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January 13 [Mon], 2014, 15:09
8 reasons you should try colonic hydrotherapy

And i would know, because i am an unashamed fan of colonics, to the point where i am one of those morons who feels it's appropriate dinner(Or lunch, or breakfast)Talk, no matter the company.It's bordering on evangelical.But with good reason:I am a firm believer colonics are one of the finest things you can do for your body, your skin and your overall health.But don't take my word for it.Take my many words for it.

I am writing this post because colonics are one of my most fascinating conversation topics, if the criteria for a fascinating conversation is one that inspires the most interest, curiosity and followup from people i(Often inappropriately)Bring it up with.Sometimes i think, 'shitballs(Sorry), I really must stop talking about poo all the time, it's most unbecoming.' But I can't!The people want to know!The people want to know.

The colonic hydrotherapy i do is a closed system, meaning it's absolutely not diy, it's all down via a big fancy machine and there is a therapist present to facilitate everything, and tell you what's happening, and massage your tummy the whole way through and coach you through the painful parts and cheer you on when things are going swimmingly. (Sorry. )I do it at the last resort detox spa in glenayr avenue, bondi, because it's such a beautiful, serene, relaxing, private little place and i think they do a fantastic job.They're all qualified naturopaths and have been doing colonic irrigation for eons, they give fantastic nutritional/supplement advice, and, well, they know their shit.Literally. (Sorry again. )

An example of a typical colonic irrigation machine.Note the window.Guess what you see swim through there!Well you try and find images for a post on poo.

I have been doing an intense program(Each colonic 23 days apart)For a few reasons.The first is because i went to incredible, magical, kickyourassbackintowellbeing gwinganna the week before last and began a detox, and colonics are considered an integral part of detoxing, because when your body is in good health, everything, uh, shifts a lot easier.

The second is because i am about to set off on a monstrous international flight and that's another prime time to get colonics, before and after flying. (Cause whoa, how blocked up do those big ol' flights make you, huh?Fun fact:Did you know airline food has up to 30% more salt to counter for our lack of taste at high altitudes.Cue.Bloat. )

The final reason is the most interesting, and i'll let one saimaa miller, naturopath and owner of the last resort explain why session 48 hours apart are now considered to be the best way to get the most from colonic hydrotherapy:

"Cleansing the colon is like opening up pandora's box symptoms may get worse before they get better, especially if one has a tendency to bloating, constipation or sluggish digestive function. "Guilty, your honour.

"Colonics is all about hydration and when we begin a detoxification process, old fermentation and toxins have to move through the colon in order to be released.One colon therapy session will not do that in most individuals, it takes a series of sessions close together to pull that old fermentation and toxicity out of the body.When we begin cleansing the colon, this can trigger an immune response in the body to minimise adverse reactions associated with this repair, i suggest to have colon therapy sessions quite close apart so that we feel well quicker. "And do we ever.I feel stupendous!

Colonics receive a fair amount of stick, but that's because there's still a lot of confusion about what actually happens, and also because in past decades untrained, unqualified people were doing it badly, and for the wrong reasons.But flushing the colon out for better(Digestive, bowel and overall)Health has been happening since the egyptians were doing it back in 1500bc because when done correctly and gently, the health benefits are obvious and plentiful.They really are.I don't mean to bang on about it, but come on, think about how much food you're putting into your body each day,(Especially if you eat processed foods)And how much you're excreting.Doesn't add up, does it.So where is the rest of it?Just hanging out, that's where.Just hanging out, slowly getting toxic and making you live life at a fraction of the exuberance and energy you could be.But i don mean to bang on about it.

Tomorrow i will list the benefits of colonic irrigation and some tips i picked up over the years of doing it.

Here's a teaser:My tightest jeans are currently on my person and not cutting into my hips and after i ate breakfast my gut didn do its usual instant expanding act.Small things, but big indicators of internal health.And so wonderful for getting you back into healthy living again.Nothing feels better than feeling better.

You take off your knickers(You keep your top half on)And lay under a towel on a massage bed.Then, when everything is ready, you simply roll over promptprocessservice onto your side and they insert the tube.It very gentle and totally fine.Trust me.

It costs roughly $100 a session at the last resort.And they open early and late for 96 type workers.

Regarding concerns about gut perforation(Highly unlikely unless your therapist is a cowboy and or you have prior bowel issues)And bacteria, read this faq.Very helpful.

Really looking forward to reading the personal benefits you found from it zo.

Could you also let us know how you felt the Prom Dresses UK first time you had it done?And how long you been having it done for?

I really keen on trying this!I brought it up for conversation at my Women Prom Dresses UK old place of employment and received many dirty looks from a variety of people.Who then went on to eat a burger and chips for lunch!

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