the dragon body twist

November 14 [Wed], 2012, 15:30
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 828th chapter kills the man Qiankun take Xuanyuan as the center ,radius of the lofty sky, robbing the clouds billowing ,scowl ,devastating scourge of the atmosphere diffusion radius of one hundred thousand miles ,so a lot of people towards the distant flies escapes backoff ,is afraid of the wrath complicity, to know if the scourge hit this means ,it is the crowning calamity ,stigmata ,never been born .
The presence of numerous watch the heart of panic ,the scene let them be hardly worthy of belief ,which has been said with amazement : is actually days Chong Lei Jie ,which also occurs only in record ah ,only after the sin baptism person, can move seven soul Lei Jie ,very horrible ,according to legend I in East China Sea also had several Tianjiao Hengkong born ,the evil baptism ,however, can withstand the sin baptism man ,very few ,ultimately they all have never been heard of since ,had not thought today, should be able to meet someone who will be able to cause day red ray .
! Yes , days Chong Lei Jie ,each Daolei robbery as a sword ,which destroy kill angel of Vaillant ,named as day at Lei Jie angel face ,even ordinary days Chong Lei Jie will resist ! Since ancient times ,able to move day red ray .
,the future achievement is not the ancient emperor ,is the ancient sages ,and another end is body die away, die ring ,do not know this Regulus achievements will have many tall? He has crossed the sin baptism ,just in the future some threshold ,especially breakthroughs in life immortal ,immortal ,angel the three threshold for him, every field is to be tested ,don pass? I can be ,since ancient times ,can cause - people ,more and more people are falling from the sky ,want to be the ancient emperor ,the ancient sages that exist, which is so easy ,you have to understand ,how many people are there in the great sages road tread ,fall ,the population of the world can trillion grudge meter ,now being able to set foot on SAGE realm can a few people ,even the vastness of the East China Sea ,and in the million .
,may only punish the house of night without a master ?After all, unlike the Terran Swire there is so terrible tough constitution . To outsiders, it seems that the figure had fallen, they do not know in the depths of rewards and punishment ,but also hidden statues undead characters ,people always want to give yourself a FLAC ,however by surprise ,so that it can to ensure completely ,and not a little strength to show it to the people .
You can live through this disaster Xuanyuan ? day at ray . ah ,you look at his body, even as the incarnation of the black dragon, still cannot resist ,in his long Lindou to crumble ! I think should not, he seemed to want to use days Chong Lei Jie killing white tiger son ,this is since the loss of one thousand ,eight hundred enemy means ah ,not to mention a aspect teaches Wuyang son look at fiercely as a tiger does ,you see, Wuyang the son out to save the white tiger son ,his hand ,all or nothing ! Regulus dangerous ,lost the protection against protection ,he is hard to resist the fierce Wuyang son Granville ,but this time ,he will fall in it, no suspense ,if he supported the ghastly prohibition cheap timberland boots, days Chong Lei Jie will only become more terrible, he is pushing yourself to death ! Only distant night sky ,Regulus incarnation as a dragon ,bathed in the day red ray .
day ,bear the red ray . the ghastly baptism ,each Daolei robbery as sword cutting down ,hit the Xuanyuan body Dragonscale fragmentation ,but day red ray . in the regulus caused by trauma at the same time ,also in the baptism of the regulus Regulus body, and the body when in operation ,the day of red ray .
the hidden power of Avenue A ,absorbed into the regulus in vivo ,and for days Chong Lei Jie gradually generate resistance, it is also because of this , days Chong Lei Jie for Regulus the damage is more and more weak , and body of heaven and earth to do all the terror attack ,this is it .
Night without looking at it ,feel the body at any moment are enhanced ,this slight change, beyond the night is matchless this realm characters, is unable to feel her heart ,a sigh: is really terrible Xuanyuan exists ,no wonder to friends fly nature of he had words of praise , white tiger son appears to be dangerous ,but the younger generation Tianjiao ,hardly able to someone and he is resisting ,unless have an ancient art ! Regulus body colored light flashing ,five lines of force mutual operation ,seven of the force blessing himself ,temporarily between ,power without boundary Canada Goose Camp Down Outlet,not only such ,in his knowledge of the sea ,moon shed or ,cycle ten times, ten times the force ,quietly and health ,however at this time Wuyang has killed come ,see the hands day Chinese sword rippling out Grand Avenue of the sound ,moving heartstrings ,since his body embodies Ziwei star ,Ziwei Emperor shadow manifest ,derived all authentic ,neat attack to kill regulus .
