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October 26 [Fri], 2012, 12:38
ows that I am girl's son here, you aren't saying to leak."
Listenned to the words in month of Xuan, expected not and according to heart a pleased, since she says that none of other people knows that he is the female kid's identity, that proves that she didn'tyet be silly with that foolish mutually recognize, is also say, oneself still has an opportunity.He just

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wanted say what, but see the roaring iron dry skeleton of vehemence and ice dry skeleton face come up, two strong vehemences taken out on Human body makes the Lin in his heart however, immediately urged a luck since sacred Dou spirit, the lance applied the ray of light in white swallow chuck taylor allstar converse vomit, he concentrated on the alert.
The month of the Xuan sees Ba not depend on have no again is her name, immediately loosenned tone, quickly way:"Everyone doesn't misunderstand, is oneself's person.Ba not is according to the eldest brother, how did you come?"
A listen to Xuan say for month is his/her own person, ice dry skeleton and iron dry skeleton this just relax down and expected not to obey 2 people to in the center once wear and walked to the Xuan month in front, seeing of his subconscious foolish one eye.
Foolish on listenning to Xuan say for month is his/her own person, see the sacred Dou spirit that Ba don't send forth according to body again, it is a being from of sacred Vatican to immediately associate him, friendly of on smiling, hurtled him to order to nod.
Ba not according to tiny tiny on staring blankly, in front this youth facial appearance is thus mediocre, didn't send forth as well on the body what strong vehemence, , he is really an every month to like of that foolish?No matter how it is see, oneself converse kids shoes also wanted to be much stronger than his, does the Xuan month how can fancy such a person?See foolish appearance, also let his in the mind is calm a lot, he thinks of a father to at the beginning say of words, every month probably just to this foolish curious just, be not truely like him, as long as oneself insists converse 2012 unremittingly, can definitely get the tender heart of every month.Thought of here, don't according to confidence expect to greatly increase, blunt the Xuan month way:"Month, , Xuan day, your coming out from the Vatican doesn't tell me as well a , the eldest brother is much worried!"
Xuan Yue knows to expect not according to didn't give up hope to oneself, at this time foolish by the side chuck taylor allstar converse of the body, she also goes into action not get, again afraid Ba not depend on speak own identity, arouse foolish misunderstanding, have to a way:"I have a little urgent matter, come out from the Vatican first.Eldest brother, you is this making track for me to come?"
Ba doesn't depend on to nod a way:"Yes!The day of the Xuan, your a person comes out, how can I trust?Don't forget, you are a sorcery teacher!If what matter, I will definitely self-reproach lifetime of."
The month of the Xuan gets a brainwave, positive color way:"Eldest brother, now have a count for much matter have to hurry up to make collective report to Pope's adult, dead silent several years of dark evil person appeared again, you see, all of the corpses here are killed by those dark evil persons, you walk faster of the speed is quick, return to notify the Vatican at once, let Pope's adult do converse kids shoes homologous preparation."The original Xuan month intended second gold clan after, again from there of offer sacrifices to the notice the Vatican of palace, expect not to depend on to rush through at this time, is not converse store only is a good candidate who sends letter, but also can also conveniently pay to open him, have him at, oneself more not ability to foolish speak an identity, foolish will definitely misunderstand oneself and Ba the relation for doing not depend on of.As long as paying to open to expect not to depend converse jack purcell shoes on, hereafter he again seek oneself, can have no so easy.
Ba doesn't depend on one person's three words of converse jack purcell shoes hearing dark evils, immediately all over one earthquake, knit the brows a way:"Did the dark evil person appear again?Is they uiyfiroehnj it the amounts that have been very rarely seen?"
The month of the Xuan shook to shake head, way:"Just foot several ten dark evil persons appear at the same time, their real strenght is very strong, we killed so many talented persons to kill they back, eldest brother, the matter should not be late, you hurry up an Islam court.This matter can hold up not to get!"
Ba not according to hesitated for a while, way:"But, I am to come to protect yours, stay how can your a person trust?Want to be not, I protect you first and waited until a city and let again there of offer sacrifices to the notice the Vatican of palace."
Xuan month hasty way:"Eldest brother, you trust like, have here foolish eldest brother and converse 2012 dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiment protect, I can't occupy of, the dark evil person's business is too important, you be still first the Islam court make collective report well."
Ba doesn't depend on to be different from foolish so easily cheat, in his brain on turning, immediately probably understood Xuan to want to pay to open his meaning for month, see one eye flank of