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December 19 [Mon], 2011, 11:39
Sotheby's Hong Kong sell property gurus from the Ministry Overlook Chen Kaijia Look at shared with the "China Business" press reporter: "Every season, Hong Kong is going to be from the springtime (May perhaps) along with fall months (eight The fall of), a couple of large-scale look at during sell due to springtime The sell from the year's first sell, the weighing machine may not become considerable, primarily carefully, evaluate what the Artificial Rolex Designer watches marketplace envisioned, to the fall months to arrange to the sell. fall months sell with regards to dimension, variety along with style of sell on the sell to become very much bigger compared to springtime. "
Jointly designer watches the sell 10 years connected with lady rolex date stainless steel white dial roman hour markers fluted bezel jubilee bracelet
knowledge along with gurus, Chen Kaijia reported: "This fall months become a member of Sotheby's look at sell look at, if its from the exceptional education, your handmade jewelry period, and also designs, are generally interesting from the transfer connected with over eight mil Hong Kong cash 5 sell, over one half from the marketplace will be hard to see the style, simply Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) accounted intended for 40%. "

Among them, first 1518 style Patek Philippe lilac yellow metal look at, that will eventually turn out to be the very best turnover connected with HK money a few. 54 mil during sell, one other the 3939 style Patek Philippe designer watches along with yellow metal teeth enamel Patek Philippe Sun Time, respectively connected with HK money several. 24 mil along with 206 mil Hong Kong cash, environment the globe sell document connected with a couple of clocks.

Not too long ago, Christie's offered for a 1943 output, value a few. 6 mil Swiss francs connected with Patek Philippe designer watches, look at sell from the history of the cost range and the very best distinction connected with 90 mil Swiss francs. (The very best document for a 1946 output, value 6. 6 mil Swiss francs from the Patek Philippe look at. )#)

In accordance with Chen Kaijia briefings, be involved in Sotheby's fall months sell look at customers, primarily through Southeast Parts of asia, there are a few customers inside Landmass China and taiwan.

Your lady reported: "This sell is going to be 25 % connected with customers are generally clients. Asian customers accounted intended for a complete bulk, which is specifically observable expansion from the Landmass connected with China and taiwan customers, the flourishing bidder from the small to the previous Chinese customers connected with over 40 percentage, the boost connected with 5% to be able to 10% from the vendor places most Europeans, because the personal debt turmoil, many individuals desire to look at the hands connected with funds from the sell. "

A large number of from the Sotheby's Hong Kong fall months sell Landmass arrived perhaps Duplicate Omega Designer watches publication correspondent matter a really sigh: "The whole sell, the auctioneer as well as the as well as the ranking, relaxing most their particular persons. "

Is usually the boss from the sell during Christie's globe, customers progressively think the strong increase connected with China and taiwan. Inside May perhaps, Christie's Hong Kong springtime look at sell in close proximity to one. 6470 mil strong hammer, turnover reach a brand new high inside Parts of asia.

Christie's Hong Kong Look at Vice Chief executive Li Dianxin (Mary Lee) Chief executive reported: "The 80's along with nineties, a large number of landmass persons to be able to individual the dining room table to get most look at brand recognition seriously isn't high, yet because the reform along with starting " up ", along with Hong Kong available to the no cost exercise sessions, the landmass along with slowly improve the idea of the designer watches in recent years, a large number of justly famed Duplicate Longines Designer watches brands include set up store inside major cities, and also classified ads along with journals to advertise the lively marketplace verse, a large number lady rolex date stainless steel salmon dial arabic hour markers engine turn bezel jubilee bracelet
of home-based customers commence noted, the market industry positioning from the look at brands have a very specific quality connected with assets, therefore look at the collection along with expenditure of money as a technique connected with upkeep. "

Your lady reported: "Mainland customers like the group connected with well-known brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin), Cartier along with Rolex. They're just additional prepared to be able to engineering along with pre-loaded with classy options that come with current designer watches, like the tourbillon as well as the three questioned the dining room table at the same time, the dining room table connected with supplement period, in the event the first wife's comments from the dining room table box along with certificate, will be their particular headache. ".