One night is over. 

2006年02月05日(日) 15時13分
I am still thinking of the another way. Even in my sleep. I gradually get to think its a bit good idea. Is it? No, I can't tell wheather. The way is deeply connected to my life. I should be carefull with that.

Anyway, I just watched movie, batman begins. It is nice. But I expected more exciting action scequences but there are not. Yet, it describes the man who has once failed but recovered well. Next film that I am planning to watch is the forgotten. I am not fond of the actress, but the script seems to be interesting to me.

another point of view 

2006年02月05日(日) 0時34分
I have been thinkwahting of being researcher or consultant and looking for these positions. But I find out another way of my career. This way can look nice to me but it takes time to get through the process. And now I am little wondering. I need to figure out what to do next...

This is the record 

2006年02月05日(日) 0時29分
of my job hunting days.

I recognize it is too late to begin job hunting, though I must do this and finish. To not forget and to look back by myself, I think I should take notes on what I have done, what I have felt, what I want to do in the next and so on.
This will be a hard challenging for me but I have enough confident and will to go through with this.
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