Part One 

March 08 [Thu], 2007, 13:11
Hu Lan lan la~

i'm eatting hahaha
always happy when have something to eat.
Just got home about 30 minite ago.

Had a good time in English Class.
I did a good writing.
in the class today.

and had a great time in art class.
because of my classmate.
they are crazy.
were talking about fucking crazy stuff
and that made my laughed and couldn't stop.

after class i went to El segundo.
brought my surfboard to fix!
and do a new color.
i want to make it in Yellow.
and screen SPINTAR on top.

that would be nice.
it will take about 5 days.
im look forward to seeing my new surfboard.hehe

i took some pics from my class.
and fatty classmate.
she is such a cool person.
really funny.
i like her persionality.

i'm about going out tonight.
my friend invited me to go to the party.
now i'm still thinking about it.
tomorrow i have a class in the morning,
i'm afraid that i might be fucking so tired
in the morning,and that
might make me want to skipped the first class.
i don't want to be nad girl!
i might not gonna go to the party.hehe