Data does not always accurately reflect the game

August 17 [Fri], 2012, 15:51
For their grade team, lost two balls are quite low. This is not to belittle the Mario Balotelli, his ability to capture opportunities were amazed, the key is, the top teams of the world should not have to leave your opponent the opportunity at all. Ability to know Mario Balotelli, actually did not close its press, which also reflect in a mature team before, Germany how poor is the team's defensive awareness. Is fear of shootout, wanted to resolve the fighting as soon as possible,cheap nike air zoom lebron vi
still knows relatively poor defense, simply to attack guards? All this only Joachim knows the answer. But one thing is sure, from the bigger picture, Germany guiding ideology of the teams there are deviations. After the hit, the young Germany team also did not show the older generation's iron will.

After a second half substitution, Germany lost the calm, the entire team showed a bit of confusion. Haste makes waste, this gave Italy team opportunities. Will and not just hard work, think of hard work, but mere bravado. Germany issues overall were exposed, however, because she was young, they have plenty of time to improve, amend. 2014 World Cup, they will become an important race Crown force. "Spain is undoubtedly winning the popular, is a make you incredible nike air max lebron viii

Group match and the finals are not the same. We need to do is to let players get back to sleep, as far as possible to recover fully. I believe that the final will definitely is an open, entertaining game. "--Italy coach prandelli.

Data does not always accurately reflect the game. Looking at the data, people would think that Germany beats Italy teams, but the reality is just the opposite. SHO 20:11, 8:4 number of Shots on goal, ball control rate of 56.1%:43.9%, on the several key data, Germany, had a clear advantage. In particular, SHO, almost is Italy team 1 time. However, the Italy team's attacks more efficient, shooting 11 times scored two goals, which is very efficient in the European Cup. Even the Defense data, also failed to reflect the situation in the game, Germany team steals the number to 21 times, than the Italy team have more than 3 times, but tackling the success rate as high as 85.7%, far exceeding the Italy team 66.7%. What about this? Just a mistake, would give opponents enough left to break opportunities. Germany team after losing because of Defense, did not regain, it is the responsibility of the team.
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