Meet short soldiers Taiwan Strait

March 29 [Fri], 2013, 11:12

Do not blame social cruelty, Blame yourself torn psychological ability is not enough. Just as people sleep soundly in this nondescript banquet around forever does not expect more than half of the worlds most mythical top family heir are gathered here. “Hands.” After quite a while, Tang Feng suddenly have this sentence. “Wait a minute!” Nest Tamiflu level of sound pass out. “How? ralph lauren sweater ” Tang Feng looked at each other and asked with a sneer. “It seems that today we want to kill you, is not a simple thing. Worth mentioning things here today to Prometheus, Bobis, we go.” Nest Tamiflu-class voice faded, and turned on jump to go. Prometheus and Bobis seeing this moment are afraid to stay here, follow the jump down. The Shura and tiger fanatic people seeing this, ready to jump immediately to keep up with. Tang Feng stopped. “Let them go.” Tang Feng shop ralph lauren smiled and said. “But, boss, finally there is such a good opportunity, they can just be removing it.” Tiger crazy little anxious, said. “Although we are in number than they dominant, but really a fight, you want to kill them is not easy. Mention, I feel a vague they come here, will never be so few people in the There must have been around the collusion of the people. maybe, this is a trick they determined to strike so let them go. really can not think, I just arrived in St. Petersburg did not take long, they one by one to today but for Dragon Soul came and rivers, and really do not know what the outcome is. “Don peaks smile. The “little master, old dragon is very worried about you, so they rushed to his side and rivers if you are free, you can make a phone call to his old take snapshots.” Dragon Soul. Tang Feng nodded and said: “I will your stomach is hungry? They had drunk so much wine did not get something to eat, the stomach feeling a little uncomfortable, not to go to eat?” People have nodded. Thus, a pedestrian left the room, came to the first floor of the hotels dining area. Era of peace for the background, the family forces in the true sense of the world in general will no
t be destroyed, which like Rothschild while the family-owned, as the Yate Landi Si family stands top of the world, their pattern of this world can produce what kind of impact I am afraid that no one dared to imagine, This is majestic and powerful energy of these family even again how infighting but never in the so-called desperate because too many people are accustomed to the current situation, once the situation is changed so as like a domino-like knock-on effect would be pulling out of the countless peoples interests, which affect their own interests will reach out countless pairs of hands in an attempt to human action to destroy the forces of one of the parties before it crush in the bud, which is why everyone in the world know that Swedens highest bank secrecy regulations all t polo ralph lauren online shop ax havens and this place is still there. And as the heir of the family, Prometheus, Bobis nest Tamiflu level but deeply know, before the official successor to the power of family, their lives than the average person are more vulnerable, because compared to the family heritage the interests of the life and death of their heir pales. Affection thinnest part is being imperial family, if it is making a fuss, how many people can really understand the bitterness. Trio in not far from the camera convergence, not because of the rift before any dissatisfaction with each other, at least on the surface. “At first, I thought enough overestimated him, but now it is still underestimated the metamorphosis, and God knows secretly he still has much forces.” Prometheus said can
not be reconciled. “Tang Fengs body never overestimate the emergence of the word, I would have already warned you, you have to take a look at this