Drift Heart

June 23 [Thu], 2011, 15:38
Well, life is over, thank that a part of yourself to feel LV gap is, not others to remind, I want to have a concept, can be in action, or a change to LV empty LV brain, just think, not to act, that a happy little plan how to achieve this?

Memorial I that is in LV past five months, this time let I learned too much too much, also more miss too much too many people, but to cease to now, were in LV way, he can't stop LV marching feet...

My childhood, played this game, his dream to write on a piece of paper, and then will be converted into a paper boat, at that time of life without LV sea, where there is only a trickle of LV remote missing river, let a little paper carrying I wish LV wing, I dream of along LV river flow to drift away. And then as a religious pilgrims same, prayed silently, to long for own dream come true.

Now for a long time not to play this childish game, just busy childhood, rushing about, rushing about, busy life, LV people of spin like a gyroscope. Subsequent, is LV life is difficult to carry LV heavy burden.

By chance, into LV mailbox, QQ between found drifting bottles of such a return to childhood game, suddenly hemorrhagic up, will murder after them into LV mind in LV bottle, but no drift of strangers will reply. With a stranger is unbridled, communication in LV great world, you don't know me,

I also don't know you, you will be your joy, your sorrow, your hope, you lost your confusion, all packed into drifting jar, threw it out to LV vast sea, there's always someone in LV vast in LV net sea to pick up your loss and sentimental, give you comfort. There's always someone see you and pray that he give you come on and blow, wing.

All of your mind is a strange friend reading, get a strangers in LV net sea concomitant dependent. They seem no sails without pulp is LV boat loaded with you, and your land will be LV anchor LV shore. They are not LV most of have no evil of where you are from LV most sincere friends, they didn't address bottle no name. It is because of this strange, will go to town, it is because of this strange, will be self-indulgent. LV stress in your life sometimes heavy to LV overwhelming, picked up this childhood games and will put into their mind drift in LV bottle, LV heart will have hope, had place, life is looking forward to have spent, freed himself, and LV harvest one strange friendship, sincere wish.
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