eliminate roving bandits definitely

January 04 [Fri], 2013, 16:14
Yue Su said the plain, but officials of the Cabinet which did not come out, Yue big into this is obvious to Paul Yang Yi Shan. However odd pop qi Yang into follow Yue big into the course of time, not only is the protege, still the number one henchman, not to force Paul, it was a ghost. Yue big into said pole, victory or defeat is standard issue, can not be too blame Yang into how yao under the famous, which had never suffered defeat, if only because this battle into severely punished Yang, Qi not make the front-line generals chilling. "Zhang Zhenggang first one to stand out, to go along with Yue Su. "Xiaguan also endorsed Yue big into said dilating into said pole, victory or defeat is standard issue, how can one defeat on the heavy responsibility of armies coach." Yue Party officials have stood out, consensus Yue The Gansu then. As the Cabinet Ministers, which is not a well-officialdom, how could act on impulse, like those of Supervisors, Qingliu, sitting in the cabinet inside these bigwigs have to assess the situation, recognize the situation. Yue Su As Tuogu Minister, sits the capital, can be described as the right inone hand three copper guillotine, is still dealing with the right to, and how much energy, it goes without saying. This year, the official when the greater the pomp, the greater the officials present, no matter who, more or less have to get some gray income, the otherwise light pointing wages, where enough overhead. Get some money does not matter, the key to check not check you, Yue big into the governing Board of Punishments, you want to check who are a piece of cake thing, if you are really into blatant big Yue front of thousands, the death sentence for Yang Yi Shan How can good fruit to eat, whatever you find charges, will be able to let you steal sheep. Now we are all scholar, a product Tayouan, how can the mediocre and those who do not clean, Supervisors, not sparing the future. So, some things, almost on the line, do not have to do things absolutely. Qi poetry teaching directed at Yue Su a hand over, said: "Yue big into your one o'clock Yes, victory or defeat is standard issue, who also can not be life light victorious, not losing the war. But lost the Chang'an, and loss of soldiers fold will, can not say. a victory or defeat is standard issue, put of those impeachment Young big into suriko gave sent you this battle can be proved in leading soldiers, lacking if more continue to be based trilateral Yang into command and destroy the bandits win comes in to say, once eat defeat, if not easy to say ...... "Qi poetic education so says, stance, standing Yue Su-side, and secondly, it is also to a new level of Yue Su He quickly for Yang Yi Shan factions into when trilateral Governor As a result, a sizeable preservation Yang Yi Shan. It can be said, then Qi poetry teach nothing wrong, the court decreed let Yang Yi Mountain redeem oneself, the event again defeated, it may not be able to account. Your Yue big into reinsurance, on a little risk to die prematurely under great condemnation. Yue Su understand Qi poetry to teach the meaning of, in fact, Yue Su in yao night yesterday and Jiang Jie talk a bit, Yang Yi Shan can no longer when the trilateral Governor, which is equivalent to push him to the cusp, many eyes will be staring at him, in case of a mishap, the Yue Su not again come forward to preserve. So, Yue Su nodded slightly and said: be true, Yang Yi Shan governance the local touches a good material, but to lead the troops to the war, there has been a lack of Shaanxi is now the military forces of the land, so the coach of a less proficient war sits, it is not very good, I look at this way, let him go to Nanjing when the Ministry of Personnel assistant minister. now the key is not how to dispose of Yang Yi Shan, but as soon as possible to eliminate roving bandits, trilateral Governor not vacant but ...... " Here, Yue Su hesitated for a moment, the 1st thing he had wanted to revisit, recommended the appointment of a five Provincial Governor, Governor bandits, Bijing now raging roving bandits, Henan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, belong to the most chaotic place, other Shanxi, Hubei and Hunan also suffered the roving bandits nuisance, if a commander, unified scheduling, may be better. However, after thinking a moment, Yue Su decided not to mention this, and then said: "But ... this trilateral Governor of inclusion, we must not be hasty, looking for a known soldiers into." Yue Su Yang Yi Shan sent to Nanjing on past pension equivalent exiled for a time, the number also allows impeachment into shut up. Although Yang Yi Shan Yue Su patron, want to return to Beijing, it is very easy, but so be it, he protected. We all understand this truth, tacit, and it wants to. Followed Yue big into proposed trilateral Governor of inclusion, to whom this position, tell the truth, general into really not one thousand and some into also do not want to go to one thousand,Canada Goose Langford Outlet. All the Cabinet Ministers looked at each other, and finally Zhang Zhenggang first said: "Yue big into Xiaguan think is willing trilateral Governor now Bingbushangshu Chengchou very appropriate, if he re-sits three sides, must be able to eliminate the Shaanxi area bandits. "Yue Su also know the Hong Chengchou is most suitable selected, if somebody usual, immediately agreed, but his mind another plan, how