Fortunately these align to each other Breitling watch added to the right side

December 23 [Mon], 2013, 12:01
The relatively large minute/hour track around the outer edge certainly helps in this regard as well. What's more surprising (to the eye, at least) is when you notice that the track is actually off-center in replica Breitling Chrono Matic - which means the hands are off-center as well.

Fortunately, these align to each other, so there's no weirdness there. It's just a crescent that's been added to the right side of the dial.

Why is the crescent there? I suppose it's possible that they needed a little extra space in the case for some component of the movement. However, I think it's far more likely that it's a styling exercise. Not only does it give them a spot to put the brand nameplate, it's also a way of making the watch just a little bit different than the others out there. While wildly off-center watches can look and feel replica Breitling Colt, I think what Breitling has done here really works quite nicely - just enough different that it takes an appreciative eye to notice.

Oh, and I almost forgot - why the fire part of the name? Well, that's due to the engraving they've done on this 50-piece limited edition watch. Simply put, it's got the same flame-inspired engraving showing up that all of the Fire timepieces have.

As you might imagine, pricing for a limited edition of this nature (in rose gold) is firmly in the luxury end of the realm low price. And while this is a piece that I'll likely never run across, I love that fact that it's really showcasing the micro-rotor, which is a feature I've become quite interested in ever since I discovered they existed.

With this Breitling, you've got a piece that puts all the mechanically (and visually) interesting bits of the movement front and center, which only helps to reinforce why we love having these precision machines on our wrists.
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