Dissapointed in Myself... 

August 06 [Sun], 2006, 12:11
...I should be getting a summer job....but I'm still such a lazy bum.
why am I like this? I sit around at the computer all day....isn't that a bit pointless?? (some might say)....I dunno...I think I'm being misermized.
I should be living a life with the outdoors, the arts, like playing the piano or doing some exercise at least....

Miracle x Baby ^_^ 

August 04 [Fri], 2006, 13:56
I just spent CAN $27.02 on two very expensive Mangas today..
but it was all worth it in the end.

I was looking for Aishiteruze Baby Vol 2 a few days before at Kikiwai. I leave them my email but they didn't contact me yet...haha, you know I'm such a inpatience person ne~ so today, 'supposedly' I ask my parents to go out to eat Taiwan (?) cusine , but I'm actually wanting to go to the Chapters book store, which is right next to the restaurant. xD

Anyways, after I grab Aishiteruze Baby 2 (so happy it's in stock!)...I got kinda attracted to another manga, Magical X Miracle~ I think it's because of Yuzu Mizutani's cute drawings~~~ haha Chapters is sooo much better than Kikiwai...they don't seal the manga and they have chairs around so you can sit down and enjoy the manga all day. LOL yup, for free. I could have just read M X M and AishiteruB for free... but I'm not gonna do that. I mean, I love the manga/story/artwork very much so I'm gonna buy it to support it. XD I'm such a good girl ne~ HAHA~

Now, on to read my lovely new two mangas!!!

Driving Myself Crazy...xD 

July 17 [Mon], 2006, 4:13
First of all, I have second thoughts of making my *own personal* blog...which means I don't want to use the templates here.
but for a computer illiterate like me, making things like this seems hard...
so can someone teach me how? Would really appreciate it.

Secondly, I would be going insane if I don't draw....THIS INSTANT!!
seriously, I want to just grab a pencil and DRAW.

Because I am not working hard as I used to and I procastinate on doing my "homework"... I hate myself sometimes.


Wednesday is the Best. 

March 29 [Wed], 2006, 17:50
Today, in my Food & Beverage Lab class, we ate some delicious desserts!!

Chocolate Creamy Carmel Brownie

hehe...it was a bit sweet...but I put some chocolate sprinkles, strawberry and icecream with it~

I love this class.

though i think this is our last food lab...

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