Poor Ants 

December 01 [Tue], 2009, 13:26
Hello,rmt-qa friends, have you seen the TV series “ dwelling narrowness”? rmt-news It is so popular that it’s been discussed widely on many well-known forums. The story is mainly about young couples’ struggle to buy houses of sky-high prices, along it reveals other problems of our society, such as corruption in the official circles., men's mistress-keeping behavior, Collusion between government and businessmen, low-income graduates, home mortgage slaves. The director said that the play demonstrated a short history news-rmt of China from 2002 to 2009 .
What’s true love?
rmt777 Two sisters named Haiping and Haizao were from a small city of inner land, they both entered a famous university in the metropolis Jiangzhou and dreamed of building families there after graduation. Haiping and her husband have been living in a tenement of 10 square meters for fives years when she gave birth to their daughter, the newborn baby urged them to buy a house of their own, however the house price rocketed while their wages remained the same. How to pay the down payment with a worsening financial situation? Haiping suggested to borrow money from their parents. Being a filial son and knowing the hardship of his parents, Haiping’s husband made a usurious loan which leaded to a marriage crisis. Witnessing her sister’s painstaking efforts to buy a house and deeply worried grumbles about life, Haizao’s fancy of romantic love and happy marriage withered away. During the process of helping her sister to repay the loan of some 60 thousand, she yielded to the secretary of the Mayor called Songsiming with a show of reluctance and broke up with her boyfriend Xiaobei to be a occupational Mistress.Ironically, lots of audiences are the admirers of the corrupt official Songsiming who was handsome, sedate, suave, romantic and seemed to have true feelings for Haizao, plus his power and money. The playwright retorted that true love went like this: You would stay with a man even without clothes, jewelries, housing and all others, you would stay with a man no matter he is poor or rich, diseased or healthy. What if Songsiming is poor? Would Haizao choose him? Definitely not. The story told by “Dwelling narrowness” is cruel but true. The cruelty lies in the reality that an excellent and considerate man’s defeat by a big r--m--t shot .
White collar or Ant arcadiasaga-rmt colony?
In previous TV plays, images of graduates from key universities are always cheerful and energetic White collars, they dress up to the nines and are winners in their career. Whereas in “Dwelling narrowness”, Haiping and his husband lead a life of untrodden and unknown , with economic misery. It’s hard for them to find jobs related to their fields of study, so they have to try every shift available to get a tiny bit of land in the metropolis. Different from another play “Struggle”, what “Dwelling narrowness”reflects is the real survival condition which most of graduates are facing nowadays. They live like ant colonies. Low income graduates inhabit a region like a swarm body. There are 100 thousand graduates who live in colonies, they are highly educated but with an average monthly income of 1956RMB. Confronted with the high renting rate, they choose to live at agglomerated settlements. It’s not uncommon to see 4 men and one couple in one single domitary. Haiping in “Dwelling narrowness” is a spokespersonof those “poor ants”.Most of low income graduates are from rural areas and county towns, they plodded at one's books in order to be admitted to a university, they endured the grinding burden of mind-blowing expectations. Sadly and relentlessly, some of their classmates obtained good jobs easily and readily, further with prestige cars and luxurious houses, thanks to their rich and powerful family background. It’s very hard for “poor ants” to find good jobs, their perception of social inequality and gap between the rich and the poor is different from other groups of the society. With the lowering of their economic and social status, most of graduates have a feeling of being deprived, thus inducing another feeling of discouraged and indignant, further may develop into violation or crimes. So we can see “ant groups” might have an influence on the harmony and stability of our c9-rmt society.
“Poor ants” have dreams, dragonball-rmt they may once fighted for their dream so hard but soon realized their dreams have to go to the the hell. rmt More often than not, they are defeated and collapsed in no time. rmt I wonder what’s our magnificent education system for? ffxiv-rmt Will you make the same decision as Haizao if you were her? Will you ignore ethics and values for money if you were <リンク:http://www.rmt-cc.jp >rmt-cc her?

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