the number of clear around Zhuge

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 9:43

> Chapter 69 King City compete for wind chasing cloud two look of surprise, although nightfall the sky a dark, could not see anything, but they will be eyeing the sound coming. Mastermind Journey large 6 level over 6o-level players to 1oooo name, meet the king of the city compete for the requirements of King City to compete war is on, 12 hours after the defense border open and meritorious system open multinational task of opening up the neutral zone Huangcheng open. level of over the 6o-class player to 1oooo name, to meet King City to compete requirements, King City to compete war is on, 12 hours after the defense border open and meritorious system open multinational task of opening up the neutral zone Huangcheng open. the players reach 1oooo compete requirements, to meet King City, King City battle for open defense of open border, 12 hours after the feats system open, multinational task open, neutral zone Huangcheng open continuous slowly repeated three system announcement, this The stirring news spread large 6 of the whole journey. The wind chasing cloud and miss the former two blankly vigil in place seem to be somehow could not believe it all too sudden. Miss the past muttering: When he finished, can only see the wind chasing clouds miss the previous two paying lip service to flip up and down, but could not hear what to say. After quite a while, miss the front before walking over, his face full of regret, a little embarrassed and said: collection safe area in King City, do not it does not seem appropriate to some envy the wind chasing the cloud, playing the game for more than a month after he had become increasingly integrated into the virtual society which, if not living in special tasks which so large, lively ironclad He went closer. He nodded his head, said that understanding, then asked: name of the dragon's head is too large, the entire server ranked second grade the master, Shoudexia, almost attracted nearly half the TangGuo elite players this time [dream drunk rainforest] only with Odyssey Vs rat [Odyssey] [Fate of the world] together to see if he can defeat [Crystal Palace]. the world] as gang refuse to uphold its hand in the future, do not say I know you. how tough it is, there is no way it. heart, later identified your brothers, what thing just branch cry, call. has been urged to help inside,Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka Boots, I have to go, till we meet again! violence duo so brief dissolved. A white light flashed, cottage only three the wind chasing cloud solitary Fortunately, there is a dragon turtle lying beneath. Wind chasing clouds took a deep breath, adjusted over the state: not afford to slack off anymore, open the border, leaving my time is running out,canada goose clearance. Habayashi generals cloth metamorphosis task always like a mountain, as pressure in top of the the wind chasing cloud of heart, let him sleepless nights. The night was already dark, relying on forage library burning into flames, the wind chasing cloud can barely see about 5 yards in front of things, and then away all dark. With memories of the day, the wind chasing cloud with dragon turtle line before the toward the arsenal,cheap timberlands. Deadlines.i! Series bolt shot pumping * move the the bowstring sound to break the silence of the night. Although the wind As archers chase cloud the arrows flying line paresthesia keen, but this is the night, can not be done as day action of the Dodge, a support bolt straight shot at him, then turned into a white dissipated seen. If it were not so, I'm afraid he has already become a studded bolt hedgehog,Lo Pro Denim Jacquard UGG. Fortunately, a sharp bolt the arrow or revealing fleeting coldness night, let the wind chasing cloud discern the location of Zhuge Ballista. Try to escape the a bolt fired weaknesses site, wind chasing cloud emitted a branch Concussive Shot intuitively. Intensive bolt attack hit the body in the wind chasing the clouds away a lot of his blood, he can not dodge alone devour large also Dan can not make up for the loss of blood, not willing Dragon life, finally come into play. Night, before the arsenal, the blood of wind chasing clouds constantly anxious drop then suddenly back full, a bitter tug of war in progress. In consume a vial Dragon lives after, the wind chasing the cloud finally ignited the arsenal, with the raging fire, Then he counted the number of clear around Zhuge Ballista. Dude, a full 15! I really do not know, just he is how to carry over, if it is the dragon turtle hung up the full three attract firepower, maybe he would watch to go back to King City. Powerful Ballista rich experience alone destroyed 15 Ballista wind rose full chase cloud experience Article 8 (percent sign), and has now reached 56 of 33 (percent) experience , others will not dare to imagine that out, the level of the dragon turtle along with get through nearly continuous levels rose to 45, blood thicker skin thicker, the property values ​​have caught up with the wind chase The cloud really worthy variation Boss. Changed with the usual wind chasing cloud may select camped rest emergent sense of urgency, he do not want to waste any time, anyway With the arsenal just lit, but also see the surrounding terrain, and he wants to leading cottage four layers of checkpoints Boss cited here hit kill. Night to kill the Boss, the idea is not nothing less crazy, if it is to have to miss the lives of former gift bottle of Dragon, wind chasing clouds really did not end. He does not look for too long, far ahead, it is now here hurdle final Boss - Bandit chieftain. (Novel network <

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