Yao remaining charm

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 13:20
April 30 afternoon, Venetian Cotai Arena. Macau, a local youth basketball Course are playing, a tall figure came. Children immediately forget the game, Hula around him, Yao! Yao Ming!

Yao Ming this trip is to lead his Sharks team to participate in the 2013 Stars Venetian Macao International Basketball Tournament, their opponents are The Glove Gary Payton led a team of international stars, there Grant, Russell, Al NBA players such as stone, there are American college players, as well as Godfrey, Alex Fong, Mr Wong upgrade entertainers like basketball because Shanghai is competing in the Games of the game, big sharks to the youth team, while their opponents despite Perry Dayton and other stars to join, basically a mob. This game will be cause for concern? For me and the organizers before personnel exchanges, it is very worried for them. But they are very relaxed and said, Yao Ming, no problem.

That day, the staff asked if we did not go to the mainland reporters have airport pick-up, the answer is an awkward silence. Yao Ming has been retired for almost two years, has been difficult as before, every move affects the media go hand in hand. And blame mainland media snobbery, no one star, brought him to block the killing retired. He had said, This can be in Macao, where the audience may not like the mainland, the opportunity to see him so much. This is the second coming of Macau Yao Ming, the last time was in 2007. Yao language to reporters, as always wise May 1 night's game, Yao Ming is neither play nor a coach, he is the boss of the Sharks, but the boss is too special. Ticket counter staff told me This game can not tell what he looks like, as early as two days before tickets almost sold out, everyone is coming to see Yao Ming, whether he is not playing some things will change over time. Yao Ming and his Houston Rockets Alstom how former teammates did not think that they would meet again on the pitch in such a way that some things will not be the time to change. intermission nike shox turbo 13 womens hours of entertainment, there is a part of the audience is invited to approach shooting, there are spectators ago 9 0 vote, the final vote, the international star team of Russell in order to create an atmosphere, run up blocks the ball, but miraculously went in. Russell Who are they? 1998 NBA Finals Jordan century cast background plate. called a man a life, some people are destined background plate, such as Russell; Some people are destined to the center of the stage, such as Yao Ming some things, you need time to slowly changing. Yao's answer is that big shark youth culture system temporarily and domestic other club, go is a one of the professional echelon pattern, but there is a chance will go to try to break, for example, and school education combined with fact, We know that Yao Ming with the youth team to Macao to participate in such an event, one to support relief activities (the game's total ticket sales will be donated Ya'an Sichuan earthquake, the organizers Venetian Group 1 to 1 ratio will donations), two is to let the club's young players have a chance to get through a variety of learning opportunities such exchange Foreign exchange opportunities, and only Yao Ming, a Chinese basketball club owner can continue to bring his young players the game in the fourth quarter, International Star team Shanghai Sharks pass was hit out asics gel excel 33 uk of bounds, sitting on the sidelines of the Yao subconsciously a catch, CotaiArena a boil, the audience stood up and call out, Yao! Yao, voted one! This is Yao Ming residual Yao charm surplus charm Super Ambassador David Beckham can bring what? Two different diving show fire Loneliness is not diving fire bull, a blue-collar struggle and death Thatcher soccer team past the group of death has nothing to do with China, Guangdong kill the finals of the others I have wonderful minds the best in the regular season Camacho chaos, politics, business, and the abnormal births football promiscuity

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