I have a continuous ten days in fatigue among

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Finally robbed to sprinkle feast before head huge black the Kin cattle, so again field all suck down a cold lump. Could not help scalp hair fried. Including me. The body meat tendons hills general uplift. Shiny fur musters a silky luster. An acute angle was thrusting forward Zhuang, just that one forepaw. Enough to catch up with a Haiwan, leg blood vessels bulging was raised due to congestion. Rocker twist between. The two holding bovine rope Turks Han King ran the taxi pulled forward half a step on the remainder. Simple like a-Seba tooth bullfighting, selling cakes, God this is not playing the son? Zeneng pinch? I suddenly felt hot. Otherwise, why tantamount forehead sweat secretion. Son, or I come ...... "room into dumping under half Jiuzi cover wine stopper. Go back to see the head of Kin cattle. Can not help but be taken aback. Surmise surmise walked uneasily beside me. Illness channel. I have some surmise surmise uneasy, if all of a sudden pull not turn it, it is really too sniff. "Ha ha ha. Han Warriors head Qieqie Ge is the day God gave the Turks of our most powerful bull. Unusual the Bulls met it. Should tremble even the most brutal of the lone wolf on the prairie only also Bypass go ... who Turkic landowners old material he kept bragging about. This is one I think a good idea. Room into, do not you look good. Voila son how to pack the first stupid cow. "My mouth squint the clear see Xiangna Lord of the Turkic brawny. "Ha ha ha. Since even the most brutal of your prairie Lone Wolf did not dare to, but I'm I'm going to fight a bucket head Kin cattle, Dear Khan, it should be on me if I win I raised my head and to haughty pointed thirty feet away Seba tooth bucket Road. Nonsense. Such a good cow. Do it. I would also like who? "Bold, this is divine days with my tribe's sacred cows." Immediately. Across the Turks began to roar. "Is it? You who can single-handedly subdue it?! Answer my the Turks warriors!" The son roar up, Dengyuan to eyes sparkling Timberland Boat Cheap. Gazed in the gang then pull Guijiao Turks. If evil. A two all stand stare longer aloud. Bo that Seoul Station to my front. Eyes full of contempt, voice full of disdain: "Han Warriors. They must not take the pace. Qieqie Ge Even if I had the first Warriors of the Turks, not tame." "Room Joon!" Li Ji Uncle whistle some gloomy face, stood up to. I quickly approached Baoquan for the ceremony: "the end of FANG Jun, Marshal promised weekend please the head Turkic Warriors uniforms there is no way to tame the bull." You! ...... FANG Jun this non- is child's play, you may want to clear myself. "of Li Ji Uncle face and blowing wind also cold night. Weekend never raved today also. Scheduled live up to expectations, Yang I Tang Guowei! "I am confident, playing small saw countless bullfight, also understand that bullfighting is a jump stuff, say, I do not to play dangerous actions, the most important is the first bull cross to the tired, then, hey hey hey, with Zan effort. That time will be able to one hit kill. "You have both this confidence, the wife does not have much to say, and if so, hey hey hey, ruthless martial law!" Li Ji uncle smiled gloomily. At this time, the Turkic Khan, who chubby landlords old timber opened its mouth Road: The Little General Han Chinese, since you bent mentioning, the sweat allowed you ask If you really win, and not just a 100 Warriors sent to you, even if it is a Turkic warrior full command of General Lee, want to come, we can be convinced. "" both, also requested Khan to take a red silk. "I stand in the original , turned and glanced at Bo that Seoul pounds, this cargo staring me originally despicable eyes get a little alarmed. Hey hey hey. Sample. Wait and see. "If you are successful, Bo that Seoul pounds are willing to become a servant of the most powerful warrior, but, if not successful, it must be said to all our Turks owed Italy." To Bo that Seoul muster cheek Road. "Hey hey hey into is willing to gamble by throwing in the towel, square is a hero, Look at your ground samples can be considered a good guy room into a glass of wine to!" Took the wineskins, Mengguan a strong spicy flavor of straight into the nose and throat. Handed Bo that Seoul him: "Drink it!" The Bo that Seoul pounds overjoyed, lifted WINE go out into the mouth down, and only took a gulp, and quickly raised his head, ogling old long while to blast out a cry : "good wine, good strong wine." wait. You know, the Han Chinese as a mighty, wise and brave warriors. I took the red silk was handed to schematically room into over choke clatter, pulled out of the room into the special extended Hengdao. One-third at least grow more than my sword. The longer the size. For my safety more secure, not to mention, my body's heavy armor is not faded, still could not believe it, in short, we can not lose face, this time in front of the face of the barbarian, lost scholarly family room at home? Face. In short, if it holds many lessons lost