Canon Sd780is Customer Reports And Comments

May 24 [Thu], 2012, 17:14
This really is my review for the Canon sd780is

Beware although of buying the case that's developed for this camera. I purchased the situation for my SD750 (the black leather one with metal clasp produced to fit the camera) and it's perfect. The situation made for this Canon SD780IS although, doesn't fit the camera. Maybe once it gets stretched out it would fit it, however it does not now. And they have alter the magnetic clasp and it is extremely weak.

Won't lay flat with camera in situation. ALSO on the one I ordered, the little screw holding the clasp on was stripped and when I took the camera out of situation the very first time it scratched the screen. I was extremely disappointed to have this new camera having a scratched screen and called Amazon. They're replacing it for me. I see that as a testimate to Amazon's customer service policy and can definitely order from them in the future!

For starters the camera is pretty intuitive in the event you just want to jump into it, but I suggest studying the manual at some point to really understand the finer points and incredible functions. By the way, in contrast to other people, this manual is extremely well written and useful. You can also download a pdf version from the Canon web site.

The "auto" mode is really a no-brainer, but utilizing the varied programmed settings is fairly simple. I like the reality that a particular program function features a plain English title to go with the icon since icons always confuse me. I don't take much video, but it worked amazingly nicely for a small camera. The clarity and colors of the nonetheless pictures had been a huge improvement from my previous camera. I'm nonetheless learning and playing though.

One of the large features for me on my Canon sd780is is the digital macro function. I use my camera extensively in company and often need to take macro shots of elements. I was blown away by this capability. It was better than my macro lenses on my old SLR 35mm cameras. Just read the manual directions first.

I was surprised that it didn't come with a memory card so I ordered a 4GB which is sufficient for my requirements. I do recommend a situation and also the LCD Hood Screen Protector for Canon EOS 550D whichwill protect the display from scratches, fingerprints and is supposed to reduce glare.

Using the understanding that there's not much real estate on this camera, my improvement wish list could be to get a bigger power button, a better access door towards the USB/HDMI ports, and a plug in charger so you don't have to take the battery out.

Bottom line is the fact that I'm really enjoyed this Canon sd780iscamera and have no hesitation to recommend it using the understanding that it is little.

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