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December 22 [Thu], 2011, 16:36
Cautious to avoid the harmful effects of

I said, the deadline is one hundred years of life, Abercrombie and Fitch Hoodies there are good nursing Jie Du can live longer. This is like the candle with a large core and small core burning as different lengths of time. With a loud whisper, less consumption of too much trouble with the spirit of bad temper and anger will never produce different results. So, to do not because there is no meritorious and Auntie, do not chase fame and fortune drift. Indifferent and inactive, filling the air naturally. He called these "elixirs."

I believe that human life from birth until death, Mens Abercrombie Polos without damage and can Concerned appetite longevity accounted for three-tenths; expensive and short-lived due to An Yifu premature death accounted for three-tenths; longevity because this may inadvertently result in abnormal operation died there three tenths. Why can not all live longer then? Good health of the people, know how to act with caution, be able to avoid harm.

Lao Tzu's philosophy of the future physicians health study regimen has a significant impact. In medicine, people's life and death is the stretch of the technology, the living poly gas, the dead air of the bulk. People's health must be students of science, people must die because of death, life and death Ziranzhili also. The abundance of rich people often assumed I thick, gain their health, chasing sensual, Atsumi, I do not know "Gancui intestinal fat concentration of the drug for the rot, white teeth for the cutting of the Crescent Axe," all died of sensual, Atsumi the next. Good regimen who are not, know that students have common sense, but not thick German Conservative hold their students, know that death is also common sense, do not worry Lotte Department changed its death, life and death does not move its heart, is not enough to harm the material.

Lao Tzu's theory of health has a profound philosophy, and their descendants continue to inherit and carry forward,Abercrombie and Fitch I enriched the theory of health.
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