but I consumption can not afford to Brian

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 15:01

> Chen Feng attracted the wolves left there, Chen Feng, I thought, this should be enough, their strength is not even a pack of wolves can not solve. Chen Feng see this kind of direct escape back to his room to go, and lifted like a turn of the surgery. Did not take long to see a witch character falling in front of their own eyes. Chen Feng stretch the bones and muscles, mouth complaining loudly, really, like the turn of the surgery, although easy to use, but also for their bodies to the tired, not long become so sub bones rickety. Witch beads, in times to come up with their own refining sacrifice refining it. Using the stars fire to improve its energy only from Chen Feng refining it, it is always constantly absorb the aura to enhance own level, and he himself, she wears Chen Feng think the practice seems relatively usual twice as fast, so time slow. In a fortuitous circumstances, Chen Feng discovered the Fengyun witch beads is not as simple as imagined myself, it can actually absorb the Chen Feng issued by the stars of the fire, if it is able to absorb energy like. There may be an absorption inside the magical elements of magic nuclear own magic nucleus on his next, Chen Feng can feel the sinking witch beads actually it can be a slow absorption. Body sunlight Chen Feng, Chen Feng woke up from the cultivation, said: is the beginning of the day. ? said to Brian, Chen Feng was suddenly remembered that two weeks ago, the school has been a shakedown mission, led by their teacher to Warcraft forest go inside this quest, each class competition to see everyone's strength, and to determine results, the nuclei of Warcraft, no score in twelve nuclei of Warcraft, while the three points, four am, five Five, six hundred points seven of Warcraft is beyond the scope of this quest, if able to kill a seven of Warcraft, there will be 1,000 points to get. Various classes of people to kill Warcraft to score points, the highest score will be the winner,Northface Women's 3 In 1 Jackets, and there will be a prize. Brian then said: a. Within a short while, Chen Feng and Brian returned to the classroom. Classrooms inside to see at this time has been to almost half, Brian listening to Chen Feng, Chen Feng, then said: slightly flu, said: come to a space to sit down. Not long after, John came to the classroom to see Chen Feng also Brian sat there, went to Chen Feng, the next early seat sit down. Against Chen Feng said: you say,UGGs Brookfield Tall Boots, Chen Feng really forget, but for me to go to him, he really forgotten want to classrooms today? sub-ah. John behind came a burst of cries, around. John this is a bit nervous, said: Jieka Xi's back there at this time, words coming out: Chen Feng and other personnel noticed Jie Kaxi behind Scindia on her back, and this time John and Jie Kaxi face some red light appear. Chen Feng looked at them to get the look, some malicious, said: Brian At this time also agreed to is, we well-intentioned miss them good. Jie Kaxi some exasperation: said: . Original Chen Feng talking teacher Wales has come to the door, the door has not been, and hope that they will stop and come in the door announced what came only Jieka Xi Chen Feng these people in been talking, he Chen Feng has been looking at. See Wales looked around has no sound, everyone eyes who Jie Kaxi there Scindia, Jie Kaxi they embarrassed sat down. A moment later, the Prince of Wales on the door and said: , so that we can progress, there is in this quest to have team spirit is wild, a collective effort can not be ignored, there is some of the rules of the game, the first to pay attention to safety, after all, the results did not you important to safety, the second is not allowed to practice fraud, do not get out to buy the magic nuclear charge number, once discovered, we will cancel your qualifications, but also to be your final grade in order to cross the border will be very difficult. again is to teamwork, our teachers will supervise the game inside, you know, life is threatened when the teacher shot, just at this point in time, your Trial so much team spirit is good, we will give you some extra points, good temporarily so good. Only just reached the door, will it comes to the classroom: on the case. At this time, John said: shop lay a solid, but I think I would also like some magic scrolls, after all, on the outside,UGG Sunburst Boots Sale, or better be careful. too much but I consumption can not afford to Brian replied :: Feng Chen How about you? in the wild, do not let us uncomfortable, ah, after all, there are two. John then he remembered almost forgotten Jieka Xi in their next heart think,UGGs Coquette Sale, how I did not ask her, ah, I should ask her son. While Jieka Xi said: who like a tent, the other teachers will help us prepare. On this, Chen Feng, teachers want you tonight to trip him. Well, see you the day after tomorrow. Brian said: To you. Let's go. Used to have to buy their own. Well, I followed him not to know? Back over there to see Chen Feng has left his side, and soon caught up, and said: that you come here to do ah. Hear Brian said Chen Feng and replied: Brian at this time on some regret, the child is not long before this idea was abandoned without a trace. Chen Feng, the two came to the door of a shop, and soon saw a girl at the door said: I ask both of you what? Chen Feng: Trial of students you are going? Chen Feng back: Finally, Chen Feng is still there to buy something on the left. <

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