Lenovo Thinkpad S5 Customer Reviews

November 06 [Wed], 2013, 19:31
Lenovo ThinkPad S Series is the elite version from the Edge series derived from the new models , ThinkPad t410 caddy officially released in June alone was floating style black Ultrabook S3 and S5. The new design was inspired by a sense of floating in the universe galaxy , ThinkPad S3/S5 have meteorite silver and black two color options Universe , will be designed to shape the whole front thinning to 10mm on thinkpad t410i hard drive caddy, suspended from the front look like on your desktop same. In the hardware configuration , we get this ThinkPad S5 is equipped with Intel IVB i7 3537U low voltage processor , 10GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB mechanical hard drive plus 24GB SSD plus AMD HD 8670M performance alone, then this ThinkPad S5 in the actual test what performance it ?

ThinkPad S5 appearance of the biggest feature is the use of a floating design , the so-called " floating " design, in fact, and both sides of the fuselage front edge oblique cutting edge treatment , so that the front end can be done at the thinnest 10mm, thereby creating a visual gap between high and low , so that the body look more thin. Before such a similar design also has applications on other brands , as to whether the appearance on thinkpad t410s hdd caddy, can only say that you will.

Shell is made of anodized aluminum metal shell with anodized aluminum metal material
We got this ThinkPad S5 is the Universe black colors, extensive use of anodized aluminum metal body material, than the E series, and other low-end products more texture .

Furthermore ThinkPad S5 Logo on the top cover has been changed , the first is "Lenovo" logo affixed to the left side close to the longitudinal axis of the position, and it was greatly weakened the sense of presence , and the colors almost blend , followed by , "ThinkPad" logo is no longer inverted , 2nd hdd caddy adapter for thinkpad t410si, when we open the S5 time , ThinkPad words will tilt stand , not the past tilt headstand.

Bottom of the fuselage bottom of the fuselage
From the back of the fuselage with very intuitive to see the ThinkPad S5 Ultrabook used oblique cutting edge design . S5 bottom of the fuselage with a one-piece metal plate to create the processor and graphics card are set above the long strip into the wind thermal windows . ThInkPad S5 Ultrabook thickest body only 20.7mm, the thinnest end is reached 10mm.

JBL speakers JBL certified speakers certification
ThinkPad S5 Ultrabook at the bottom of the fuselage on both sides of the hypotenuse of each set up a dust- in stereo speakers , and table S5 normal use the contact surface and not obscured speakers, loud sound quality and volume will be significantly affected.

Shortcuts Shortcuts
Upper left corner of the keyboard labeled this super pole with a JBL audio certification , and in addition to using a fourth-generation Dolby Home Theater technology . ThinkPad S5 body C is very simple, eliminating the need for a common Asus A46ca dvd writer volume of the black switch, volume increases decreases, the microphone switch and ThinkPadVantage button in the upper right side of the fuselage C face set a power switch, fingerprint reader design in the lower right side of the fuselage at the C surface .

Three- three- shaft design double double shaft design
ThinkPad S5 whole screen be the largest short board , TN 15.6 -inch matte screen with 1366x768 resolution , and with the release of S3 , but with a 1600X900 resolution, it would be the whole point of regret it .

Shaft part , ThinkPad S5 using the perfect hiding three- dual hinge design . Meanwhile, still continues the classic ThinkPad 180 degrees opening angle , taking into account ergonomic principles .

Ministry assigned keyboard keyboard part and backlit keypad
ThinkPad S5 uses a very popular chocolate keyboard, still adhering to the ThinkPad symmetrical curved keycaps on the keyboard , Internal DVD RW DVD-RAM Drive for Asus A46CM, X bracket and the bottom of the drum -type structure design, and continuation of the classic red Trackpoint pointing stick .

Keyboard Keyboard detail detail
With the advantage of body size is also equipped with a small keyboard , and keyboard with back-mounted integrated design , with three manually adjustable , and also supports adaptive lighting , and set up a dedicated shortcut key indicator backlight adjustment , for often in low-light environments users are very practical.

The touchpad
Touchpad is also designed with the previous classic black are very different. ThinkPad S5 touch also new five key one design , with intelligent Asus A46CB DVD Burner recognition anti inadvertently touch the object function . In the hands hit the keyboard, touch pad , after exposure to the palm and will not cause malfunction.

Touchpad is not designed in the middle of the fuselage , but left some of the touchpad is not designed in the middle of the fuselage , but left a number .
It is worth mentioning that , thanks to the wide body ThinkPad S5 , the touch pad is not designed in the middle of the fuselage , but left some, this design is more convenient for the user of the touch control panel with the left hand , his right hand keypad operation, very humane.

Interfaces , ThinkPad S5 performance is not satisfactory , ThinkPad S5 all expansion interface are designed in the fuselage sides , which left interface : forward followed by theft from the rear keyhole , power connector, a USB 3.0 port, card reader slot , the USB interface to connect the power off state supports the case for other electronic devices charged. Right side of the interface followed by the RJ-45 network cable , HDMI, USB3.0, headphone and microphone combo 3G wireless card slot. A 15 -inch models actually only equipped with two USB ports , somewhat justified.

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