To-Do List

March 24 [Tue], 2015, 2:31
I'm super fucking lazy today. I 6 hours of sleep which is good, but I'm still sleepy. If I slept for a bit longer I would have been even more lazy. Anyway, im making a list of everything I have to do today. Totally dreading EVERYTHING anyway... Here goes!
5 paragraph essay
6 units of drawing homework
fold and pack clothes
prepare carry on bag
clean out iPod
decorate phone case
clean room

After that im done for today. It doesn't seem like much but I'm running low on battery juice. Oh and my poor KUMA SAN is sick :( poor daddy. I hope he feels better and I hope im able to get shit done today. I will do it! okay well time to get to work. Baiiii
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Hi. My name is Patricia. I'm 26 years old and I live in America. I'm pretty shy, pretty fat and pretty cute. I love my boyfriend, family and the few friends I have.



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