Aladdin Marked Playing Cards Are a Poker Light for Gamblers

June 20 [Fri], 2014, 11:47
When we were in childhood, we were fond of listening to The Thousand and One Night. Of this story book, Aladdin is the most famous character that is loved by most children. In entertainment area, there is a kind of poker called Aladdin marked playing cards, too. In a sense, it means a light for poker gamblers.

Why can Aladdin marked playing cards be called a poker light for players all over the globe? I think the main reason for this saying is that when a gambler comes across a problem in the process of playing cards with other people in the casino, Aladdin marked playing cards will come out at the very right moment and provide unselfish help for its owner. It is a little like a Aladdin’s wonderful lamp, so it has this cute nick name.

Aladdin magic ink <リンク:
>marked cards
are a little special to poker players. When you seek help form it, you need to wear a pair of IR contact lenses or sunglasses. If you don’t wear such a kind of lenses, you are not allowed to see through the poker faces and therefore you can not get the immediate help.


Get What You Want via Remote Control Electronic Dice

June 19 [Thu], 2014, 11:45

To some people, it is quite hard to control the things that are surrounding them, let alone those that are out of their reach. As a matter of fact, if you have remote control electronic dice, you will become of dice and control the dice freely.

After you make a comparison between this type of remote control electronic dice and normal dices, you will discover that there are many advantages for people to use this new dice ---remote control electronic dice. First and the most important point is that you can make the dices stop at the point you want by pressing the button on the remote controller.

Then, it makes no noise when you roll the dices. It will stop at the dice bowl silently, so people won’t smell a rat at the dice game. Besides that, the size of base board and dices can be customized and designed according to customers’ requirements. Anyway, you can always get what you want via this remote control electronic dice.


Car key camera lens has magic power

June 18 [Wed], 2014, 18:23
If you had the car key camera lens before, you will feel the car key camera lens is good product for you. And it has good quality, so you don’t worry about it.

Car key camera lens is not an ordinary item. It is different from other camera lenses. It belongs to a single-type lens, but it can view the whole poker table and scan all the marked cards on the poker table very clearly. And it can also convert the image data into digital data automatically.

There are many brands of camera lens in the world so that are also many gambling camera lens you can see in the market. And we want to introduce the car key camera lenses. There are very useful camera lenses that you can use to cheat at many kinds of poker games.

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