oh a word 

2006年07月20日(木) 11時08分
androgynous: A) having the characteristics or nature of both male and female. neither specifically feminine nor masculine. B) suitable to or for either sex. C) having traditional male and female roles obscured or reversed.

an adjective that describe me very well......


2006年07月09日(日) 18時40分

happy 21st jaimy! Today i went to claim jumper to celebrate Jaimy's bday. It was fun...but sally invited too many of her friends and jaimy got kind of pissed off. Then after lunch, sally went of with her friends to Lake paris and I went with jaimy to watch POTC. I think its okay...not as funny compared to the first but johnny dep is funny and he should deserve more viewers ^^ haha.

surprise when i went on myspace. Robert Carrol...oh boy. i talked to him a few times messaging back and forth. He seem like a bitch on myspace. lol. but he remembers me ^^ he remembered the magic trick he did to cheer me up that day. But he just forgot my name. He said "how could i forget someone with such a voice like urs...=]" i take that as a compliment...shadup. lol. He asked me about life. blah blah. and then i said..."i dont' bother adding you because i think it's weird..." oyee and the next thing! he request for an add! He's very friendly. He said i should go visit him at borders. Just stop by and say hi. Yesh...i think seriously he fit the image of Ren...in NANA. THat guy that play Ren scares me >< eeek!

My little potato niece thinks he's cute. And she thinks boys are icky! haha...!

Robert Carrol is soooooooo freakin hot >


2006年07月05日(水) 10時19分
Happy 4th everyone!!! Have fun and stay safe!!!

no where to go.... 

2006年06月18日(日) 18時33分
seeing how things are like at home, i think it would be for the best if i move to seattle.

It seems like everytime he recovers from surgery, he change a little bit. Not for the better though. I always thought my sis-inlaw's dad was a horrible man. But i think i think my own father is the same. horrible thoughts but true. I don't think the gap will ever be fill up again.

Today i spend the day with pat. just a friend of a friend of a friend. =0 Okieeeeeeee. Big fight this mornig. My mom dad throwing htings. I left the house and went to my bro's place. Bobby went to San Diego so i got the key to his house all tomyself. Oish until Quyen made me come to his house. pat was there and we went iceskating. It wasn't fun. dind't stay very long. I keep falling and tripping. I have 2 left feet. I think i'll stay at my bro's house for the weekend. I'm not anticipating to go home. I don't want to go home. But i think my bro needs to drive me home so i can pick up my car, cell, clothes and some underlings. >< it is so hot and i'm wearing old clothes. T_T


2006年06月08日(木) 12時07分
Tonight i will attempt to fall asleep.
This morning i went to the hospital with my sister in law to visit my my dad. We had a fun time talking to him. My dad is so childish! haha. he told me that this little teacup chihuhau attacked this poor boy ==" haha...but it was cute how he was telling it. because he did all these funny expressions. ^^ We left about 4ish. My sister-in-law looked at me and said "you look like an old hag ==" sigh...my insomnia is giving me big dark undereye circles. I really look old and haggy! So tonight i will attempt to fall asleep. Maybe i'll take sleeping pills. I just really really need to sleep =_=". Then we went to cerritos mall for awhile. My sis bought me skirts and tank tops because she says girl should wear girl's clothing. Don't dress too much like a boy all the time >< great. SHe's expecting me wear that skirt she got me. uggg...but anyway. It was an okay day. Though i made plans with my other friends to go hang out. They all have something better to do. But it was cool cuz i had to go visit my dad anyway. PEACE!

I am going to try to be happy. Be genki so when something happen, i'll be so good at being happy that i'll be well prepared. so no crying


2006年06月08日(木) 2時07分
I haven't been a happy camper. I know for a fact that if my dad get this surgery, there is a 50 percent chance something bad might happen. The doctor said that it is best for him to avoid surgery, but if the pain is too much...there is no other way but to get it done. I'm scared because i dont' want to loose my dad. I'm really scared. I been running around trying to be happy happy goody goody with everyone. trying to forget, trying to paralyse myself so i wouldn't have to think about it. I'm sorry that i yelled at you daddy;. i'm sorry that i haven't been a good daughter. To all the friends that i have been bothering, I'm sorry too T_T I don't think i could be able to sleep until my dad is home from the hospital. Because when i close my eyes i keep imagining horrible things. Sally is right, i should have never talked back and argued with him so much. Thank you henry, though you don't read this site but i just want to thank you for keeping me company. Even though you are oblivious to what's going on in my life.

