Floppi History has a long history

June 08 [Wed], 2011, 20:31
Floppi History has a long history, but as we have 5-inch data transfer files, back up your important data disks 286,386 machines. Modern, developed a 3.5-inch floppy disk, although his role was less than the original is so important, but in some cases, a floppy disk is still an indispensable role. After a period in the use of floppy disk drives, a failure may be sudden, people know how to do it. At this point, it is best to persuade the deduction of various friends. I'll take you to the fastest speed for solving the problem.

Floppy drive failure due to dust

In floppi disk, and a signal is connected to the optical principle, such as write-protect signal, the index signal is ready signal. These signals are used for LEDs and phototransistors to convey Windows registry cleaner. If the LED light shining from the effective optical transistors, optical transistor is turned on. In contrast, interruption. In practice, the use of time, as the LED phototransistor growth and accumulation of dust, so that the phototransistor can not be properly opened and closed registry clean XP.

The accumulation of dust generated is often a major reason for failure. Common symptoms are:
@ can read and write, but can not be formatted. The reason: there is no index signal. As in the first position in the key information required signs format index hole on the disc after the write pulse. Because there is no index signal, a floppy disk controller, the controller can not determine the starting positions led to write the signal can be formatted. LED and phototransistor as the possibility of damage is generally light-emitting diode and phototransistor registry cleanerWista, the accumulation of dust.
A "write protected" error. Because there is no "Vrit-protect" the integrity to write or format a floppy disk, the computer will ask "Vrit Protect error." This situation is generally LED and phototransistor surface dust, it is not receiving phototransistor Sony NP - FV50 battery with LED light, the effect is equivalent to the protected floppy port is closed, the LED light is given, it makes the drive "Vrit Protect" judges.
B "not ready" error. Sometimes working on a floppy Prompt "is not ready error." The reason: When the spindle motor rotation detection, after the index pulse signal is correct, if not an index pulse or signal is not correct floppy drive. There was an error. This problem usually occurs in the LED diodes and transistors sensitive target detection, the index closed detection circuit can not detect the pulse of two consecutive pulses of dust caused by the index a lot of dust, the "not ready" error caused by these two components.
C "catalog retention" phenomenon. After launching, the first disk to resume normal operation, but after work, run the file to disk when prompted to "Bad command or file name" file or directory column still displays the contents of the first disc, we have the phenomenon hereinafter referred to as "directory retention" , which is light emitting diodes and phototransistors, the dusty surface.

The most important computer disk failure, disk clean only LEDs and phototransistors can be excluded. If the problem persists after cleaning, you can open the floppy disk clean cotton ball soaked in absolute alcohol.

2, mechanical failure

The computer is often a floppy, CD - ROM, in fact, in many cases, mostly mechanical failure can generally be repaired. CD - ROM drive and floppi mechanical failure often occurs in the head of the Assembly, the head of the Assembly and other mechanical parts. If we look carefully to identify problems in a timely manner to address it.

Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery phenomenon under Vin98 Explorer, double-click (floppy disk inserted) drive, floppy light appears on the screen, then select "Disk is not formatted." For a formatted disk, etc. and the integrity of existing documents, the news reads as "not formatted floppy disk. Of the shows "no format" command to determine, because this led to the failure of disk head assembly can be moved or rotated.

Repair Methods: First, turn off the computer, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws a floppy disk, a floppy disk from (not in the floppy drive, disconnect the power and data lines, or working conditions that must plug), remove the floppy disk we can see that the floppy disk drive head motion component. Then you can open the power of computers, the computer, looking at the floppy in the computer starts the process of first component of the exercise. Viewed: boot disk head assembly does not move, and then insert the floppy disk, try to read the disc, the disc rotates his head or not to move, to display "Disk is not formatted" The result of the word. Floppi drive head assembly fails to exercise for two reasons: first, the damage the drive head motor assembly, motor rotation without the positive and negative voltage. Restart the computer, the computer reads the floppy drive, use the MF47 1 V dc meter files, floppy disk drive pins are 1.4 positive and negative voltage of about 0.1 volts. Then turn the computer off, remove the floppy and data cable, drive motor contacts four test circuit power line resistance welding, resistance is known floppy drive car, the engine is not a problem. Therefore, it seems to be no reason for the motor does not turn the screw axis motor stuck, because of the small engine horsepower, a little resistance, it will not screw axis. Identify problems and maintenance easy. Replacement engine a few drops of oil into the camera screw shaft caught the child, forced to make the shaft, head assembly center began to move, move, has repeatedly said, turning to more flexible, you can try to open the computer's floppy drive. Then look at the disk drive head assembly in the floppy drive light is on, the movement, the result can be movement, and then insert the floppy disk, magnetic head can read the data and then copy the file to disk. Well, everything is normal.

3, damaged floppy disk on the way

SONI PCGA - BP2NKS batteries floppy drive can not read, in part because the disk may be damage on the right track. When you insert the floppy in the "We Computer" to insert the floppy disk drive opens, displaying the cursor on the screen the earthquake: "I can not access .. The system can not read from the specified device"

Follow the floppy disk is damaged, can improve in several ways:
(1). First, in Vin98 your desktop, double click on the "We Computer", open the following right-click the floppy disk icon and select "Properties", click on "Tools", select If it is, "Problem solving for confirmation." After the inspection found "serious damage ... ..". they should give up the repairs.
(2). Try PCTools 9.0 repair. Open the disc menu, select "Format" item, it would be bad to drive, and on the screen, then select "140 万" → "OK", the configuration, select "Safe format" option, then the original drive, select the appropriate disk space. Formatting is complete, use the "Continue format" command to restore the original contents of the floppy.
(3). Disktools use Norton fix. In DOS to run Disktools, the main menu appears, the menu is the third "resurrection faulty disk" (Save the faulty disk), then the dialog box, click the drive or bad disk and disk Tipe, and then return to your car can to maintain.
(4). Application of high-definition copy of the repair. HD copy of the diskette can not follow more than one bad block, the other to replace them, and that is to eliminate the bad blocks in the FAT table, and complete design. So, this function can be used to repair, as follows:
The high definition transfer, select menu options. Let the good source and target disks (this is set to more pages HTML) and Options - 4 menu settings are as follows:
Destination choice format, the Format menu, select different sizes of disk format needs. 80 × before the election, is a standard 1.44MB format 18 failed, error CRC error ... .... re-format 82 × 18,1.476 mb successful elections in between, the system prompts were found in separate FAT a good block bad block replacement, and the successful completion of design.
Formatting is complete, there are more than SONI VGP - bps13a / B cells DOS 5.0 disk scanning program to check and note the surface scan (to check the disc surface). Then copy the format has proven to be successful.
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