can I let Chengchou go. He nodded his head and said: "Chengchou'll be a good selected, he presided Hyobu official too Hyobu, afraid of him difficult to withdraw it I look this way, or else ask him to come here, we can sit down together to study a the inclusion of the right, if it elected not access to only let Chengchou go. "Yue Su speak in the cabinet that is made out of as a mountain, immediately into go Hyobu messenger come please Chengchou. Out of the messenger into Yue Su said again: "Let's do not idle, and then think about what the right was selected to come up with a few into to, etc. Chengchou to hear his views. "the Xiaguan think Governor Wu Sinan declared major is very appropriate when he shuaibing to go Taiyuan bandits on the victory, tune he went to Shaanxi and wanted to be able to Jinjian roving bandits." End of Yue Su as saying, officials immediately suggested that the man is Yue Party officials, he knew Wusi Nan Yue big into into Wu Sinan the go, Liledagong, Ye Hao future promotion. "Nothing wrong, nothing wrong ......" Yue Su heart gas, thought your kid too Bushi Xiang, this bear the blame but also how to find their own income. Moment and said: "Wu Sinan is indeed appropriate inclusion can Xuanfu, Datong is also a powerhouse, not beneath Furthermore, said that if Wu Sinan go Shaanxi, roving bandits, and then he went to the Shanxi Province, is not a look Think again, there suitable inclusion. "into the big, the Xiaguan think, now the Shanxi governor Wu dream is very appropriate." these rites, the recent cabinet Liu policy. Yue Su promoted officials, everything must Yue Su sake, can be said to own the age can join the cabinet, simply prop Yue into a blessing when a scholar, he would like to have dared want to do. Dream Wu Yue big into into it he most clearly However, Wu Sinan Yue big into into, why not let Wu Sinan go when the trilateral Governor Liu Ce think, Xuanda the Governor and the same level trilateral Governor Wu Sinan to go when the trilateral Governor, is not promoted, Yue big into the course are not satisfied with. Wu dream and let go when the trilateral Governor is not the same, but the real promotion, wanted Yue big into will be glad. "Had roving bandits attack Taiyuan, Wu, into quite play commanding stick to the castle, and also make plans, his troops blow roving bandits, by he became trilateral Governor, will achieve victory." Yue Su know Liu policy of mind, but still shook his head and said: Liu big into some truth, Wu dream after all junior, he served as the trilateral Governor, the inevitable enrolled criticism following generals also may not be convinced, once the generals do not and, is bound to be more chaotic. "that let Wu Sinan go, nor Wu dream Yue Party officials are a bit confused. The hearts of the three party officials,Women's Canada Goose Livigno Parka, neat and smart Zhejiang think Yue big into can be really careful you stood the trilateral Governor, are afraid to let herself into the pick up and wanted to really be afraid of hot. You are not willing to take over, we are even more reluctant to take over, who is going to let the your own mind. Han Kuang now, still on the 1st sit tight, but in the hearts muttering, Yue Su Yue Su, did not think a few years but not you change really big, and then is not the year that a gluten brat. Want You Doudao Donglin Party to return to power, it seems really not easy, but do not worry,Canada Goose D Alpago Bomber, plenty of opportunities, so much of a mess, look at you a into how the mercy of the slightest mistake, call you the odds land. "the Cabinet Ministers have a Face thoughts, Yue Su see that they do not speak, he did not say, and so a long while, Chengchou finally come. The first polite lot, Yue Su ask him seated, and then will tune Yang Yi Shan to go to Nanjing, said the need to immediately fill the the trilateral Governor's things, Hung chancery to the point. Chengchou thought, said: "Yue into large, Xiaguan think, two into the more appropriate one Yansui governor Chen Qiyu the the Xiaguan do Yansui governor and trilateral Governor year, Chen Qiyu multi Liangmou but also good armies let him act trilateral Governor, to eliminate roving bandits definitely not difficult. "Yue Su nodded his head, said:" would be an appropriate inclusion, but I do not know another who is it? "another Hyobu assistant minister Sun Chuanting The. Xiaguan and SUN Da into chatted several times, listening to his words, a glance into the deep pass Taolue if armies to war, and Pitney commanding, mention exterminated roving bandits. "said Chengchou. "Sun Chuanting ..." Yue Su also know this into even know him from the side to get into, is really into before. But Yue big into Sun Chuanting led troops do not want to hesitate a moment and said: "loud, no loss Bingbushangshu, military forces election vision no matter, is Sun Chuanting or Chenqi Yu, are best selected, however, and Sun Chuanting compared to Chen Qiyu promoted to the trilateral Governor perhaps better, the official think so, Chen Qiyu for a long time in the trilateral, where generals and the terrain is very understanding, for a long time, and roving bandits at war, of roving bandits some cases, very understanding able to know ourselves. loud into the proposed trilateral Governor fully eliminate Shaanxi roving bandits, promoted Chen Qiyu I see. "Yue big into a said who one thousand, basically it is finalized.
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