it is really rich

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 19:25
Shen Lang his mobile phone is placed on a table, "you don't care about your son, that is because you have a son and daughter are in abroad, but where I have a few friends.I have to check their account, the small things I can do, two personal account the amount of nine million dollars, it is really rich! "Shen Lang debugging." video, from ten minutes there are at least eight minutes, if you want all die out, I to help you, I can go to school in dog climb three circle, since no one knows, or we try that? "Sitting in a chair Zhou Tai a little less natural up, eyes and looked to Shen wave mobile phone for quite a while, but said nothing, just staring at the mobile phone, also don't know what to think.Shen Lang to see his like this would be a laugh, "considering the time has arrived, so that will give you some color, province of stimulation to you."Do not know from where to come out of a mobile phone, see video inside a masked gringo took over the mobile phone, Shen Lang house like a pass, Shen Lang said no Canada Goose Chateau Parka, finish, saw the man a hand out to just drink beer bottles, direct set in the picture inside the boy's hands."Don't!" but Tai Zhou as saying seems a bit late Timberland Classic Boots, I heard that the mobile phone on the table there was the pain cry, very grieved, Zhou Tai ferociously at Shen Lang, Shen Lang is make nothing of it, "you may not believe this is true, no matter, is destroyed, if a bit deeper is spare none, extermination, but the enjoyment they enjoyed, now dead and no regret, I good do, send you go on a family reunion, the province will be lonely road."He later Shen Lang also have a look your watch, ouch ouch exclaimed, " Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket;you have a look this week secretary, and after a minute, your little son anyway you don't, then took him as an afterthought."He later Shen Lang also turned to the strong point of strong "brother, brother, are you ready? We this week secretary is high, we need to give him a live broadcast.""Yes, sir, all ready, five hundred thousand, squat for two years, after work, there have been promised a good, wait for it, just the right out, drive with children, that one does not stay, but absolutely couldn't find any evidence."He later strong brother also opened the room TV screen.8.n Shen Lang slight breath, "Secretary Zhou, two minutes of time, or else call to have enough time, but this is just a tret, I want you to the son of the two hands and the daughter of a leg."Then later, Shen Lang also looks at his watch.Wait a minute, Shen Lang will no longer look at his watch, but Zhou Tai suspicion under stood up, Shen Lang handle inside the mobile phone throwing gave strong brother, "extermination, one does not stay, let him live, and his son and daughter to the system I used to, I don't care how you do it, I should be in tomorrow morning when he was facing away from the earth, nor is he does not turn, I also do not believe, I get ready, come back to him barking like a dog."Shen Lang has marched toward the location of the door, Zhou Tai look at the screen, and look to the Shen Lang, he wasn't faking, this is really going to kill his family! If so alive to have what meaning, we now do not speak for themselves, not just child? Hard for so many years and also to them? Think of here when Zhou Tai also shouted."Shen assistant, I said, wait a moment please, I said I told them."But Shen Lang didn't respond to his meaning, the door directly left here next week, the Thai there, all of a sudden the stood up, rushed toward the direction of the doorway, "Shen assistant, I say, all I can say, you can't do that, I really all."This was really is the tenor sensation, or even have a little crazy.Strong brother looked at his watch, just over five minutes, he stood there is also kept shaking his head, hand patted in their own side. Zhou Tai, "the line, no time heard shouting, but worthy of praise is that you don't waste the time, so you and your family size life temporarily saved, you should be able to understand me, will eventually have to survive, you see on the next two hours of the show, I hope that they will be alive."
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