Dragon Print-Rite rolling face ,crape myrtle , breath without fear, in the regulus behind two honour dooin manifest ,majesty emperor vapor resistance ,let a person shudder ,and Regulus disregard for Wuyang attack killed himself to the white tiger son ,have cut off all means of retreat trend .
white tiger son eyes through a horror ,frantically screaming out ,tiger ,impressively ,acoustic ,contains Avenue force seawater shattered, even those distant viewing people hear the tigers ,who had a shudder with fear ,the feeling of loss .
Now the tiger can only put their hopes in Wuyang ,his best with the Wuyang attack ,he can hardly escape , white tiger son have been prepared for the worst .However, at this time, the talon of the Emperor pen in the moment of dancing ,a escape flash, along with the flesh lost in sight in Wuyang ,Wuyang heart ,almost in an instant, he suddenly felt a terrible force of destruction ,from his back raid killed ,this moment of reflection, Regulus a escape flash to Wuyang behind, fast to the magic ,beyond all expectations UGGs Jimmy Choo Starlit Boots,he gathered five lines to Talon force ,seven Xingzhiwei ,ten times the force blessing oneself ,even an angel without any protection under also will be the tear into pieces ,is such a break to kill ,to Wuyang !See Wuyang must let the person from behind to since the split in half, suddenly ,his head fairy ring sparkles with infinite light, converge into a kill ,condensed into one point, point to kill Regulus Regulus this blow ,if he cuts down into two words ,Regulus will be this a seven fairy rings are condensed into a force between the eyebrows throughout Wuyang to kill the son Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Clearance,is a very great and son ,at this time can also have these reflect ,in fact the terrible this remarkable .
Regulus heart sink ,know want to execute is impossible ,the dragon body twist, went to the side ,risks and risk avoid that a terrible a kill ,even so ,Regulus still don Wuyang ,claw hand such as electrical ,light flashed, from Wuyang through the scapula ,on sky ,Regulus to claw to s ,Kacha ,directly to Wuyang left for students to unload ,into a black hole that engulfed in chaos ,Wuyang Brokeback ,blood gushing out there .
Wuyang .Howl sound, face the grim ,want to fight the Xuanyuan ,however at this moment ,a silhouette against the day at Lei Jie Ta Kong and come, she was cold, ice and snow such as cream ,from the sky, a piece of snow and six corners ,each snowflake cold cold Void Crystal Hanmang ,penetration ,twinkling ,let a person shudder ,killing all may .
Lhotse ,eyes ,only to kill ,she looked to Wuyang ,the six corners of snow in a flash, mad spin up ,making the Chi Chi terrible broken wind . One hundred thousand days late frost ,full of universe .
This is the Winter Fairy Palace a big kill action ,as a Day Cream immortal body the Lhotse ,display ,more terrible ,Wuyang heart look change, earthquake ,now with his state to face the Regulus and cold day saint joined the attack ,even though he has seven Tao faith fairy ring also not absolutely sure ,his look hideous evil, see Regulus and Saint eyes ,cold winter Track: cold day saint ,I and you are not my enemy ,how dare you kill me, you remember me, the next time when we see each other again you are dead ,I will not let you live .
Since Wuyang rolled Chunyang Sally light ,streaks of blood light flash, he directly to the blood run means direct fled here , Joan agar know want to kill Wuyang has been impossible ,I saw that the day frost blade neatly execute to the white tiger son .
white tiger son saw Wuyang defeat, also want to escape ,however the Xuanyuan reflect how agile ,is also an escape character flash killed, ten times the force broke out again ,converge into a claw caught directly to the white tiger son of the abdomen ,coughing out blood spatter UGG Men's Classic Short Bomber,light ,blood gurgle ,since the big white tiger body ,was caught off a large chunk of flesh and blood of Xuanyuan directly to .
Roar ... ... white tiger son eat a pain ,facing the attack killed and one hundred thousand day frost and snow, he feels all over blood seemed to be frozen, if in his heyday naturally able to resist ,but at the moment he sustained injuries, one against two ,how can the Xuanyuan and cold day saint opponent? He also played a white tiger son war goddess Palace blood to escape by breaking free ,fled out of the land ,the people not directly into this space, fast speed ,it was impossible to kill .
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