Tough Tested Premieres USB Cable with Circuit Breaker at CES 2016

July 15 [Fri], 2016, 12:39
Tough Tested Premieres USB Cable with Circuit Breaker at CES 2016

Tough Tested has a wide range of products geared for outdoor usage. Their rugged line includes various cables, portable battery chargers, earbuds, and speakers. Tough Tested builds their products with durable materials, designed to be chemical resistant, and withstand extreme temperatures. Tough Tested’s products are backed with a 5 year warranty, which goes to show they are confident in their products.

Cell phones are becoming a critical device for many people. We protect the phones from physical damage with cases, and expect each generation of cell phone to be stronger and more damage resistant than the last. However, one aspect that many of us don’t pay attention to is the quality of power that we are using to charge our devices. Tough Tested has taken this into consideration with their new line of charging cables, the Pro+. A small circuit breaker is built into the usb cable, making sure your device is not hit with any type of power surge. While you might be asking yourself what’s the big deal, think about how many people jump into their vehicle and plug in their phone, THEN start the vehicle. That can cause a power surge and damage the battery or worse. It can be even more severe in extreme weather when the vehicle is cold.

While the Pro+ cable is not available for purchase yet, it should be on shelves sometime in 1st quarter 2016 with a MSRP of $19.99 for the Micro USB version, and $29.99 for the Lightning version. If you work outside in a harsh environment, Tough Tested’s products should be at the top of your list to take a look at.