Poem out of boredom 

2006年06月07日(水) 6時49分

The honest truth is something she always thought of telling
But when the words are brought to the surface
She runs away in fear
Darkness suddenly rolls across the sky
And extinguish every flame of daylights
She huddles on the side
As dishonesty eats away her inside
Then darkness icy fingers stalk the world
She is caught in his cold death’s grasp
The truth she hid become so visible
It shattered every wall
Suddenly, everything she had ever denied
And what had been despised
And so she wept silently
The shrill that once blanket her inside
Has numb all senses of life
The air squeeze out of her lungs
Freezing black her eyes
A single breathe of air escape
Her mouth forms a happy line
As the body succumbs to lasting peace
She is set free from her lies
Then the sun appear visible
Great Apollo races above
Shining an unearthly light
Her body glows but darkening her heart
Appearing are 2 red ruby jewels
Slowing fading
The eyes of the devil

WHAT a long day! so tired! I been driving back and forth from the hospital. My dad's insurance issue was finally cleared so he's staying at the hospital again. Surgery...not sure when but maybe in a week. He's on IV and Pain Med for now. I was so sad because yesterday i had an arguement with him, and this morning when i woke up he left for the hospital. So i'm glad he's not angry anymore ^^; whew! And when dad comes home next week, i'll be able to get my puppy ^^. mom is against it though T_T.


2006年06月04日(日) 12時00分

it is so blazing hot >< I dislike summer!! arrrrrr By golly, my room is like an oven ==" i can't breathe!!!

WOW....i've talked to an old friend from waaaay back and she is completely not how i would have expected her to be. She is soooo talkative and so full of herself. hahha...but yeah...she's a cool person ^^ or at least from what i could tell out of those 15 minutes of chating.

OKAY...! dad said i can have a puppy now. He wanted to get that little halvanese puppy at West mall. It is sooo cute!! but mom was against it. BAD LUCK she warn us. But dad said he'll give me money and i can save up for it. ==" it'll take forever that way!! so then he told me that his friend are giving out little minature doby pups. He promise that i can have one!! so he'll call his friend tomorrow and if all goes well i'll have a new pup ^^

It was futile going to the mall with my brother. I didn't buy ANYTHING!! even though i could have i decided not to. I like A&F but i don't want to wear stuff that everyone else is wearing. haha...so it was futile for me. I found that bag i wanted. The same kind that Aya carried in AP. It is sooo nice! but 500 dollars is a turn off. Seriously...>< all the clothes that i picked up after we left A&F i can't afford. But i really want that bag. And the bag was on sale at Barneys. REALLY ?! >< that's a sale for rich people. HAHA...

Right now, i'm all dressed up again waiting for my parents because we're going to go eat out. it is too humid inside the house to cook. sigh...

Happy 21 

2006年06月01日(木) 12時46分
Sally's 21 birthday!! We went to the cheesecake factory to celebrate. It was a lot of fun. I was the youngest out of 30 people. I made a lot of new friends and i met a potential boyfriend...hahaha....well, i guess. Anyway, pictures! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Loi, Jaimy, ME
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
a drunk Sally
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Happy birthday!!


2006年05月25日(木) 16時28分
The weather is so hot today! I sweat so much that my face started to itch. At first, it was only a little bit. Afterward, it started to itch so badly that i just had to scratch. A small scratch here, a big scratch there. Then everything went out of control and i just couldn't stop scratching my face!! Now i'm red and blotchy looking like a big round pizza ==" OUCH!!

I hate eczema flare ups >< blah...i hate you weather!!
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