face, looking back direct hit tofu dead forget. Expand holding a red silk. Sure enough, I saw hair like a strong hill general Kin cattle mood suddenly between excited again, hey hey hey. Well, let's come Dances. Human intelligence will always be able to overcome the strength of the bull. Initiative scattered became a radius Shiyu Zhang big circle around another point on the torch. Here shone as bright as day, people are also increasing in more around lisancengwaisanceng. Wants to personally take a look at the Han Little General how their tribal sacred cow to settle. "Let go of the bull." Loudly I shouted. Red silk has natural volume in the room into Zhebing the Shuo long to Hengdao the top, like a falling red screen, gently swinging, and sure enough. Upon the bull, as installed on the steam engine to fire abundance head, moo roar, tossed a wild hooves. Let the weeds in the foot crushed into powder flying, bow under the thick neck of cattle, such as a dagger general acute angle towards me? The wrong hit over towards my hands red silk. In fact, the real reason is that my hands piece of red silk jitter, which makes bulls really sensitive is this stuff. Cattle born on the feel is very powerful and very arrogant animal. No animals can be arrogant, especially in front of it is a small thing. Waving to something in particular, there will be conflict. This is a provocation to it. So the cattle will go to the cloth top. Why made of red because red is sensitive, in moving cattle top red more likely to create the feeling of excitement. This effect is manufactured by itself. Do so will cloth with red. I twist the ass, one spin the head tough matchless Kin cattle like a steam-ground bulldozers crashing rushed from me. Moment Men's Canada Goose Constable, countless people sent exclaimed. Even sit on the couch case Li Ji Uncle beyond the control of both the best looking pale. All stood up. And I Standing intact in place, head held high, like a general Dead or Alive matador and bull in the bullring elegant. The straight across tough Kin cattle Shu Zhang had just stopped. Sure enough, I was increasingly cool, really red cloth is the sworn enemy of Seba teeth bullfighting. ------------------------------------------------- This under, all of whom are reported to general applause thundering the room into excited roar up: "Son, come on, get rid of it! I know you can do it without leaving a drop of Fallen flowers have no time to swing significantly. This time. The Bulls already breathing heavily Niuguo the body, one pair is already fixed red bull's-eye stare at my hands fluttering ground red silk. Forepaw heavily hit on the ground, like knocking others in the atrium, this moment, the applause and cheers suddenly stopped. Even breathing seems to pause in general, a lot of places Turkic girl simply good cover in the lip. Dengyuan eyes, gazed at is is arrayed a very elegant posture, are machine Troubles with the Bulls opposite son. Once again, the Bulls rushed past. Every attack, the Bulls failed in the end. After every attack, the applause I got blown call more warm and easy on the conquest of this the extreme bloody and barbaric, elegance and Ling cool coat fusion movement really wolf presence of everyone's mind. I do not have the hustle and bustle of the surrounding interference, or that I have entered the state as a teacher back assignment questions facing the students wrote on the blackboard, the ears do not hear students cheering or disappointed noise. Again. Flashed past. This time. Me mercilessly homeopathic hides a kick in the ass places, has gradually seemed physically frail Seba teeth black bull with stagger a few steps Timberland 3-Eye Shoes Sale, and all of a sudden stumble to the ground, a moment. Outbreaks from shouting and cheering and even whole prairie sky are shiny. It is struggling with. Struggling to stand up. This time. Its feet soft. Well, wait. After all, I have a continuous ten days in fatigue among poor state. A day is not even in time more than one hundred in the road, the body is tired but tired, so I must play have foolproof grasp, it can really bare hands Competing, this is not only my personal reputation. More involved in the political dimension. Absolutely necessary to suppress these arrogant Turks gas Pro, this is my final ground target. Li Ji, uncle and other people have already given up the intention of sitting position. The same around the side. Hard to cry for me, drums with palms, this life and death game pass. Presumably have let them the inner wild already all ignition. Once, twice, three times. Good! Now, the jitter amplitude hooves it has started to increase. And then washed down. God knows and when it will fall. As, but not as good as me personally it down more shocking. "This time, I'm Han warriors. Belongs to the Turkic God to take this head cattle, overwhelming in my body!" Once again, I proudly toward the horizon roar! Above all the people present, expression, except alarmed. Has floated a heartfelt fear ...
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