Taking a break this weekend 

2010年06月19日(土) 13時17分
from diet and exercise. :O

Day 8 

2010年06月18日(金) 13時43分
Day 8:

Beverage: Water
Stationary bike for 60 minutes (I hurt my right foot last week so I can't run. :( Maybe I can do that free trial thing at 24 hr fitness and do elliptical for a week to wait for my foot to heal.)
Lunch: Orange: 70 calories
Dinner: Bitter melon (57 calories), water cress (150 calories), 3 oz chicken breast (150 calories)
Dinner 2: Spicy Beef Soup Noodle (730 calories), passion fruit sausage (362 calories), Konjac dessert (I'm guessing 300 calories)

I realized I totally binged today. :[ 1819 calories!!

Day 7 

2010年06月17日(木) 18時06分
Day 7:

Beverage: water
Running for an hour
Lunch: 1 whole orange (70 calories)
Dinner: Tofu (300 calories), 3 oz chicken breast (86 calories), 1 cup spinach (41 calories)
Dessert: 20 cherries (80 calories)

Day 6 

2010年06月16日(水) 0時31分
Day 6:

jogging for 120 minutes, 10 minute stationery bike, 80 leg ups, 60 crunches, 60 calf exercise
beverage: water
lunch: half a palm size of chicken and salmon, half a cucumber, 2 oranges (160 calories)
Afternoon snack: 3 baby carrots
Dinner: Chicken breast (150 calories), Tofu (225 calories), green beans (20 calories)
Dessert: 3 wedges of oranges (70 calories), 3 wedges of apples (61 calories)

my mom chilled the oranges in the fridge so when i ate the oranges, they were especially refreshing! Perfect for summer time!

I'm making up the extra workout today so I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week. Woohoo!

Tomorrow, I will try some triceps exercises to get rid of my flabby arms.

Everything looks so tasty when you're hungry.

Day 5 

2010年06月15日(火) 12時02分
Day 5:
Jogging for 50 minutes, stationery bike for 10 minutes
Beverage: Water
Lunch: Seaweed and tofu soup with shreds of pork (probably 300 calories)
Dinner: tong cai (190 calories), hubbard squash (150 calories), stuffed pepper with fish paste (680 calories)
1320 calories today!! OMG! Those stuffed pepper is really high in friggin' calories. I better stop eating them and exercise for two hours tomorrow.

(To make up for the excess calories I ate tonight, I will add 30 minutes of jogging to my workout for the next three days. Yikes!)

I have to say, this diet and exercise thing is not the easiest thing in the world (understatement). I have to cut out all my favorite foods and control the indulgences I have taken for granted for so long. I have to say though... I feel a little happy I've gotten this far. My weight loss plans never lasted more than 3 days and since it's day 5, I say that's a bit of an accomplishment.

Day 4 

2010年06月14日(月) 16時00分
Beverage: Water
1 hour of jogging
60 sit-ups, 60 leg-ups, 60 lower ab exercise, 60 calf stretch
Morning snack: half a cucumber, a banana
Late lunch: 4 oz of salmon, half a tomato
Afternoon snack: 3 baby carrots
Dinner: Hubbard squash (150 calories), tofu and seaweed soup with mushrooms (250 calories), 3oz chicken breast (90 calories)
Dessert: 2 strawberries (a real treat because they were really sweet!)

I took my brother to work and then came back to work out and shower. Then I had no time to cook myself something to eat. I was pretty darn hungry. Then when I picked up my brother and took him to the clinic, I was there until 3pm. Right before 2pm, I was dizzy and felt like barfing.... Man... going hungry while dieting does not feel good at all!

Day 3 (Sunday) 

2010年06月13日(日) 14時40分
Beverage: Tea, water
Breakfast: 2 slices of bittermelon, 1/4 green bell pepper, 2 oz of fish paste
Lunch: 3/4 large apple
Dinner: 1 fillet of salmon (370 calories), watercress salad (10 calories), raw cucumber (40 calories)

Day 2 

2010年06月12日(土) 12時18分
141.8 lbs
Day 1:

Slow jog for 30 minutes.
3 reps of sit-ups and leg-ups
Beverage: Water
Lunch: Veggie Soup
Dinner: Veggie Soup
After-dinner snack: One slice of watermelon

Day 2:
Jog for 30 minutes
Beverage: Water
Lunch: Half a tomato and chicken the size of my palm
Afternoon snack: 2 wedges of watermelon, 2 slices of whole wheat bread (150 calories)
Dinner: Cilantro soup (20 calories), green beans (44 calories), yellow leek (40 calories), fish (60 calories)
Just realized a slice of watermelon is 86 calories, I just consumed 172 calories!

I feel satiated by the bread, but I know that eating it is like a privilege that I can only have once a week.
Note: Celery and carrots make good low-calorie snacks.

He Didn't Call Or Text Last Night 

2010年06月12日(土) 12時11分
but I was fine with it.

Two Things About Me 

2010年06月09日(水) 0時33分
1. I'm deathly afraid of syringes. Needless to say, I am not a fan of shots.
2. I hate hills more than I hate scrubbing the toilet. I will literally freak out if I have to drive up and down hills, or worse, stop at the top of the hill because of some stupid stop sign.
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