of all the forces at home to find his

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> This sound is not only larger, but also with one shocking feeling to hear himself could not help but Ma, especially those gunmen could not pull the trigger, everyone all eyes look to the sky, because that the sound is coming from the air. wWw, QuANBEn, Com owner of the voice did not let people wait for how long, and pretty soon the voice of the helicopter came from the sky, to see the helicopter overhead, the military alliance of people face a change, because it actually is the kind of military helicopter gunships! The military actually mix came in? Shih-Hao Chen this kid actor and still standing side? Helicopters hover in mid-air, the doors open, three suits men so benumbed jump down, everyone all dumbfounded, because tens of meters heights as one meter height to jump three people just knee slightly bent, then nothing, like smile face surprise toward Shih-Hao Chen. Helicopter cast trio leave immediately, as it is designed to send the three men. All military alliance fell gasped, martial arts, they naturally clear, even peaked, it is impossible to do so easily jumped from a few tens of meters altitude! This has gone beyond the boundaries of a Warrior! The ordinary military alliance personnel just shocked at this impossible things, Wu Union bigwigs various mere mention, because they know that this incredible thing for the people of another world, just easy thing everything! Is the front of this trio is actually that the people of the world? And military relations or military? They come Shih-Hao Chen doing? Is it because the world will belong to the same special care? No way! The battle of the world more, ah! A few big brothers cranky that three suits Tahan, all the way across the very warm hand, and joy cried: brothers, thought Chen brothers summer vacation back until it did not expect to come back? there is something wrong? little brother can not do things in open security despite opening Do not worry about the ah! the call is different, and when they reach out toward Shih-Hao Chen, three actually still vaguely with the battle, the bucket is who is the first to shake hands and Shih-Hao Chen. The end result is to win that title Shih-Hao Chen master suit guy, Shih-Hao Chen firmly grip hand continued to shake up: actually the Chan masters so that such a wonderful character! really open security peerless glory ah! agrees nodding, a subject to ask the name of Red Cloud predecessors and himself praised, while white sword predecessors stolen the white sword came a few days later owed him a favor characters really jealous even in addition to admire are not produced, because the identity of the other party will let people tried to curry favor, will go to those who envy him not his peers is an idiot! Own ancestors 18 generations can not be his peers, the same home up and down the whole family is not an idiot, then what can be done in addition to curry favor with? Only make every effort to curry favor! Other two suits Tahan immediately introduce themselves: next is the open-Ann Chang family's eldest son, called Zhang Yuming, also a lot of advice. the reason. Shih-Hao Chen palm conjure three light energy beads, wanted to be a gift to send out, just shocked to think of their own the minimum value Xingnao Dan sent out immediately angered the military alliance fell, this should light energy beads who sent out know will not let the three hidden dark world of the family also fell out ah! Well, or a chance to reduce Danwan appear, otherwise they really would think that their own rubbing mud pie to immortality came out as casually rubbing, there, so much Danwan own in the aggregate original Union delivery, etc,coach outlet. White Sword robbery , there's no one to care about themselves, but for John inform them of their own things change, that may not go back and will once again large delivery it! I believe that when they face grateful heart confused when silly B! And reduce Danwan earthly chance of also enhance Danwan value, since this idea of ​​a coming out, Shih-Hao Chen hands of Danwan immediately disappear, he would not again taken for a ride. If the three Han know this going on, the original alliance certainly be in tears yells together. to home, let your hands where plausible ah, life and death! Chen Masters you may rest assured, if you are bullied in their own home, that our hometown family also do not have to look up and see people! Italian steaming swept thousands of people who in the military alliance, the three of them regardless of who is right between this martial Union and Shih-Hao Chen, since curry favor with the great Shih-Hao Chen Dan division, then all of his enemies to be killed die! Three pairs of eye swept away, the military alliance all people, including those of extraordinary strength bigwigs, all feeling a chill run up directly from the spine. Wenzhi you how long it takes? all kill! Zhang Yuming should be the one without looking back: You lied ghost! to stop: Hatred of me and they did not! Just looking for them to help it! Help? Shih-Hao Chen brothers and your masters, you can find help it! Your thing is our thing! Despite opening it! Three murderous family of the young master, immediately on his face, red back around the side of Shih-Hao Chen Pai Xiongkou fight to ensure that curry favor, then the other things is the best curry favor! school day with my sister to leave his hometown, but they did not contact me, so I want to know that their message. ? such a big favor falls on their own eyes? leaned favor absolute can be exchanged for a saver! human favor, say that this is the most valuable thing, you can also depends to a human who, if encounter the idea that you help him is as it should be, he help you you need to pay, then you wait for the Director of the white people! but hidden dark forces of the world, in the learned of the White Sword foreign commitment all crazy Shih-Hao Chen ancestors 18 generations gave collect up natural clear Shih-Hao Chen what kind of person, this person selling his favor but very take advantage of! think of the detailed information collected in the home, said that may not immediately be able to favors sold Shih-Hao Chen, three family children immediately Paixiong Kou said direct use of all the forces at home to find his sister's parents for Shih-Hao Chen! Speaking of which, the trio immediately took out his cell phone, each took a few steps in one direction, call and then immediately began to compete to see who is relatively fast to get more detailed information, this must be the fastest, or once spread out, that is absolutely countless forces competing to sell favors to Shih-Hao Chen Chung Wu Union would have been straight in the armed liters aircraft appears already intended to retire, while seen directly from tens of meters altitude three people jumped out all right after the the peripheral military alliance has begun secretly ran out, wait until these three family of children reported that famous head, and intended to kill the time, is the middle-level officers ran out! Only those who truly know the three status military alliance bigwigs, did not move all look dead gray stay put just the first DPRK the underlying personnel outside run military alliance, the first bruises throw it back, and those middle-level personnel to see this scene, in particular, to see the ticket look arrogant and indifferent black suit has blocked all exports, know road to no hope of escape, some direct U-turn, and some shouted rushed to, of course, was dry easily turned to the ground, while others burst into the surrounding housing into hiding. black suit Hey smile, spread out, one by one,Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Outlet, to clean up these people want to escape unharmed military alliance. estimated the home are three great attention to this matter, so they hang up the phone for a minute or two look sounded at the same time, three mobile phones, given some of the anxiety Shih-Hao Chen immediately luminous eyes,Coach Audrey Handbags, but with some doubts, after all this how long, ah, this result? same aim of the first demonstrations of the children of three family the other one, and then connect the call, heard about the three look look at each other,Coach Backpacks, face suspicion Finally, all eyes are fixed on the face of Shih-Hao Chen. 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