2008年02月22日(金) 6時54分
Pale purple is not as nice as the deeper tones, but purple in all sorts of applications and shades is lovely. Since it is possible to wear too much purple, practicing moderation is probably best.

purple gemstones, especially in earrings or other jewelry are very beautiful
purple bedding is very calming
purple accents in a pattern that is either very bright or very dark are lovely
the purple strap of a archery glove is very elegant, and a purple strap on a light colored glove is one of the most elegant attributes of an archer's uniform
any purple ranging from medium to dark looks absolutely lovely on white or gray
light purple is best matched with black
in the winter purple mittens, scarves, and hats are very beautiful, especially when it is snowing
purple is best as a main accent color, or as a base color on which several other colors are accent, deep purples should be accompanied by colors other than just purple


2008年02月20日(水) 17時22分
Alexander McQueen makes a very good point in this video when he mentions that "we're not robots, we have limbs" regarding the way models are normally required to walk the runway. The body that fashion is displayed upon on the catwalk is often a stiff, emotionless, somehow inhuman one. McQueen does very interesting things with fashion, he doesn't try to pretend that fashion is more serious than it is, it is a performance, but he appreciates that it can also be used to try to communicate something beyond itself.


2008年02月18日(月) 16時40分
There is a certain fragrance that seems to accompany spring. I can't describe it well, especially since it hasn't been spring a while and isn't quite spring yet, but there is a certain scent that I associate with spring. It's an earthy smell... I think that the spring rainfall and the newly exposed ground (recently freed from the snow) give off this particular aroma...


2008年02月18日(月) 6時24分
If I could construct a brand-new style for myself the main additions would consist of....

Mary Magdalene outerwear
Vivienne Westwood accessories
a couple fabulous pairs of boots (and some other nice quality shoes, which I mostly lack at the moment)
some tips and tricks studied from my fashionable acquaintances whose style I admire plus a refresher course in combining clothes and styles via street fashionistas like those in Japan (one reason being that they seem to be particularly extensively photographed)

Although I am interested in fashion as it is constructed by designer labels and fashion magazines (not that I pay much active attention any more), creating my own style by combining elements of 'fashion' with just plain old 'clothes' is my goal. It also much more feasible, given how expensive 'fashion' is... But also more fun, I think.


2008年02月17日(日) 13時17分
I have only a tiny amount of cosplay experience, I don't even cosplay at all anymore, but still, I have seen enough cosplayers that I think I have some room to offer an opinion.
One major problem with cosplaying is that the characters one seeks to cosplay are not real. This is, of course, the point, but the issue is that the characters are not actual humans and therefore it might be difficult for a person to manage to look like the character he or she hopes to resemble. The human forms in video games and anime are not always possible to achieve for the cosplayer.

I think that if a costume is done well, even if the costumer is not the same weight, height, age, or (insert variable here) I think it is very possible for the fan to serve the character justice. What I think is most important for this to happen is for the cosplayer to pay attention to what will flatter his or her body. In some cases this doesn't matter (if one were going as a monster of some kind, for example), but for the myriad of humanoid characters it's important to not only replicate the apparel but also to ensure that the costume fits and compliments the body of the wearer. Although the ideal is to be as much the same as the character as possible, in reality the fictional and actual bodies are often not equals. I think that it is worth surrendering a bit of the accuracy of the costume for the sake of creating an better overall effect.

And I hold, unlike some, that Americans can cosplay, too.


2008年02月16日(土) 19時05分
There are many things in nature that are quite breath-taking and beautiful but might easily go unappreciated. At some point people seem to stop noticing the beauties of nature because they have become accustomed to them. I try to remind myself to take notice of the beauty, and each time I do take notice, I feel a great sense of awe.

light streaming through the leaves of a tree on a sunny day
dew clinging to grass or other plants
movement of clouds
a leaf or petal as it floats down from a tree
sunlight coming out from behind a cloud
the feel of rain
how snow clings to somethings but melts on contact with others
a sprouting plant
any small animal as it scurries about
the feel of a warm breeze
the colors
the sound of a thunderstorm, the dramatic change when a summer thunderstorm opens to a sunny afternoon
the beauty of the moon and stars
the majesty of mountains
the sounds


2008年02月15日(金) 15時20分
Rant 1:
Leggings are not pants. They should not be worn as such. I don't care if a magazine says they can be, they shouldn't be. Put on some pants or wear a longer shirt/ dress/ skirt.

Rant 2:
Ugg boots are very ugly. I could make a silly statement about the 'Ugg' name and what 2 letters might best come after it, but I won't since that's pretty low. Uggs might be very cozy, but they are not necessarily appropriate winter-wear, since if they aren't weather protected, because they are fabric, they will be effected by water. Uggs with water stains on them are especially unattractive. Uggs with sweatpants? They're both very comfortable and casual, I can see the connection. Uggs and anything nice? No.

Rant 3:
Is North Face really the only brand to buy a coat from, really? I seriously doubt it and I don't understand why so many people own North Face jackets on campus.


2008年02月15日(金) 7時34分
There was a girl in my high school Calculus class who always wore jeans and T-shirts (with or without a windbreaker jacket) to class. I would say she was athletic, she certainly dressed that way, but I think the only sport she did was golf...

I saw her at Prom that year. My memory is a bit hazy, but I think she wore a strapless gown in blue or green with a full princess-style skirt and her hair in an up-do. I remember being surprised by seeing her in such a girly outfit, but also thinking that she looked very nice. Now, however, when I try to remember if she was wearing makeup, jewelry, or what she really looked like in the outfit, I simply can't recall it. And it's not just that I can't remember, it's that the way she normally appeared in class becomes copied over what ever she might have looked like that night. In my mind I see the pouffy dress and her from the shoulders up looking as athletic and causal as she always did in class. If she hadn't always looked the same in class this image of her wouldn't be so stuck in my mind... I think that people should try something different with their appearance every now and then. It mixes up the way people see you, and perhaps even the way you see yourself...


2008年02月15日(金) 6時33分

One of the things people gave me hard time for in high school was my tendency then to wear a lot of layers. Skirts or dresses over pants, multiple layered shirts... my schoolmates thought it was strange.

My junior and senior year my style changed and I started wearing what others considered 'weird' things less and less. But during one of those years, when layering was all the rage in high school fashion, I felt a bit irked that others had given me a hard time for it in the past. Oh well, they could have gotten a head start if they had followed my example.... ハハ。


2008年02月13日(水) 12時28分
Some talented, stylish vocalists. In random order.

Freddy Mercury. [Queen] ('stylish' may or may not fit here... I don't have a very developed idea of his clothing style.....)
Gackt. [Malice Mizer, solo] (Lately I have been frustrated with his work but I like his vocals best in albums Merveilles to Moon, but especially in Rebirth, some of his best looks during those albums, too)
Hyde. [L'Arc en Ciel, solo] (but when I think about it, maybe his vocals aren't as impressive as his charisma or other related things)
Yasu. [Janne Da Arc, Acid Black Cherry]
David Bowie.
Nishikawa Takanori. [T.M. Revolution, abingdon boys school] (wonderful, and amazing stage presence, too!)
Sarah Brightman.
Andrea Bocelli.
Sakurai Atsushi. [Buck-Tick] (amazing. )
Maynard James Keenan. [Tool, A Perfect Circle] (I don't know if stylish applies here.... I haven't seen many pictures of him. But he stays anyway.)
Stevie Nicks. [solo]
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