blog skin changed ―盆踊りtheme 

2006年08月20日(日) 17時43分
I changed my blog skin.
This skin illustrates one of the Japanese summer festivals, 盆踊り [bon-odori].

盆踊り is a very popular summer festival and held in almost all local communities in Japan.
We wear ゆかた [yukata], cotton kimono specially for summer, and dance to Japanese traditional music.
盆 [bon] in 盆踊り means a special period of year, which is mid of August, when we greet to our dead ancestors.
We go to our family graveyard and pray for them (お墓参り [ohaka-mairi] ).

Usually, there are many vendors which sell different kinds of stuff at 盆踊りvenue, food, drinks, toys etc..
I enjoy those vendors much more than dance itself! (maybe so do almost all Japanese www)

Chinese Park? 

2006年08月16日(水) 18時56分
I'm just back from the English park, と-2「英語」.
I was so surprised to see so many ppl out there!!!(@−@)!!!
More surprised to find out all were TW except me and another Japanese.
Maybe there were full capacity of ppl of the parks (=12ppl).
Chinese flying over the heads and I hardly understood what was going on.

I see so many Chinese speaking ppl in this game, Livly.
Most of all are from TW and HK.
Even though so many Chinese speaking ppl play this game,
there are no park for them nor even so-net (service provider) officially gives any comment about them, WHY?

It's because foreign ppl are not allowed to play this game officially (don't be offended to read this, read ahead please w)
The agreement of this game has the statement; "the user has to have his residential address in Japan", which almost all foreign users don't meet.
Maybe this article is for the case when things come to the court.
I don't think So-net really cares if there are foreign players unless there are some serious problem caused by it.

That's why so-net cannot provide any convenient service nor any favor for so many Chinese speaking patrons.
But the idea of this English park was great compromise.
It may be possible that someday so-net will provide the Chinese park (i.e. わ-2「中国語」!!! w),
for there are more and more Japanese ppl learning Chinese for last decade! XD

It's impossible! Σ( ̄□ ̄;) 

2006年08月11日(金) 1時38分
I don't know why, but I cannot submit the message on my own blog!
That is very ridiculous!!!ヽ(`Д´)ノ

The messege form shows an error messsage;

> *管理者よりコメントが制限されています。

Who is 管理者? Usually..... it's me? But I've never used any access restriction ever!
(and what kind of stupid person prohibits herself from leaving messages on her own blog????)
Or, does 管理者 mean the service provider (yaplog)?
Anyway, this has never happened before, so I hope it is some system error of the server and I reported to Yaplog.
I hope the problem will go away so soon or yaplog will respond to my e-mail and deal with the problem promptly.

reply to the comment (coz, you know why I write it here www)
To her comment on "got new hair cut, but...???"

hello Vanessa!
Thank you very much for your message (*’∀’*)♪
I'm very happy to find it ☆"
Whoa, sore throat? Any medical problem?
It's been a bit cooler here. (Yes I am in Canada now)
Now, it's almost 6am in the morning and the temp is 16C!
Nice to be outside these days(*’∀’*)
It seems that this cooler weather will last for a while.
I hope I will restore my energy while it's cool and nice!
I hope your sore throat won't bother you too much;;
please take care!

got new hair cut, but...??? 

2006年08月09日(水) 10時49分
I cut my hair today. Not so shorter, but much lighter.
I guess I like it (≧▽≦)

Now I'm wondering if I should die. no, dye www
This morning, I saw an ad of a hair color product and decided to buy one.
I fell in love with "starry night" blueish black color.

So I first cut my hair and wash it.
Dried it. Then.....Whoa.
I loved that natural look www
My new hair looks like "natural hair style example", that kind of thing.
Now that it is very doubtful if this natural look hair style fits the "starry night" hair dye which looks somehow punky ;D

Natural punky beauty?
It may be possible.
I have plenty of time to ponder, as my husband says.

my name is poopoo!!! 

2006年08月04日(金) 10時32分
hello my name is poopoo!
pina has adapted me several days ago!
I'm still a baby. ( ̄∇ ̄*)
Don't ask me the meanings of my name wwwwwww
pina just like the SOUND of the name w

Now I learned 3 words!:


hmm... I seem to have learned only Japanese words. ?????(?-?)

I will be happy to be your friends(*’∀’*),
especially if you write your blog in English so that all ppl who visit here can enjoy your blog as well♪

So long...... au revoir~~~( ̄∇ ̄*)

invitation to English park 

2006年08月03日(木) 20時02分
hello all wwww
I don't think many ppl check this blog though wwwww

I found a nice meeting place in livly,
it's called と-2「英語」, one of the theme parks in ブロックパーク.
I see many ppl from HK and TW there, also I met a Thai too! (she's the first Thai I've met in livly).
I find most Japanese ppl there very friendly (there are some nuisances too w, just don't care about them www), which makes me happy too.

I don't find many ppl talking there though.
Maybe my log-in time doesn't match others's.
I hope many ppl find it interesting and hopefully I can meet you there!

hard time 

2006年07月23日(日) 6時48分
It's been very difficult last one week or so.
I feel as if our lives are nearly on the edge.
Hope everything works for each of us
and these "changes from out of nowhere" lead us to better way as the astrology says!:

Daily Overview for LEO
for July 16, 2006

Organization will help save you time and money. Devote part of your day to it.

What the dickens is going on? Why are all these changes coming from out of nowhere? Take it as a sign from the cosmos about some old, stuck areas in your life. Don't fight this. Move on -- it's healthy.

do you like astrology? 

2006年07月17日(月) 5時35分
My favorite astrology site: Yahoo! Astrology
(you may have to login to your account)
Compared to others, no difficult vocabulary and much easier to understand (*’∀’*)

My astrology today:

Daily Extended Forecast for LEO
July 16, 2006
Getting things in order is vital today, so polish your alphabetizing skills! The disarray of your home environment has been subtly increasing your stress level -- the guilt of the dust and cobwebs might finally be getting to you. Get your surroundings in order, and you'll experience a huge sense of relief and accomplishment. An hour spent organizing will save you many more hours in the long run. This revamping will take far less time than you think.

.... that's why I am cleaning my house today www

why wouldn't it be updated??? 

2006年07月14日(金) 4時20分
I don't know why, but blogpeople's new post's notice doesn't work for this blog. (?-?)
Oh, why is that??? (TДT)

**usually blogpeople tag on my index page tells when new articles are posted with the sign "NEW!"

ugh, bad weather 

2006年07月13日(木) 19時03分
It was a so depressing day yesterday,
rain rain rain.....
I hoped today was clear, but UGH!!! turned out to be such a foggy morning.
I am not living in England!!!
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