a long time ago 'the soul of the house of another name'

December 19 [Wed], 2012, 12:33

Xiao Yan stature slowly falls after the mountain top Women's Canada Goose Palliser Coat, looking at the dish sitting on the boulder was smiling looking at his old drugs, Bao Quan said: 'Fortunately, not Ruming' to hear Xiao Yan remark aside wind His Holiness could not help but heavy sigh of relief, Xiao Yan thumbs up, smiled and said: 'Good.''' okay? 'old drugs asked with a smile.' the fairly near misses. 'Xiao Yan stalls Tanshou rough relics among the things that again.' is the soul temple of'' old drugs nodded slightly, eyes, and has a chill surging Xiao Yan smiled flexor of a bomb, a wooden box out of the now in the hands, then wooden box floating into the sky, floating on the old medicine before automatically open golden overflow shot, exposing its golden fruit like a baby. 'indeed is the soul of the infant fruit but also the best quality Jinpin soul infants fruit. ', to see this golden fruit around is medicine old samadhi' in the eyes of all could not help the emergence of a touch of surprise of color. Xiao Yan smile and nod 'soul infants fruit has two levels named infants and fruit with the Golden Quality the soul infant and fruit silverware soul 'the former little time, the latter pharmacodynamic strongest, Xiao Yan are looking into the soul of the ancient forest infants fruit is precisely after 'With this Golden Quality the soul infant and fruit, presumably the origin of the soul of gas loss should is able to completely make up.' wind Venerable stroking his beard, laughed. 'teacher today we retreat now, to fight as soon as possible gas to make up for the origin of the soul, as is to be able to start refining body ...,'' Xiao Yan Road. medicine old smile, nod too old drugs suddenly talking about this, Xiao Yan Yi Zheng, immediately Moran, lips pinched, the eyes have a touch of deep guilt, Xiao war is his own father, the same blood flowing into the bones' childhood, after who dote on him in every possible way, even in the downturn of his life, the kind of pet is still not faded because any sake, because 'they are father and son. simple word, but a kind of things are not erase the blood contact. calculate the time 'father falling into the soul of the house of the hands of time, in fact, longer than the old drugs UGG Kids Boots, when he was captured, Xiao Yan still just a holding belly full of resentment Chuang on cloud-lan were immature juvenile Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan 'childhood Send in a great high expectations have always firmly believed that' Xiao Yan will change xiaojia make was this more the decline of the family, the real becomes stronger. has become famous Zhongzhou class strong, bucket respect level of strength, if on that Gama Empire, enough to become legendary existence, from a certain point of view, 'he seems to have reached the original war Hsiao expect of him, but Unfortunately, 'but he did not see the own son of the dragon flying moment.' I rescued a father, this is my brother brother of the Order of the Well, can not be saved back to the father, 'I am ashamed to see them,' Xiao Yan whispered, The trace of a point hoarse voice the soul temple mountain 'from he still immature, is always pressure on his shoulders, but fortunately, he has not been overwhelmed by rapid growth, but such pressure until the point where today. 'teacher will help you even if the cost to try any.', the old medicine gently patted Xiao Yan's shoulders, smiled and said: 'If your father to know that little boy has be able to work independently of the strong, will be very happy.'' Xiao Yan smiled, blinked his eyes, immediately asked: 'teacher ever know the father is the soul of the house of detention will be a slight feeling of some acid Italy Renxia The Plains where? 'did not in the Central Plains anywhere. Canada Goose Banff Outlet, 'Drug-old shook his head' Road. Wen Yan, Xiao Yan Yi Zheng, frowning: , medicine old is also the brow microfold Road: 'the ancient tribe have Proterozoic, the soul of the house of the strength and heritage, not less ancient tribe road. 'Realm of the soul'' old drugs gently nodded' whispered: 'But those who know the spirit world exists strong Looking Plains, only a handful As for the soul of the entrance of the house, even if I also unknowingly ...... '' My father was imprisoned in the realm of the soul? , 'Xiao Yan Chen Sheng said. 'Ah. The'' Xiao Yan sleeve fists slightly clenched, fingers gently grinding fondle sodium ring, a glowing the ancient atmosphere jade, quietly surfaced in the hands of Tuo Scotia ancient emperor jade, the objective of the soul of the house, but this thing so many years' he Quesihaowei can feel things, in addition to practicing the year in the bottom depths of Canaan College, jade has little transaction, for so many years, that is, and then does not appear the second times. 'The soul of the house of the forces' vast and mysterious, after my multi-check it out, it is said, a long time ago 'the soul of the house of another name', old drugs eyes squint slightly 'whispered:' soul family. , 'Soul family?,' Xiao Yan shook jade palm slightly flick 'said:' Is it inherited from the ancient, ancient tribe?'' 