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December 27 [Thu], 2012, 16:47
Night, Han came out from the room made of stone, and left the hillside, straight go to Jin Jing, this mortal world's biggest city, is located there. It was early, Han line in order to prevent the cause of others idea just using the end Dan ordinary escape speed, unhurried way east. Shortly after, Han Lishun Lee out Longzhou into the adjacent county. This the Norikaze car out, the escape speed fully open into a mass of white light, piercing leave. Faintly exposed to Han Yuan Ying-class monks breath, the way occasionally ran into some low-level monks, all of them respectfully far away. Yuan Ying level monks, Yang sea Dajin ordinary monks need to exist. Naturally not the slightest disrespect. More than a month after entering and Jin Jiang Jin Jing County, Han was put away the Norikaze car, will escape speed slowed body breath converge to the level of taking Dan, slowly. To Dajin hinterland, after all, is certainly a lot of high-end Cultivation, he may not want to be too noticeable. Another Shi Yuri, Jin Jing's place hundreds of miles away, a fur and brown nag took a dilapidated carriage, slowly moving forward on the Official Road. The car is sitting before a Pathetic scholars, ordinary face, it is the Han. When he sat in the front of the car himself unsteadily, his eyes half-blind, like a sleeping and waking. In fact, secretly, they are the refining Recently taking a snow soul pill. Well, he has since cracks in space out, this can enhance the power of the freezing cold of the Danwan, has been taking as many as a dozen tablets. This immortality is worthy of the land of ancient silver bullets one. Han Liming significant was originally refining dry the blue ice flame and six wing frost Qigongkangxian, chill. The more polished the. Violet Skyfire remaining trace of impurities. Unable to refining Blend gradually disappear. Let chill a lot of the power surge. Only some of the trouble. These immortality refining is not easy. Immortality taking interval of almost three to four months before. Han some frustration. Otherwise. If monthly take one down. Estimated Violet Skyfire as long as a hundred years will be terrible to the extreme. Maybe can practice to the legendary land frozen Trinidad realm. But is this continues. Violet Skyfire also by no means inferior to the magical powers are magic two most top-order. Almost also true restraint over other exercises. As for the the Han reason to catch such a carriage here. Is because Jin Jing as the capital of mortal ground. Once upon a time, with such a large Jin Xiu is no express requirement. The Jin Jing thousands of miles of Mainland Van non-fight and flight ground. Cultivation Dajin official, to show a trace of respect. Dajin. Cultivation and mortals in some extent also the interdependence of land. However, this requirement. Only those low-level Cultivation. Yuan Ying and even self-sustaining the escape method clever Results of Brother Dan. Its turning a deaf ear to the ground. Can be a lot of people places. Responsible for, after all, responsible for the inspection Jin Jing four weeks, are the official employment bulk repair, repair is generally not too high. As long as it does not now, or to Beijing, Zhang Dan escape can fly at low altitude. Han also unimpressed. But plenty of time outside and want to first of this firn soul pill refining the way out. Therefore, in the hundreds of miles away, he would fall to escape light. Casually buy old horse in a small town, the road Huangyou. Along the way, Han down also met some of the low-level Cultivation honestly horseback ride hurry. Han did not want everything, body Mana a like mortals general. The these low Cultivation naturally can not see through anything, who went harassment Han. Han carriage is not fast, and has been back and forth on this Official Road 78 batches of pedestrian caravan, driven past. Han quietly acting on their own, are now feeling the pubic region at a trace of the drug to the body meridians cool feeling slowly dispersed, making one feel calm water suddenly frowned, then Avenue car suddenly sounded waves of a stormy mix hoofs. The Han look has not changed, eyes but opened. Readily pull the hands of the reins, the nag immediately behaved sideways on one side, so the car to get to the side of the Guan Dao's. Han This lazily looked back. I saw behind the Official Road on a Huanglong rolling inside the flags fluttering, as if a mighty force forward here rushing. Han's face revealing a trace of an accident. Huanglong shortly close the side of the Han, a-team Yinkui Ginko, hanging knife blade bow Knight figure looming in the dust clouds gradually clear up Canada Goose Expedition Parka Discount. These sturdy knight everyone Jingzhuang land a brocade robe middle-aged man riding a Ukrainian Malaysia, the waist with a sword behind the ground side flags, writing a pearls of the word "king" Knight middle, there are a few cars with the horse pulling ground jasper car, with the team sprinted. This car flashing weak Emmanuel midst of the rush, but the car pattern silk Akira in general are like nothing. "Instruments?" Han saw the car, head flash of color be surprised. Slightly swept away the soul, the