Home-style defiler: 4 recruit form water embellish smooth muscle

November 05 [Sat], 2011, 17:33
Women in the city life, had a tough skin, air pollution and environmental damage caused our skin, dark heavy, dry, ageing then by storm. Small make up is also a n experienced person, take out the private collection of small make up today hairdressing maintains law, only this simple every day four steps, let you can also has star sheen of water embellish skin.

STEP1 deeply clean the chamfer simple small make up the whole package that this step is the most important step. To get rid of the surface of the skin cutin and uneven a week of city dirt, for the subsequent maintain article do ability to absorb the matting skin better, or added to your nutrients are again is no use!!!!!!!!!! Now that understand deeply clean the key, so everyone more clear right chamfer is effective deep clean. Since it is the Friday evening, then do not drive time, want to lazy, do it step by step. Possession of skills: first cleansing face such as moisture fast nature airing before using the chamfer simple product. Skill reading: many girls usually does not pay attention to cleansing program, grabbed a grind arenaceous cream start against the knead, such not only can not reach clean effect still can let us delicate skin repeatedly to complain. Is the right method after cleaning the face of pat water to help absorb and airing, wait until eight points can take out deeply clean dry the baby-to grind arenaceous cream. Apply adequate amount of product besmear is on the face, massage the finger to round face, to avoid eye and other sensitive areas, to have acne marks, blain mark or a rough area can key massage, grind arenaceous cream use immediately after use protect skin to taste, the skin can more easily absorb nutrition. Finished the first step to pledge, skin look brand-new, skin without rough block, faster absorption can maintain article essence. The next three program 2.3.4 seriously repeated maintenance, not a few days can be changed forever, change water tender skin.
STEP2 rubbed bright skin water filling water this step is usually small make up many ladies honey easy to treat STH lightly step. Choose small molecules, keep humidity better essence, such as hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract and so on all is effective moistening elements, let skin with a large number of moisture, calm and caress flimsy skin, reduce inflammation. Also be to the whole week dry skin do an apology to possession of skill: in cutin after the completion of the two minutes added bright skin water immediately. Skill reading: went to the cutin skin is easy to water, causing dry extensive red, so we must be no delay. Small make up learning from our predecessors to the right approach is in cosmetic cotton uniform sprinkle toner, along the lines of skin gentle pat nearly skin, time can stay a little longer, ensure the skin every inch of care received. In here and the important thing is that the must choose of high quality make up cotton, those who hold of counterfeit products will only make nutritional going to waste oh, this money can 10 million can't save!!!!!
STEP3 mask strengthen with care and everybody else, face film is always my heart much love, especially the love!!! Simple action, and a full nutrition is in 20 minutes are all skin eaten, really have to praise. The girl of city weekend package less? How can have their possession of skills: specialize in moisturizing not greedy skill reading: the spring season to is let skin elasticity, delicate, as long as the moisture in place health colour and lustre is self-evident. A winter package believe the natural white back many, you don't 10 million desperately pursue whitening. Whether flake or facial mask, go after cutin to specialize in moisturizing commodities, 10 million don't take whitening mask up apply, easy can let skin redness and swelling caused by excessive stimulation sensitive, first with the skin keep wet noodle film solemn good whitening first don't impatient!!!
STEP4 relaxed late frost guardian nutrition apply face if it doesn't work after the moist degree locked in the emulsion skin, it's easy to water evaporation into the air, let all efforts were in vain. Want to MinTian radiant, the best efforts a close! Possession of skills: moist + massage will face reading skills in nutrition: spring choose relaxed lotion or cream, before the essence, the essence of the mask seal in the emulsion, let maintenance component in the night last play a role, wake up in the morning to see the face of the burnish feeling will laugh. The key to the key is to strengthen the massage, nutrition molecule can't active skin deep drilling, of course we need to use both hands to make full pat and massage cough up. When 10 million note down the massage skin texture up dip, although it is water tender package but we also want to do by the anti-aging work.