do not recognize your brother-in-law," "Well, you do not to do my Tangsao, then do what I love ... "was originally behind would also like to say a word, but Li Jiayu life and shut up, and at this moment he really want to have a dead heart, quickly closed off the "glib modes, look innocent looking Yan basil. "You really do not know the so-called, too lazy bastard Yan basil stamp her foot, stare Li Jiayu turn and run, leaving only Lijia Yu big rain a drowned rat, silly Leng Leng stood there a long time unable to speak a word. "Void sunglasses I really was after you killed," a long time, Li Jiayu only screams loudly, like a bankrupt millionaire, seems to feel Tiandou collapse. The following day - the top military sleep late last night, so the departure time postponed until eight o'clock in the morning, so-called no airtight wall, monthly Eagle League to count them out the Daughter of things already passed in the major non-governmental organizations uproar, like nine major earthquake, thoroughly non-governmental organizations of the major combatants shook the completely ignorant some people uphold do not want to believe, deliberately went months eagle League camp, really found a large body scared them out in a cold sweat. Most of the non-governmental organizations feel insecure, although they do not know who the next hand, but a contented to many, did not dare to have any little tricks or large friction with others. However, they are still guessing who is the initiator of many no-brainer, the army under the hand, that the military fears monthly Eagle League disobedience, all kinds of evil, so warning to others to deter all non-governmental organizations. But those who have brains, but do not think that is the army under the hand vaguely guessed legendary three had not seen the hidden master. In addition, there is a rather shocking news, that is a police force stationed in a residential area, close to five or six hundred men, all are sucking the blood, become cold and dehydration mummified convey the news to the ears of top military, causing uproar * the blood demon rampant extremely blood demon, he began to start to the police force, and then the next, she was not to the army to start? Reproduction of one hundred and thirty second chapter sunglasses ... the blood demon shadow of one hundred and thirty second chapter sunglasses reproduction ,Jordans Flight 9... blood demon shadow to the web site
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