one's eyes tested and wear glasses the optical lens

December 06 [Tue], 2011, 13:02

therefore generally surgery 3 months later matches the mirror to be suitable; If the patient moves about with difficulty, matches the mirror urgently needed, must wait till the technique latter 6 weeks, if patient situation +8. 00DS+6.00DS changes +11.00D. Does not have the crystal eye to match the mirror principle 4. aphakia eye to regard the eyeglasses which near uses, should, in regards in the refraction correction foundation which uses far to add +3. . 0D~4-4.00D. chloe sunglasses australia If for the seeing clearly middle distance's goal, will regard the eyeglasses which uses far to forward slightly The migration then sees clearly. Because if the flesh wound simple eye does not have the crystal,

if has one's eyes tested and wear glasses the optical lens eyeglasses, will then produce seriously two likely different, the diplopia will be obvious, should have one's eyes tested and wear glasses the water affinity cornea contact mirror. The aphakia eye wears with the highly raised ball mirror, the object distorts, armani sunglasses australia the spatial error disturbs present Likely serious, will regard the thing also to appear the thioindigo red, when the patient will be unable the adaptation, best has one's eyes tested and wear glasses the cornea contact mirror. Does not have the crystal eye to match the mirror principle 5. pair to perform cataract surgery to implant the artificial crystalline lens,

if the existence ametropia, gives the correction according to the screen test result. For regarding Nearly uses, again adds +3.00~4-4.00DS in the screen test result's foundation. If the patient must see clearly the intermediate range object, cheap sunglasses online should add +1.00DS in the screen test result foundation, may match birefringence or three light eyeglasses. The ametropia matches mirror's several principle eyeglasses is the safeguard The people health's important medical thing, is maintains the good visual function, is engaged in the work study the important condition.

The ametropia creates the primary cause which the vision drops. The disease incidence rate occupies the normal person 20-40%, needs to have one's eyes tested and wear glasses rectifies the eyeglasses, maintains good Visual function. cheap sunglasses Therefore matches the eyeglasses to protect the people health, promotes the Four Modernizations to construct has the very close relationship. At present our country financial circumstance changes for the better, the living standards rise unceasingly, to matches the eyeglasses request to enhance unceasingly. How to compound appropriate eyeglasses.
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