other car but fortunately, there seems to pile up some dead Canada Goose Freestyle Vest, only one car faint the monks of breath exposed, although weak like atmosphere, but ordinary Cultivation actually and Sgt mix is ​​somewhat accident. Li pulled the reins, simply the vehicles parked in the street, so the sergeant. Knight of this team should have about three or four hundred people, but the next pass, but like a fad Hurricane, extremely astonishing. Han eyes flashing a few. Knights of the personal with evil spirits, as if all the skill and bravery of the generation, this is no ordinary porter, Sgt. But rather Jiashi often take part in the bloody battle of frontiers. He fell also heard that Dajin very huge, but the border in the the most southeast side and northwest side and some completely apart, and where the indigenous people often students where human war. Only such a chaotic place, in order to practice the real Jagged Sgt. Han is consider a jasper car after from the edge of the the a eyes flashed from the window gap, just saw the side of the Han, then soon as light the Huh sound in the car sounded. The Han also seems sensitive to what can not help but lift looked bright eyes in a familiar windows side Yilue. The slightly Yizheng in mind, not yet think of who that team knight had gone. Staring at the disappearing queue Han pondered for a moment, shook his head and eventually give up the idea of ​​the soul-depth car fine probe. This is not the Han too lazy to do so, but a few more jade car actually with some simple isolation prohibition. In order to explore various what, you can not avoid being aware of the people in the car. The person in the car is Lianqi repair, Han did not want to because of some low-level monks, while more than anything out Women's Chilliwack. Indifferent Knight stared straight ahead away, Han was again rushing carriage forward. This time, only to go after more than ten years, appeared in front of a number of the same three-way intersection Official Road side of the road there is a large lush woods, a few humble Chapu connection with construction of the edge of the forest, and many car The horses stay in the Teashop outside the master into drinking water in these humble places to eat. After all, there is almost this direction, only to Jin Jing rest and at. Most of the passing of the people will rest for a while. Han eyes swept away at random, to see Ginko Knight also dismount a rest at the edge of the wood. But few more Yu cars also parked there, just one of a half-unbuttoned now empty look inside. Jin Pao middle-aged man who's not in the the Knights the middle. Han frowned 向那 few Chapu subconscious sweep a reminder of traveling, then quietly, we should continue on the road through this intersection. But just then, a Jiashi knights saw Han car, suddenly strode over. One stopped his path. Han could not help but surprised a moment. "The son, but surnamed Han" knights red Han micro salute, said reasonable manner. "Next this surname! Excellency Something wrong?" Han looks a move, said slowly. "Since Han Gongzai really, that villain got the wrong guy. Miss my home there son go Chapu Syria." "Miss your house? Ah ......, Well, my past on a trip." Han look for a move , just think of the car to see the pair of bright eyes, slightly mused, finally nodded his head and said. He then jumped out of the carriage. "Please son, my house she was already under the package over there in that small Chapu son with me to it." The Jiashi Chen Sheng said a wave to Woodside. Suddenly two Jiashi came to help Han who held the carriage. Han, along with this person, to which a Chapu walked. A moment later, the Han, the the Chapu two women and one man in the front. Male nature is the forties Jin Pao middle-aged, long beard small eyes, like an anger from Granville. The remaining two women have a legitimate young and are Xiuxian Lianqi but a seven-story, a like Lianqi five. Hanxiong, a few years but not, I did not expect cited in this encounter., When the grace of the young girl pointing dream content can no teeth memorable. "Men sit tight fixed, the other two women go see Han came in, all got up to greet that micro-bite apricot lip repair to lower the woman said, a trace of joy beautiful face on the faint. "So Cao girl the coincidence also great. Then walked out, but also look Caodao You do not take offense." Han Yi Zheng, also smiling back. This woman actually the man the Xianyu of Cao Mengrong he first arrived a few years ago Dajin met. Hanxiong presumably "Even the events in the body, how can dream Yung blame intended., Let me introduce who is the king of senior sister apprentice, then when Munekado me to pay more attention and love with the sister. bit is senior sister apprentice king's uncle, has been stationed in Jin's southern border, is well-known General column Nanda this was ordered toward Xianjia. "the Cao Mengrong Han introduced from the middle-aged man and another surface young woman seems peach. (Side of things finally busy about the future although they often ran twice, but the total should not be so bother. Resume normal update rule tomorrow. Few days before the update is not normal, I hope you forgive me twelve oh
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