From Germany☆ 

2006年04月11日(火) 7時47分
I received presents from my Germany penpal who is Sara。

She is a really nice girl and caring person!

We have known her for 6 months or so.

I`ll return some gifts for her

Waite for it ,Sara

I have two days off from today! 

2006年03月23日(木) 7時21分

I`ve been busy with work as usual but I have days off from today!

I`m so happy!

I`m thinking what should I do????

One thing I have to do is to make my messy room clean!!
So I just work up early to do it

And after that,I will go to go shopping for my friend who will get married on this AprilI`ve known her since we were about 10 years old.She lives in my home town.I have a work so I cant go her wedding so I decided to send her a happy wedding card and some gifts for her

So I go to Shibuya to pick out them

Ummm what should I give to her??mmmmmm.....

I always like picking out present for someone but it takes me so long tiome

And another thing I will do today is a job interview for part time job.
Yeah,I have a main job which is a nurse but I really need and save money for my future

I have dreams which is to have own family and live with them happily.
And also to live in the sates with them

My boyfriend thinks so too

And we will go there because of his work in our future
I`m really looking forward to the day we live there

Whoa! I have to do up my room from now!!!!


Let‘s study English together! 

2005年11月16日(水) 11時22分
・ Don‘t forget that I‘m always thinking of you.

・ Can you just stay for a while until I fall asleep?

・ Whenever you may go,my heart belongs to you.

・ The more I see you,the more I want you.

・ Happiness is being with you.

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