2005”N02ŒŽ25“ú(‹à) 7Žž37•ª

Northern Delicacy 

2005”N02ŒŽ24“ú(–Ø) 12Žž15•ª
Lunch at Northern Delicacy located in Richmond. It has fancy design, the food was OK, not too bad. But it was expensive, a few snacks and a main course, it costs the 4 of us almost 300HKD. However, it definitely deserves a second try

The Million Dollar Baby 

2005”N02ŒŽ23“ú(…) 15Žž30•ª
Watched this movie on Saturday nite. Really did not expect the ending would turned out like this. It was quite sad , even holding my tears. It has some violent and gross scenes,but at the same time it was emotional. A must see.


2005”N02ŒŽ23“ú(…) 13Žž18•ª
Feb21/2005 Saturday, [Restoration Hardware] at Robson.
DàˆÓ”‡ŽíŠ¼F“I—ãB Šó–]›’˜Ò“I‰Æ”\—i—L”‡žé“Ibathroom, —p˜Òminimize stress AÅŠâB


2005”N02ŒŽ23“ú(…) 10Žž53•ª
Feb 21 / 05 @ Stanley Park.

I really love the climate in Vancouver, not too cold, not too hot. It's so beautiful today, the bigblue sky. This is the picture which ,I like the most. D‘œ"‰ä“I遘ü"Believe me I can fly , Im singing in the sky

Surprised ! 

2005”N02ŒŽ23“ú(…) 10Žž18•ª
D_Šï﹐ èí‘R˜ê‰ä”ƒ“ž[ŒðŠ·“ú‹L8﹐] I‰——LꎎN—¹B The other one is [‰äˆ¤úåÌ] ﹐uD–ì“sDŽ—Šô“¾ˆÓ u‰ºìŽÒŒW“ú–{“IŠŒ©Š•· ˆÈŠŽ••–Ê“sœk‹zˆó™ÞB DëDáǏA’‡–¢’m Šó–]Š®¬”VŒã”\›•ÔŠô‹åŠ´‘zšhB

Vacation time 

2005”N02ŒŽ17“ú(–Ø) 11Žž46•ª
Yeah! Im so happy! Finally done with the midterms. My holidays will start from Friday till March 1st, that's yummy !!
Havent been feeling well these 2 days, got diarrhea. No idea what causes that, it may the outside food Ive been eating lately, or the soup ??
Will try to enjoy my reading week, cause after that, it will be like living in hell.

Is it just me ? 

2005”N02ŒŽ11“ú(‹à) 2Žž50•ª
Is it just me? Or people are really like that nowadays?
—LŽž^ŒWëŠ¸‘ŠM¢ŠE˜ð‘¶Ý’˜”‡ŽílB ”‡ˆêŽíl àˆÓŒWl–Ê‘OŠë—Ž nei; “™lá¶Ž©‘¸B —LŽžrŽŠ˜ðŒûŸ“ŽÕ—–; uà˜bHURT you;B èí‘Ruo˜Ò“Ià˜b“™‰—ŠQ•Êl; ˆ×‰½—vuB–ˆŒÂl“s—L bottom line, ŠˆÈu–ìëD‹Ž“žŠÃᶁB”@‰Ê”‡ŒÂlœäˆ×˜ô–„ŽND¬“®ìŒW˜ð—ߎ©ŒÈŠJSD, well, just let it be. ‰äM‰¶‰ÊzŠÂ ”‡ˆê‹åà˜bB ‰äë˜ð¸”v , –’ë‘zŒW•ü—F–Ê‘OuŠ"”‡ŒÂl"B ”\˜ô“I‘ü—L‰“—£"”‡ŒÂl"B ‰äëàˆÓŒWl–Ê‘O˜ôE , ëàˆÓAëàˆÓB “sŠÃ‘½”NAit had reached my bottom line, enough is enough
ˆ½ŽÒŠ—LŽ–“sŒWŽ©ŒÈŠù–â‘è@AácŽ©ŒÈŸ“”\—͐ڎó•Êl“I慎h˜bB ŒWˆê’i萌W—¡‰ä–¾”’“ž •ªŽè“Ië‘üŒWî—µ •ü—F–’“s˜ð•ªŽèB


2005”N02ŒŽ10“ú(–Ø) 7Žž53•ª

‹†èí—v“™“žŠôŽž!! D‘z‰õD—i—L“…PUCHI Sample , ’‡—LƒN[ƒN‚³‚ñKitchen !


2005”N02ŒŽ10“ú(–Ø) 6Žž41•ª
It's Chinese New Year today. May the year of rooster brings you health, success and joy.
Today it's just a typical day for me. Special occasions are getting boring, I cant no longer feel the excitement. Maybe it's because Im getting older ? I wonder..
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