'I will be less informed of ...... but Maybe your girlfriend will know some of the message. ', medicine the old shook his head, sighed, more to deal with the soul of the temple' is more and more aware of the mysterious and strange forces this deep-rooted in the continent. 'children smoked it ... The ... 'I can tell you is that so many, but your last soul temple, what will the teacher always stand behind you try any of this, even' fight on. '' Old drugs smile 'patted buried inflammation shoulders, holding a wooden box, his hands lost behind to go slowly in front of the foot of the mountain line. Looking at the back of the old drug with wind Venerable, Xiao Yan is also smiled, deep breath and looked up at the sky 'faces' surface touch perseverance. 'Father, no matter how strong the soul temple, and I will be your rescue, waiting for me'' after the soul of the infant and fruit to the old drugs, old drugs is to choose the fastest retreat make up again, then just to be able to truly restore the peak strength, and in the future, maybe there warmest bucket Do not enter the holy order of potential and hope. And in old drugs retreat, Xiao go far people first good rest for a few days time, people 'Mu Qingluan, etc. in the past few days frantically rush back to the stars fell Court hear the task is completed, are also heavy sigh of relief. few days rest after state recovery pinnacle, Xiao Yan began a headache, and this time, his headache, body of toxic Harengula Royal python eclipse heart drug, is the Zhongzhou very famous highly toxic, this poison has been passed down drug-free solvable, but Xiao Yan also said that the time is not unsolvable of poison, just never find nothing, In order to this, he obsessed with the old drugs left numerous Pharmacopoeia 'even also small medical cents then get colorful poison by borrowed study a lot, but although the stars fell this highly toxic and made a headache, but the good news is that hard work does, in the gloomy and dark looking for four or five days, Xiao Yan finally worked out the some detoxification of law. Court the mountain, a secluded quiet cool cave, the cave at the center, has rehabilitate the small pond from a rocky pool at the moment, clear water is Gululu braved blisters' looks like boiling water. Xiao Yan from time to time from the sodium ring next to the pool, remove some of the powder, liquid-like things, and then thrown into the pond, and he had just received in that pond of clear water into the pink 'hand, palm doubled 'a small alabaster jar is flashed out Yuping' reveals a rich like like real pure energy. The 'Ukrainian'' to see this small Yuping, the white small mammals in Xiao Yanhuai suddenly woo Ming uttered the small beast look abnormal malaise' hair are bleak some distressed people see. 'Be assured that the future will make it up to you. 'Xiao Yan smile soon removed' from the sodium ring the several the immortality home into Dan beast in the mouth, the latter this slightly perk. Upon seeing this, Xiao Yan sigh of relief, in order to let this guy contributed a little blood out 'he is really racked their pains. 'Sizzle! '' Yuping tilt, the silver liquid suddenly sailed dripping down, last fall within the pond, a sudden outbreak of a harsh sound Zizi, along with these liquid drip, suddenly filled with a stream of the pond ' extremely pure energy fluctuations. 'Harengula, faded clothes into the pool, if you are able to these energy absorption, should be able to complete your level of stability in the bucket respect level. Xiao Yan received good Yuping, the migraine front the aside Harengula laughed. Heard this, Harengula first hesitated, immediately cheek surface touch of crimson. 'I understand'' Qiaode her appearance, Xiao Yan smiled and turned away, said:' because at any time to add all kinds of powder, so fear is not left. Xiao Yan,'' Well ... That turned his head, eyes look to the pool, saw was only Harengula to exposed a head in the water, the hair is water vapor wet, get involved in the cheek, but the tales of a moving small charming. 'into practicing state absorption of drugs in the water.'' Xiao Yan softly. hear Xiao Yan soft voice, the Harengula hearts shy and nervous just gradually weakened Some, stabilize the mind, eyes Weibi slowly into practicing state. smooth entry into practice state seen Harengula, Xiao Yan is also smiled, Gang Yu got up, the eyes suddenly Dayton Harengula that out of the water and smooth on the back, the water mist leapt behind faint surfaced a mysterious tattoo, tattoo 'looked thin, it seems like a coiled python' but this python seems to have nine snakeheads ... when the in Xiao Yan stunned stared mysterious tattoo, nine closed head snake head snake into pupil suddenly at the moment, suddenly opened suddenly 'one fierce vicious anger, without warning since Xiao Yan heart storm Chung out, so his eyes are instantly blood-red up 'call ...,'' cruelty surfaced instant' Xiao Yan is some warning the stature hurried Putui, eyes are quickly transferred from that tattoo on the opening to shift attention and to open the eyes of Xiao Yan gradually returned to normal, gently swallowed, my heart is full of the horror 'Harengula body' how would there be so aggressive thing? 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